Chilean crime ring burglarizing affluent Michigan homes

| April 5, 2024

Chileans working in teams of three to six have specialized in taking cash, safes, jewelry, and other items that could be converted to a lot of cash. They’re targeting Michigan’s wealthiest counties, specifically homes where the occupants are gone. Thieves were able to steal $800,000 worth of jewelry and cash from one home.

From Fox News:

“The Chilean gangs have been hitting us very hard,” he said. “They are super well-trained when they get here — highly organized. They look like ninjas — they’re all masked up, gloves. They each have a backpack with their particular set of tools for their job in the burglary.”

The thieves will often use a jammer to disable wireless alarms, Bouchard said — he implored residents to hardwire their alarm systems and make sure they are turned on when they leave home.

The most recent in the slew of break-ins came on Friday night — Bouchard did not specify where in the county the looting took place.

Chilling surveillance footage shared with Fox 2 Detroit captures one such break-in, where a cadre of hooded, black-clad men wearing gloves can be seen maneuvering through a homeowner’s backyard.

No specific location is being targeted by the group — instead, the sheriff said, the group targets homes that are empty, upscale and backed up to golf courses or woods so that there is “little or no observation from neighbors.”

Several months earlier, Bouchard said, the agency launched a special task force specifically targeting the break-ins, catching seven Chilean migrants who had netted millions in area heists. In December, the majority of 30 to 40 break-ins across the county over a four-month period were carried out by Chilean nationals, according to C & G News.

Fox News provides additional information here.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

NOW maybe something will be done about the flood of illegals.
Nobody squeals loudest like an elite when poked in the assets.

It’s been going on for well over a year. They put together a Federal/ local task force and arrested everyone.

And then let them all go….


Same gangs are doing the smash and grab looting at high end retail chains. It’s not just Michigan either, it is everywhere.


It’s a good thing that these foreign countries are sending their best and brightest to commit crimes that Americans don’t want to commit.

I see a marketing opportunity for yard art, filled with tannerite and ball bearings sporting proximity fuses. How about some floor Roombas equipped with Claymores?


Step 1 Go on social media showing your hard valuables and mineral storage area, be sure to show your security system.
Step 2 Announce on social media you are going to Aruba for 2 weeks and leaving the house empty.
Step 3 Build Sniper hide in living room with lots of toys.
Step 4 Enjoy! When they show up it can all be over in a few minutes but the memories will last a lifetime.


Don’t forget to lay a quality tarp on the floor first. Cleanup can be very expensive.


Gut job remodel in affected rooms. Didn’t like that paint and floor covering anyway. And who doesn’t like a new kitchen.


Good idea but put painting equipment out to keep from tipping them off. SA’s know what a plastic tarp means.

Green Thumb

Ask and you shall receive….

Old tanker

Import the third world, become the third world.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Herr biden must likes this group of house robbers because the money they rob goes to the demoratic party..

Prior Service

I can see the “spark of divinity” in their thorax through the holes left by the claymore blast. Animals. Almost all of them.

Amateur Historian

You’re an idealist. Praise be!


“Chilling surveillance footage”


A Proud Infidel®️™️

BUTbutbut aren’t these “migrants” just doing jobs that Americans won’t do as the moonbat politicians say? I find it interesting to hear them now that the proverbial shoe is on their foot, let’s send them some more illegal aliens!

Amateur Historian

Well, that’s the last time I buy Chili.


Caltrops, trous de loup, and various other area denial tools are called for. The more immediately lethal, the better.

They’re taking advantage of easy concealment – take that advantage back.

Dig the pit deep enough, the body even buries itself.


Anchored leg snare. Be funny to come home and find a human
leg in the snare.


These same idiots are doing home in Arizona, Nevada, California and Texas


For $500 a month, these burglaries in Michigan can be prevented*.

(*see Governor for details).