Tesla Cybertruck Woes

| April 9, 2024

Elon’s Folly?

‘What a Nightmare’ Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck Plagued by Malfunctions and Quality Issues


Elon Musk’s long-awaited Tesla Cybertrucks have been met with a wave of complaints from frustrated owners, who report numerous malfunctions and quality issues just months after the vehicle’s launch. One owner reported a complete failure after driving the EV for just one mile.

The New York Post reports that since hitting the road in December 2023, two years behind schedule, Tesla’s Cybertruck has been panned by owners for a range of problems. According to posts on the Tesla Owners’ Club forum, issues include vehicles dying after traveling just one mile, random hard-braking on open roads, and rust spots appearing on the stainless steel exterior.

One Southern California-based owner shared their experience in a thread titled “Worst delivery in my life (truck died in 5 minutes).” They reported that their $80,000 Cybertruck “made it 1 mile down road, started getting steering error, flashing red screen, pulled off side of highway now the truck is dead and I’m waiting for a tow truck.”


Anecdote aside, the technology isn’t mature and the demand for EVs is waning. As a grocery-getter or a city car they can make sense. For gear-heads the performance numbers can’t be argued with- Elon’s Model S would stomp any of my superbikes in a 0-60 mph match, something very few ICE cars could do. So there’s that. Otherwise let the market decide.

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Doesn’t even have a real dashboard, just a cheap-ass computer flatscreen monitor stuck where the radio should be– good luck keeping track of the road and your speed at the same time.
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No cigarette lighter?


“Racist!” today.


EV’s have a place in the future say in a commuting role and/or high density urban areas. The idea the whole country is going to driving EV’s is pure folly. I’ve seen a couple of cyber trucks, and the are small like a Ford Ranger. Its definitely a toy truck, and not something you’re using on a job site with pipe racks, arc welder, or winch set up.


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Just came in from giving Big Red, my 2005, ICE, F150 a hug. I think the market has already decided…at least as far as this customer is concerned. Yes, EV’s have a place in the garage…just not in my garage. YMMV


When I merge from the on-ramp and open my baby up she goes from a purr to a roar and it makes me grin ear to ear, especially in windows down weather.

Saw an EV Mustang with the sound effect built in and it sounded like it was gargling water. Awful.





Now that’s a Monday morning all hands squadron Safety Briefing just waiting to happen right there.

Remember “Danger Boy” from the old ‘Brownshoes in Action Comix “The kind real aviators like”‘ in Approach Magazine back in the day?

Well, “Danger Boy” was supposed to warn Naval Aviators of what not to do both in flight and on liberty.

“Danger Boy” was not meant to be emulated!


Welp, our Beloved AW1Ed can ZOOM ZOOM into a danger zone and get back from the store right quickly with the ice, man.


Is said store with ice, man, far enough away that he’d need to take a …

highway to the danger zone?


As in…


I bet the USN LCS brain trust is jealous of the success of the Cybertruck.


Myself, I prefer to hear what’s making me go fast. The neighbors may not but that’s a whole nuther story.


Forget the amphibious truck how much for the Jawa Sandcrawler?


Ditto. I rather have that than the cybertruck.

Hack Stone

Does Jaguar offer an electric vehicle? If so, be sure to go with the mailbox option.

Forest Bondurant

Doors are optional…


Dealers are/were gouging these up to $230,000.
This young NFL player almost fell for it.



Son of Deion Sanders fell for it.
Or is this Deion bucks buying this?
Son showing it off.

— Shedeur Sanders shows off his new Tesla Cybertruck,
the latest addition to his lavish collection


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My next door neighbor has one. He just paid msrp for his. But he waited almost two years to get it.


Some of the semi-geezers may recall the Sunbeam Tiger and Alpine?

If I needed a truck, which I don’t, I “might” buy another F-250… but the lovely sound of a Cummins Diesel is like a siren song.

DuraMax sounds nice, seems to behave well though I have never driven one.

Navistar and their PowerStroke will never leave me stranded, again.

For all of that, the notion of a Tesla has never crossed my mind.

OTOH, I don’t think that I could even get a loan to purchase a $75,000 truck and don’t expect to live long enough to pay it off!


Sunbeam Tiger – The poor man’s Cobra. I’d be happy to be that poor.


My dream car. You could get 10,000 rpm out of a 289 cu.


I like the concept of EVs, and honestly, I’d probably consider a hybrid these days (maybe even a “truck” like the Maverick–40 mpg and a tiny cargo capacity). Then again, being currently down to one vehicle, I’d had the itch for quite some time to get something. That Dodge isn’t going to run forever, and my ’06 Sierra is still waiting for me to pick her up. 317k miles and still going strong last I drove her. All of the tech required of EVs is part of the reason they’ll likely have short shelf lives. Eventually, I’ll swap out the 5.3l engine that’s been in my truck since August 2005. Last I checked, a crate engine producing 50% more HP is around $5k. Factor in a rebuilt 4L60E (or upgraded tranny, have to do some research) and transfer case, along with some steering and suspension refurbishment, and I’ve effectively got a new truck in an old frame and body for maybe $15k. As the Cybertruck nears its 20th anniversary, will owners be able to simply swap in new electric motors and a fresh battery, update the software, and keep it going 300k+ more miles? Will we see Teslas with Antique plates in another 10 or so years? Doubtful, but we’ll see. EVs are as much computers as they are vehicles. How many 386 computers do we see getting used nowadays? How many of us are used to getting the newest phone every year or two? EVs may be good for a city dweller with a short commute to lease and trade in every couple of years, but for those investing in a reliable and long-lasting vehicle, they’re not practical. It’d be like buying the latest iPhone and expecting to continue using it for the next 20 years or clinging onto that 200lb 25″ console TV instead of paying $198 for the 46″ LED TV at Walmart. Classic ICE autos can be restored to original condition or upgraded to modern standards. Classic computer/battery/electronics tech (including EVs) is much more costly to keep going over the years and usually deemed obsolete within… Read more »

Veritas Omnia Vincit

EVs represent less than 1% of all registered cars in the US today…It’s a concept whose time has not yet come, and to be honest may never come. It’s not an environmentally green solution, anyone who understands lithium mining can attest to how “not green” that is…strip mining for ore then extraction with massive quantities of sulfuric acid is not environmentally friendly…graphite mines aren’t a whole lot cleaner.

For me if you like EVs buy one, but don’t be a smug prick about it while pretending to buy one because it’s saving the environment…just be honest that you like the vehicle because you believe it’s cool…that’s a fine choice…

If it weren’t for the tax credits though the market penetration wouldn’t even be 1% currently.

EVs may save the day someday, but pretending the USA can build the infrastructure to support 288 million of them in 10 years is ludicrous…we haven’t been able to build a 200 foot bridge in my town in 10 years…it’s unlikely we have the ability to adapt to total conversion in a decade.

Additionally now that these vehicles are hitting the 7-10 year old battery life some folks are finding out they have almost nothing in resale value to secondary auto market buyers…who wants a car that needs a $10,000 dollar battery replacement in a year or two?

That this truck sucks on top of it, well it’s not a great beacon of hope for future efforts.