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| February 24, 2024

Mississippi cop is arrested for shoplifting in UNIFORM after being ‘caught stealing $140 pair of shoes from a Dick’s Sporting Goods’

A Mississippi cop was caught shoplifting on duty from a Dick’s Sporting Goods while wearing her police uniform.

Robin Conner, 33, was arrested on Wednesday after she allegedly shoplifted a pair of $140 shoes from the retailer.

Conner has worked as a police officer with the Columbus Police force for two years and she was on duty at the time of the alleged crime, Police Chief Joseph Daughtry confirmed.

The alleged thief was in uniform and driving a police cruiser during her shoplifting spree.

Officers were called to the Dick’s Sporting Gods in Columbus at around 12:30 pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Conner was charged with misdemeanor shoplifting for stealing goods worth less than $1,000.

After being taken to jail in her own cruiser, Conner was then booked into the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center.

Conner was given a $862 surety bond and has been placed on administrative leave as the investigation continues.

‘We have a job to do and we’re held to a higher standard. And the community is just starting to trust us, and to take this gut punch really hurts,’ said Daughtry.

‘That’s why we fulfilled our obligation, not only to the store but to the community.’

The average salary of a police officer in Columbus, Mississippi, is $56,000 a year, according to ZipRecruiter.

Conner had recently shared a post to her Facebook account featuring selfies of her wearing her officer uniform with the caption ‘Happy National law enforcement day’ accompanied by three heart emojis.

People took to the comments following the news of her alleged shoplifting, with one user joking ‘I would have bought you them shoes.’

‘Wait, did you just get charged for shoplifting while on the clock, in uniform and in your patrol car? Such a disgrace to the badge,’ another user said.

The police officer has even used her personal Facebook account to share messages on behalf of the Columbus Police Department – including one that said: ‘Family and friends please stay at home off the roadways. It’s going to get worse and it’s going to turn into black ice tonight. Please and Thank you Columbus Police Department.’

She also used her Facebook page to share cocktail recipes, her extensive perfume collection and plenty of pictures of her on duty as a cop.

Source; Daily Mail

Massachusetts 911 call centers flooded with people testing system amid AT&T outage; “Please do not do this”

As a U.S. cell service outage affected AT&T and other providers on Thursday, police told Massachusetts residents to stop testing the 911 system unless they have a real emergency.

“Many 911 centers in the state are getting flooded w/ calls from people trying to see if 911 works from their cell phone. Please do not do this,” Massachusetts State Police posted to X, formerly known as Twitter. ‘If you can successfully place a non-emergency call to another number via your cell service then your 911 service will also work.”

Municipalities across the country reported difficulties with 911 service. State Police in Massachusetts said they were in contact with AT&T, which has by far the most outages according to

“Some carriers have coverage, but if you need to call 911 and cannot do so, use a landline if possible until situation is resolved,” State Police said.

The Sharon Police Department says their 911 system for calls and texts is working, but people are making unnecessary calls to ask why their phone isn’t working.

“Sharon PD Dispatch has received multiple 911 calls asking why their cell phone does not work,” the department posted to Facebook. “911 is for emergencies only.”

The town of Bourne said text-to-911 service in Massachusetts “appears to be operating normally.” Messages texted to 911 in the state will be answered by an emergency dispatcher.

Source; CBS News

Man charged over viral TikTok videos in New Mexico State Police uniform

Man charged over viral TikTok videos in New Mexico State Police uniform
A series of TikTok videos landed a local man more than just new followers. They also got him a misdemeanor charge.

New Mexico State Police tracked down Aldin Hamdy last week after his videos – wearing a state police uniform – started gaining traction. Investigators say Hamdy took the uniform from a Santa Fe dry cleaner while helping a friend there.

Hamdy told police he recorded the videos at the business.

An officer told Hamdy the videos were upsetting because officers are prideful about their uniforms, and nothing Hamdy portrayed in the videos aligns with the department’s policies or values. Hamdy told police he was just “goofing off” and would take down the videos. However, the videos are still on the account with thousands of views.

Hamdy is scheduled to be in court in early March.

A person representing the TikTok account shared the following statement:

“GTS (@get.the.stick) is a TikTok comedy page. Our platform highlights New Mexico topics using a satirical light. It is unfortunate that one of our actors, Benny Boostamadres, was targeted and harassed by state police over a TikTok comedy video. We stand by our right to creative expression. Most importantly, It is concerning how New Mexico police are ignoring serious crimes in our state, such as unsolved homicides and police corruption and focusing on TikTok videos.”

Source; KOB 4

Illinois mayor shuts down local businesses that don’t contribute to her campaign, dresses like a movie gangster: citizens

Mayor Tiffany Henyard attends meetings dressed as a movie gangster and her constituents say she plays the part — retaliating against them unless they do her bidding, The Post can reveal.

