The Navy rolls out the Robotics Warfare Specialist job specialty

| February 24, 2024

To assist with keeping up with modern developments, the Navy is rolling out the Robotics Warfare Specialist rating. Sailors chosen to enter this job specialty will be working with technologies related to robotic systems. Among those who apply to enter this job, Sailors working with unmanned vehicles have a good chance of being accepted into this rating. All Navy ratings (Navy MOSs) are source ratings for this new job specialty; however, selection will initially be small and competitive.

From the Navy Times:

The Navy unveiled a new robotics warfare rating Thursday to oversee robotic and autonomous system operations.

The rating, known as the Robotics Warfare Specialist, or RW, will operate both active and passive payload systems and sensors, while maintaining these robotics systems, which were not identified in a naval administrative message, or NAVADMIN, announcing the new rating.

“The RW rating is a major milestone in our Navy’s relentless march to achieve a truly hybrid Fleet,” the message said. “This dedicated robotics rating will accelerate development of deep expertise in rapidly advancing autonomous technologies. This new rating is now open to Active Duty Sailors.”

Those who convert to the robotics warfare rating will primarily come from those currently or previously assigned to billets in unmanned vehicle divisions and those with applicable Navy enlisted classification codes.

The Navy times has additional information here.

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Awright! /sarc

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Hack Stone

“Come with me if you want to see the world.” (Said with an Austrian accent)


As long as they’re ready to deal with a lightning strike


Or solar flare.
Better yet, some CB’r with a heater.

Green Thumb


And I am a loser knowing that.



“…selection will initially be small and competitive.” In other words…whyte folks and Irish need not apply.


Hack Stone

Just in time. New career opportunities for Navy Recruits without a High School diploma.

Hack Stone

Meet the Detailer for this Occupational Field.

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s all good until Skynet …



Skivvy Stacker

If I remember right, this is the first “selfie” ever taken.


Be needing one like this for the North Wall and such…

comment image



Better than succumbing to a fatal dose of radioactive fallout?

Slow Joe

Does the Army have a MOS for this as well?

Green Thumb

Nerd 27.


So what if our robots and their robots decide that man is the enemy?

Skivvy Stacker

There will be no more man-made global warming.

Green Thumb

Non-Infantry Fucks.


Is this the new insignia?

Hack Stone

This could be the an inspiration for a new movie series set in a dystopic and Woke Navy, where a terminally bitter Chief Petty Officer returns to the fleet as a powerful cyborg haunted by three divorces and two DUI’s. We’ll call it Robosquid.


“4. All Active Duty ratings are open for conversion to RW, but it is important to note that this will initially be a small and highly selective rating. All Sailor requests for conversion to RW are required to be forwarded to BUPERS-32 expeditiously. However, BUPERS-32 will consider the recommendations of the current command and losing rating community manager. ”

Those with NECs or ratings where you can check in but you can’t check out – don’t waste your time applying.


Something about the old 335/6x and 338/9x NECs keeps popping up.

Same reason your DD-214 has an RE-1R code on it.


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Nukes need not apply.