Marxism disguised as equality

| April 5, 2024

“We’ve got to be about dismantling that traditional structure at every juncture.” This is what Zakiya Carr Johnson said during an interview. She was recently appointed as the top DEI Officer for the State Department. Whether she intended to or not, Johnson dropped the beans on what DEI is about.

Similar to CRT, the Marxist argument is assigned a new name and repackaged as a novel idea for making things better. Replace “men,” “White”, “patriarchy”, “privileged”, and other words with “Bourgeoise.” Replace “Black”, “people of color”, “women,” “not privileged,” and other similar words with “proletariat.” Replace “class” with “race.” Go through DEI and CRT arguments making the appropriate word replacements and you’ll have Marxism “looking” back at you.

From X (Twitter) user EndWokeness:

Video segment transcript:

We live and work within systems and those systems as I mentioned before are so deeply rooted in patriarchy and colonialism, and racism and other ism. Um…

We tend to be very resistant to shifts and changes. Um, it’s very uncomfortable for many colleagues often when you are the voice in the room that says, “This doesn’t sound right to me!” or, “I have a question about how this is supposed to work…”

I want Black women’s voices to be heard, uhm, uh, at the micro level um and at the micro level, often there are just so very few Black women in the room even when you’re talking a continent full of Black women!

The leadership in development circles tends to not be Black women and it’s not because, um, Black women, women of color, are not interested in improving the quality of life for creating, um, opportunities for their communities or for the societies they live in! But it’s because we have so many criterias set up to say who is truly, um, a person, a person worthy of being listened to, respected, and knowledgeable, on issues.

Navigating that space and navigating, um, those gaps, is where I find the greatest amount of challenge.

I think that, that there’s a culture of, you know, the culture of misogyny has allowed men to act um, without, consequence and it becomes a part of what we believe is normal, right, uhm, and in order to make any change, we’ve literally got to be about the work of dismantling that traditional structure at every juncture. But how do you do that and appear to be a “get along person” or “good team worker,” and you know for some reason there is also this very negative stereotype of feminists as being angry people who just don’t smile and don’t know how to have a good time! And I think unfortunately, guess what? We have great time!

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Green Thumb



Didn’t Earn It, DEI…

Hat tip to whoever came up with that, nuff said!


I’ll listen to anyone who makes sense. Prefer for them not to smile at me unless they are making a pass, then if they are an opposite gender, give it a think.

I can’t make sense of the above, so not sure she even knows what she is talking about.

Old tanker

Teh stupid is strong with this one. Let’s face it, the left is pretty much the definition of stupid.


Stupid, willfully insane, whatever…

Prior Service

So, in any demographic, the top 15 percent are studs and the bottom 15 percent should be in an electric chair. Mathematically, how do minority or liberal groups think that the top percentage of their group should suddenly be represented or leading the charge everywhere? The butter, or Nutella, if you will, does not spread that far. Instead, now, hear me out, why don’t we let anybody of any color rise just as far as their training, education, and skills will take them against published standards. And if you can’t meet those standards, then try harder, accept it and drive on, or regret your poor life choices that squandered your opportunity to succeed.

Last edited 2 months ago by Prior Service



Silly twat doesn’t know the difference between equity and equality. It’s only right that we all have equal rights and opportunites. Equal outcome is a lie and a dangerous path to follow. YOU, and only you, are responsible for your path in life and where you end up. I turned in my white privilege card years ago, it didn’t work.


“…otherism…” –This idiot above.

Yes. I ‘other’ retards on the reg.
Dismantle these nuts, you “angry” feminazi. (RIP Rush!)

Too many have taken superficially positive outcomes of market manipulation as sustainable longterm and continue to get high on their hubris, publicly, with smug self-satisfaction.

Don’t you F%$&ing DARE blame me for what happens next! Trust me when I say that it’ll be your doing, as:

  • electrons traveling thru wires don’t give a F about your sex or skin color
  • sustained flight don’t give a F about ‘restorative justice’
  • potable water could give a S about your sexual predilections, etc.

Over offense of its plumage, plucking dead the Golden Goose, leaving the meat to rot due to stultifying admiration of the carnage wrought, all the while professing saintliness for starving to death.


Remember…all of this started with a fake birth certificate. MLK…weeps



Not even qualified to wash dishes at Dennys but now will go about and destroys civilization.

AW1 Rod

If you’ve never Mark Levin’s “American Marxism”, do so.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Commies are gonna commie around as they’re brainwashed to do.


Like most of Gen Z apparentky… anywhere they work has to be “woke” as they are or they’re outta there:

Amateur Historian

And the hijacking of our government continues unabetted, with many people believing we can simply vote ourselves out of this mess we find ourselves in. No.



Forest Bondurant

This scrunt can fuck right off.


A Proud Infidel®™

I only suffered through about 30 seconds of that video and stopped as soon as I felt my IQ points dropping from watching it, IMO she is a fine example of a 24K Professional Useful Idiot.


Naw, she is a dedicated follower mouthing the new Marxist party line.


Thanks to Zero and his Obamunists, plus their meat puppet, every federal agency has been infected with these political commissars.


Pete Hegseth has a new book coming out where he lays out how the flag officers have allowed and fostered the infection in our military.