Henyard channeled drug kingpin Nino Brown from the 1991 gangster movie “New Jack City” at a 2023 gathering, an ensemble meant to intimidate, her critics claimed this week.

“People look at politics like a joke, it’s like a mockery right now because of all this stuff,” Village of Dolton Trustee Kiana Belcher told The Post. “She comes to board meetings dressed like Nino Brown.”

During one meeting, Henyard, 40, dressed in the ensemble, signaled for a DJ to blare Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” as she sashayed around the room to underline a point she was making, sources said.

Henyard committed to the character, carrying a small stuffed dog to evoke a scene from the 1991 crime classic where Nino menaces and batters an underling, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The former burger joint owner-turned-local politician is under fire for allegedly plundering Dolton’s coffers for personal extravagances, and using law enforcement allies to oppress opponents.

Lawrence Gardner, 57, told The Post Friday that Henyard shut down his trucking business because he refused to renew a $3,500 contribution to her political war chest.

Gardner claimed he made an initial donation to Henyard, but her minions kept coming back for more.

“I made the payment,” he said. “Then every year, she started coming and required the same thing, and we had a problem about that.”

When he refused, Gardner said, city officials fabricated claims that he was illegally selling alcohol and yanked his business license.

“What is she, Nino Brown?” he said. “Anything she wants done, she gets them to harass you. She likes nobody. If you are not doing what she say, if you are not doing how she’s saying to do it, you are a problem. She don’t like them.”

Gardner said Henyard and Village of Dolton Police Chief Lewis Lacey have blocked dozens of local businesses from operating because they failed to make the required payments.

The Post heard similar stories from numerous locals who claimed they had been harassed by police acting on Henyard’s orders.

Belcher also said former Dolton Police Chief Robert Collins admitted to her that the mayor had asked him to target people.

Henyard’s office did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment Friday.

Belcher also said Henyard is averse to working mornings.

“She doesn’t wake up until after 10. I knew her before, she’s not a morning person. She’s a late-night person,” she said.

Former Dolton Mayor Riley Rogers, who lost to Henyard in 2021, questioned her sprawling security detail and alleged profligate spending.

“Some people take it as being glamorous by having a bunch of police officers around you and being escorted and being driven around,” he said. “I never had a security detail as mayor.”

Like other locals, Rogers said Henyard’s outflow of cash has come as a shock.

“I tried to stay away from the money,” he said. “It’s not your money, so you can’t use it like it’s your piggy bank.”

Henyard, who recently met President Biden during a White House visit, has squelched inquiries into the town’s finances, critics argue.

The books are so bad, some said, that Dolton police cars might have to be repossessed.

Vocal community member Sherry Britton, 55, said she voted for Henyard — and now wishes she hadn’t.

“It was a vote that I regret,” she said. “Please put that in there! It was a vote that I regret deeply. When she got into office, she just shut everyone out and she went into the opposite direction. She became this tyrant and dictator.”

Britton speculated that Henyard is having mental issues, and compared her to rapper Kanye West.

“It seems like her aspirations and goals are for her to be a reality star,” she said. “She didn’t [previously] wear all that makeup. She just now thinks she’s this reality star. I don’t know this for sure, but they say she is filming a reality show, because the cameras are always with her.”

Former trustee Valeria Stubbs, 56, has known Henyard for 15 years.

Like others, she questioned her expenditures — including more than $1 million on security and another $2 million for an ice rink that only opens when she’s hosting an event.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” she said. “And I have been involved in the political arena ever since I was 18.”

A small village of about 20,000 people just south of Chicago, Dolton is submerged under $5 million in red ink, according to reports.

Source; NY Post

A new law is making a Rochester middle school change the name of its mascot, community is confused

Add Buffaloes to the list of things that are racist in the 2020s.

Rochester’s Dakota Middle School will have to change its mascot before September of 2025, after the district’s appeal to keep its Bison mascot was denied by tribal leaders across the state.

The school, which opened in 2022, chose the name Bison after working with the American Indian Parent Advisory Committee. The school’s Bison logo was created by a native artist.

“Though it may be disappointing to change our mascot, RPS’ desire is to continue to honor the sacred land and traditions of the Dakota people,” wrote the district in a letter to parents.

The school is one of more than two dozen that Minnesota’s Department of Education says might need to change mascot names to meet Minnesota’s new law, which prevents schools from adopting a name, symbol, or image that depicts or refers to an American Indian Tribe, individual, custom, or tradition to be used as a mascot.

14 schools, including Dakota Middle School, appealed to Minnesota’s Tribal Nations Education Committee. State law states all 11 tribes on the committee need to unanimously vote for a mascot to stay in place which happened at least once when the Warroad Warriors retained their name. The Warriors of Wheaton Area Schools, however, must also change their mascot.

