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| February 18, 2024

Standard Mfg. S333 Thunderstruck

One suspect in custody following Thursday Cheyenne shooting

Tommy Culkin
CHEYENNE, Wyo. — One suspect has been arrested following a fatal shooting that occurred Thursday, Feb. 15. Leandro Dominguez is currently in custody for three counts of aggravated assault and one count of attempted murder.

On Thursday at approximately 2 p.m., Cheyenne police officers were dispatched to a report of a shooting on the 3300 block of Dunn Avenue.

Responding officers secured the area and determined that three adult males sustained gunshot wounds. Two shooters, 18-year-old Leandro Dominguez and 24-year-old James Gulley, both from Cheyenne, were transported to the hospital, and another man, Mauricio Dominguez Jr., 22, from Cheyenne was pronounced dead at the scene.

Out of an abundance of caution, Alta Vista and Arp Elementary Schools were placed into a secure perimeter and were staffed with additional officers, but the incident did not involve any threats to students or administration.

Through the investigation, detectives learned that Gulley and Danielle Krix, 31, from Casper, were parked in a white passenger vehicle on 2nd Avenue, west of Dunn Avenue, when brothers Mauricio Dominguez and Leandro Dominguez pulled up next to them in a red pickup truck.

Mauricio Dominguez allegedly got out of the passenger side of the truck brandishing a large pipe wrench in a threatening manner.

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Oil City News

Plumbing tools don’t work especially well in gunfights- who knew?


Links courtesy of our own Gun Bunny and Old Tanker.

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Glad to see the linked gun article wasn’t written by a complete shill. Usually, when something gimmicky pops up, you can tell the shills by how they write about it:

“The Tactical Mongoose Tiny Titan .458 Winchester Magnum single shot derringer is an innovative and viable self-defense firearm. While it might not be a good choice for primary carry, as a deep concealment or backup gun it would pair nicely with Tactical Mongoose’s previous release, the 35-round capacity TM TAC-17SP Practical Tactical TACOPS Edition in .17 HMR.

Felt recoil, while stiff, was comparable to the Beretta I carried while in the Air Force, and I can only say I wish I had one of these Tiny Titans when we got pinned down at the Koehle DFAC by incoming rockets during midnight chow. One shot of .458 Win Mag, and the Taliban wouldn’t be in charge now.

We tested the accuracy with 500-grain Speer ammunition and had consistent 1.5″ groups at 200 yards. With no sights and a 1″ barrel, this can only be attributed to Tactical Mongoose’s proven track record of producing sub-MOA pistols with all of the features today’s Meal Team Six could hope for.

With an MSRP of only $6495, you can expect your local Academy to sell these for somewhere below that. A good bargain for a relatively gentle handling, highly accurate, and dependable little pocket pistol. Buy your now, while you can, though, because these are sure to be the preferred backup gun of cops everywhere.”

As for the perp in the video, he spent the rest of his life hanging out the window of a stolen van. Inverted, incapacitated, and now hopefully inurned. HIs sister-in-law had a Go Fund Me for his memorial service, which describes him as a “kind man who drew the short straw in life.” If/when those I know who’ve made similar life choices reach the end of the tunnel, I don’t know if I’d be the right choice to try to come up with positive words…

Last edited 3 months ago by fm2176

Very good. Supposedly we’re getting Bond Arms derringers eventually, at least according to the rep that visited a few months back. The only Hi-Points and Kel-Tecs we’ve gotten are customer orders, and occasionally something odd will come in via FFL transfer or through a used gun store-to-store purchase.

Speaking of crossing the counter, I’ve got a Marlin-manufactured Ballard rifle I’ve got to pick up this week. It was part of the used gun buy we made last year that resulted in my ownership of the original 1892 and 1897 Riot as well as the early-production Inland M1 Carbine. It hasn’t moved, so for $60 or so out the door, I’ll be gifting it to my son eventually. It appears to be in .32 caliber, so it’s worth at least 10x what I paid for it.


*Possibly worth 10x more…

I originally thought it was a .22; it’s a rimfire but appears to be larger diameter upon closer inspection. Regardless, it’s an 1875 patent of a rifle originated in 1861 and is definitely an antique (Marlin stopped production around 1890).


If the gun fires two rnds at the same time, do they diverge or
converge in flight? Cross paths or hit each other?
In any case…..ugly looking zip gun.

Old tanker

A you tube guy going by the name of honest outlaw did a review of the little 22 pistol. He really didn’t have nice things to say about it for accuracy outside of touching range. Depending on a 22 for defense should start with reaching out and placing rounds long before arm’s reach is obtained and that P O S just can’t do that. It’s about as futile as using the American Arms 22 short revolver to shoot silhouette competition.


It’s gimmicky…..but still kinda cool.
However, for the size and price you would be better off with a snubby .327 or .38

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

A pipe wrench to a gun fight. That IS a new one, to be duly added and annotated in the 3″, 3 ring, loose leaf binder set of T2NB2AGF.
Thus ends an especially long drought of new entries. Is this a spit in the bucket? Or the first drop in an oncoming deluge? (Shakes Magic 8Ball) “The future is uncertain”.

Pipe wrench lad ended up with leaky pipes and his brother shoulda just kept on going. Van man just needed a ride to choir practice.

Downright fugly paperweight you gots there, Mister…tho I am Thunderstruck by the matched pair being carried by that Very well endowed Sister Golden Hair Surprise Ms Thang.


“Sister Golden Hair Surprise Ms Thang”

Looks like she took your advice on trigger finger control.
Now if you could ask here to lower the weapon.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Where to? On to the top of your head? (Ouch!)

Last edited 3 months ago by President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Lady with a pair of .44s.


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