In Dakota Middle School’s case, district leaders say they were “honored” to have a school named after the Dakota people and are hopeful to pair with another native artist to create a new logo.

Minnesota State Senator Mary Kunesh, who was the lead author for the law, declined an on-camera interview and declined to provide a statement about school name changes.

Minnesota’s Department of Education also declined to provide a statement and could not provide information on rulings for schools that had appealed name changes.

Minnesota’s Tribal Native Education Committee also declined to provide a statement as to how a district that worked with native leaders to create a school mascot could still be forced to change names under the new law.

Rochester Public Schools declined further comment on how much a name change will cost, or where that money will come from.

Source; CBS News

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Sounds like all the snowflakes involved in the school name and mascot debacle need to change their name to “The Jellyfish”. Or maybe “Garden Slug”.

In the year of Forced Capitulation By Faux-Guilt and Fiery Yet Mostly Peaceful Protests for Saint George Kirby (aka 2020, ironically where no one could actually see…), a town here in CT had to change their high school teams’ name.

It was deemed as raysis for um’pale faces to use’m the mighty iconography the far superior natives.

The appropriated talisman that offends beyond belief?
The everlasting symbol of a once proud people trivialized to such a high degree?
The {checks notes} garden tool?

The Tomahawk.

Glastonbury schools move away from Tomahawk logo, nickname — Hartford Courant via YahooNews

The vote also comes amid petitions both to preserve the logo and to remove it. An online petition calling for its removal had amassed 1,269 signatures by Tuesday. A petition aimed at keeping the logo had more than 2,200 signatures.

(too lazy to look it up but Ray McFall ‘won’ himself a mention on SPotW awhile back, iirc)

Guess ‘hell hath no fury like a commie scorned’ is the lesson…?

I say all sports teams shall be changed to original source material or some derivation of insults to huwite beebow:

Carolina Chalk Demons
Kansas City Crackers
Wisconsin White Devils
Manhattan Melanin Deficients
New Orleans Non-Dancers
Bedford Indiana Honkies (but that could be shortened to ‘Hoosier Honkies’ which would be abbreviated by high schooler edgelords to ‘HH’ and that’s a problem)

This way we can all be equal by having that 2 minutes of hate all day, everyday, until justice is served.


Always been a fan of “The Fighting Whiteys” personally.


The Honkey Mownkees

Pale Hail

Cream Team

Blanco Broncos

A Proud Infidel®™

Meanwhile, Notre Dame will NOT be howled at to change its mascot because the Irish aren’t snowflake wusses.


The Fighting Irish politely told critics of their mascot to “go fuck”.


Notre Dame has had to close recently due to lack of students and deep debts.


“Bovine Scatology”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

If Henyard (SO many jokes there) wants to behave like a gangsta’, I hope no one will be upset when she’s gunned down like a gangsta’.

Dolton’s a good place for such a thing…unfortunately, this broad has the local thug cops in her pocket and a pretty large security detail so she’s probably pretty safe. However, the cops on that detail include a genius who submitted 300 hours of overtime in a 2-week pay period. Pretty neat trick considering that 40 hours straight time plus 300 hours of overtime comes to 340 hours. There’s only 336 hours in a 2-week period. It’s always the math that trips people up.


Math be Raaayyyyycissss


Having to be productive and get sh*t right is “opressive,” you know. /sarc

RGR 4-78

There must be an FLSA time traveling clause that I am not aware of.


Said copper must be a Roads Scholar, hum?


How’s that whole “Diversity is our strength” working out? Yeah, not too good.

You can make book that the ATT outage was caused by a dumbass not following proper procedures/notifications during a maintenance job by either moving the wrong connector or not re-routing was scheduled. Like everyone else (and more so than others) Ma Bell is all about the “hire the ones that check the boxes” theory.

Let’s see how much of teh stoopid I can avoid during my escort duty today. 60 mile round trip? Wish me luck.


Official statement says it was a pooched software update. Kinda what I figured, it’s the most likely reason.

Hack Stone

Now wait just a minute Mr. Postman! We will not have you disparage the reputation of a proud but humble woman owned business that sells outdated and overpriced Red Hat Software. When the sale was completed with AT&T, they signed the little box that they were declining the rust proof undercoating that was available on the software package that they purchased. The Vice President of our company will be releasing a statement regarding this outage as soon as computer seat becomes at the Bethesda Public Library.


You know damn well your VP isn’t allowed to use the computers at the Bethesda Public Library since that whole unfortunate “fapping to midget porn” brouhaha. 🤣

Hack Stone

That restraining order was only good for 6 months.


Real cop and phony cop in trouble.

Gangsta Mayor. Today the city, tomorrow the state.

Old tanker

Looking at the pictures of kleptocop it’s obvious she looks better covered up than dressed to go out.

As for the mayor there. Isn’t Illinois known for retiring most of their governors and not a few mayors in the state pen? If so, she is on track to be the next inmate politician.

A Proud Infidel®™

IIRC, in my lifetime at least 5 or 6 past Illinois Governors have gone the the Greybar® Hilton™!


WARNING: do NOT open the link on the first unless you like fatties… Some pics there ya can’t unsee!

As for her dishonor the mayor… Yeah, she’s a criminal and needs to be treated as such, but zero sympathy for the morons that voted for her.. Voting based on race, along with voting democrat NEVER ends well, and until these fools learn that, it should hurt.

For the school renaming, these freaking snowflakes need to get over it… Here’s a news flash, you all fought a war and LOST… That has consequences, and you may not like them, but that’s life…


Pssst! People of Dolton… all politicians are criminals until proven innocent. (…and even then, should not be trusted)

You fucked up, you trusted one.

May you suffer the consequences.

Roh ‘We told you so!’ -Dog

Hack Stone

“You fucked up. You trusted us.” Ironically, those were the last words that Psul heard as he was escorted out of the Reston Virginia office of All Points Logistics.


Again, not this week ‘xactly. Still I like to provide recent tha stooped found on the tubes of you.

Best comment?: “its a jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand.”

(FYI- no sound)


What in the name of blessed St. Willys was that amateur four-wheel-drive fucktardery? You deserve everything you got, and the putz climbing the hill should never be allowed to drive anything beyond a BigWheel.


Ducks on the dashboard would have stopped that.


Cop and Robber; “Comedy” Genius; Mayor Mayhemyard…

Of the three, I’ll bring up the slightly uncomfortable fact that two of the three are [race and sex redacted] self-righteous Strong and Beautiful entitled types. The first, being a duly sworn and qualified officer of the law, wasn’t trying to be a Dick about it. She was jus’ testing the asset protection measures as part of her job as a community outreach officer. Mayor Pigpen, on the other hand, is only showing her sense of humor since she is obviously above the law reproach in her personal and political dealings. Corruption? Nah, it could never happen, and if she’s formally indicted for anything you just know that every victim card is getting pulled.

Now onto the truly egregious bad actor (probably in more ways than one): Mr. Funny Guy. Uniformed professionals tend to take our uniform components seriously. We see this on a near-daily basis on these pages with the SV types. Personally, I don’t care if someone is wearing BDUs, ACUs, or other pieces of a uniform, but I do think it’s crossing a line when you are wearing an official uniform, that uniform being not only the garments but also official patches, name tapes, badges, and other accoutrements. I watched a young Soldier get absolutely destroyed when he posted pictures of himself wearing a fellow DS’ campaign hat after graduation. He had just gone to Airborne Hold on an 18X contract, we’d just picked up a fresh cycle, and the dumb PFC was brought to our CTA for the DS he’d offended to do his thing. Of course, the SF Liaison was there as well, and this brand-new 11B who thought he’d be a Green Beret in a year or two was in tears in front of a bunch of new kids after he found he’d had his contract yanked and was going to be sent to another AIT. I think he became a Cook or something. Wear the wrong hat and lose your chance at a beret. Wear a cop’s uniform, and get your peepee smacked in court…

Army-Air Force Guy

It takes a village to raise a massively corrupt mayor.

A Proud Infidel®™

Shoplifting in Police Uniform and car? Yeah, she deserved every bit of being hauled in in her own cruiser. AS TO Henyard, she has loads of YouTube videos about her, and sooner or later even Biden’s FBI will come after her along with the Illinois authorities. Dolton IL is nearly all Black if I’m correct, so she won’t be able to locally play her ACME® Race Card™ to anyone but sniveling cronies. And in other news, Lucky Charms®™ cereal WILL NOT be changing its packaging because once again, the Irish are not perpetually offended wusses.


So, if I understand the rule in play here, a public school cannot have a sports team mascot that is an indigenous North American animal unless the Injuns say it is OK with them. I suppose schools could resort to less fun or beloved animals such as poisonous snakes or insects. How about the Rapid City HS Rattlesnakes or the Baltimore High Black Widows? Milwaukee Mosquitoes?


YES! Wynona (OK) Beavers!!!

Edit: had to look it up. Right now they’re the Yellowjackets. Pathetic.

Last edited 1 month ago by Roh-Dog
RGR 4-78

Dakota Middle School, change the name to Cape Middle School, go on the internet and download a free, stock image of a cape buffalo and run with it. Then tell the perpetually aggrieved to go pound sand.


My HS mascot was the Scorpions. Surprisingly it still exists.

Green Thumb


The sky is falling…