Using artificial intelligence to assist with veteran healthcare

| February 17, 2024

The VA is already utilizing artificial intelligence to assist with veteran healthcare to include predicting cancer risks, predicting veteran suicide risk, as well as helping with diagnostic accuracy. A House Committee on Veterans Affairs subcommittee queried representatives of the VA on how artificial intelligence could be better employed with veterans’ healthcare service.

From Military Times:

“VA is committed to protecting veterans’ data, while responsibly harnessing the promise of AI to better serve veterans,” said Charles Worthington, the chief technology officer and chief artificial intelligence officer in VA’s Office of Information and Technology.

VA is already leveraging AI in a number of ways, from enhancing diagnostic accuracy and efficiency in predicting cancer risks to an initiative to identify veterans with the highest level of suicide risk.

While the department believes in AI’s enormous potential to provide better health care, quicker benefits decisions and more secure systems, a few lawmakers questioned the best practices that officials are using or plan to take on when employing the technology.

Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Mont., who last month led a separate subcommittee hearing on data privacy and artificial intelligence at VA, asked about the department’s responsibility to notify and receive informed consent from veterans when their information is used with an “AI model,” or when an analysis was completed by AI rather than a person.

The Military Times has additional information here.

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AI sez….

Not service related.

Plus you aint an illegal and they are first in line.


“service connected”

depends on the context.


See also “service connected, not disabling”.


I’m still trying to figure out how the doctor at the Army medical clinic said that my ailments were service related and they VA said they weren’t.

Now the computer can just tell me.


Those damn veterans, interrupting VA employees’ coffee breaks with their annoying medical problems– deny their claims until they die off, that’ll show ’em who’s boss!

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VA once insisted a during-service RPG injury “wasn’t combat-related” somehow to deny a claim. It’s literally their job to get out of paying veterans any way they can.

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A Proud Infidel®™

“VA is committed to protecting veterans’ data, while responsibly harnessing the promise of AI to better serve veterans,” said Charles Worthington,’

Yeah right, with the AI also being provided by the lowest bidder with DEI being added to the formula.


On today’s episode of Pouring Gold Into A Blackhole…

I’m not sure y’all familiar so I’ll leave this here: GIGO.


I thought that all of the (((intelligence))) with the VA was already artificial. I mean, after all, the “Health Care” seems to be fake in many areas. Isn’t “artificial” another term for “fake”? Somebody help me out here.


I bet to differ on ‘artificial’, more akin to theatreretical: where theory and theatre meet…

Just because they can doesn’t mean they will, but the showpersonship is the price of admission.

Par incompetellence.


Sure, I have an “artificial” hip going on 12 years now.
I also refer to it as “fake”, “made up”, “not real” etc.
But the MD that did the work was as real as it gets.

Full disclosure: It was not connected with VA healthcare even
though the MD diagnosed it as related to a previous injury.
Avascular Necrossis I believe was the term used.
He suggested I submit a claim to the VA. Did not.

By the way, military service is work and counts towards your
SS and Medicare benefits. If you worked all your life and earned
non VA medical benefits, who says you can’t use them instead
of the VA?

Ain’t nothin on the level as Howie Carr often says.

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AW1 Rod

Thanks, but I’ll have nothing to do with either.


A choice not all can make.

A Proud Infidel®™

All this shit with AI while doing nothing to counteract Natural Stupidity.


To err is human, but to really f*ck things up requires adanced IT systems.


Just wait… “VA SuperAI finds an eventual outcome of [insert bad thing here] with veteran Joe Smith, enact SWAT team insertition for preventative seizure of firearms, detention of subject and permanent ban on voting, gun ownership or anything requiring a license now.”
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Given ‘The Vah‘, more like Terry Gilliam’s 1985 epic Brazil, in which “[a] bureaucrat in a dystopia society becomes an enemy of the state as he pursues the woman of his dreams.”

It’s an absurd movie but, given the idiocy of ‘our’ tyrants, I weigh it as the most likely outcome of all common dystopia-genre stories… until proven otherwise. (I’m waiting, fqers!)

Below, screen shot of the same. ‘Struggle session’:


Any sufficiently advanced left/libtard bullcrap is indistinguishable from dystopian SciFi, you know.

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I bet the right-handed AI will be much better than the left-handed AI. And it will be implanted much more patriotically.



If the WEF and banks get their way, you’ll never own the brain chip and its ‘benefit’.

“Service for credits furnished or favored.”

Renters and Owners.

Serfs and Lords.

Slaves and Masters.

…An unfortunate return to our historical norm.

(good link, thanks for the data)


I was joking about “patriotic,” after all. :)Because of Trump, Tucker, Mike Adams, Alex Jones, who are mentioned.

Here is a photo from Future Technologies Forum Moscow 2024, to compensate for my badly made joke.

comment image


At first glance I took it to mean L v. R but theres more there there.

The writer mentioned “…curious connections and synchronicities” and the data those mentioned individuals report is indeed ‘curious’. Many in the ConTheory space have floated that these folks are limited hangouts, so on a second read it’s quite possible that the commenter was hinting at this too.

‘Make Alex Jones talk about Musk’s brain chips in chimpanzees so when Uncle Rob gets drunk at Christmas and rants about it brain chips are ok now’ kinda thing.
The polarization of everything has led the many to believe in these false binaries and extreme tribalism purity tests.

I’ll know the fix is in when Trump offers a half off coupon for neurolink with his gold sneakers.

All I know is there’s no way that this won’t be abused, and I pray for sanity.


I’ll know the fix is in when Trump offers a half off coupon for neurolink with his gold sneakers.



Uh yes. Just to say. Mike Adams says that, then Tucker’s interview and a bunch of synchronicities with Schwab and Putin and the big forum on chips and genetic editing. Either way, everyone will decide for themselves, as I have drawn a conclusion and I will not ask anyone whether to I think so or not. It’s fair. 🙂


And another one: February 14, 2024. Putin during a tour of the exhibition before the plenary session of the Forum of Future Technologies “Modern Medical Technologies. The Challenges of Tomorrow – Ahead of Time” at the World Trade Center (WTC) – Ria Novosti.
Or, in my version of the title: Putin is anxiously looking at the future of the world at the exhibition where a number of brain implants have been presented to him, and he said that all advanced technologies should be deployed as quickly as possible to “dramatically change people’s lives” (he said it):

comment image


In all of our shared history 3 things make tech advance:

The only argument to that list is the first two can be simplified to mean ‘stuff’, which requires business, which (arguably) begets politics and that’s just war says Clausewitz.

I really do think Putin is woefully aware of the demographics in his country. Any and all ways he may secure an advantage in the next big one, he’s taking’m.

The bigger fear: He doesn’t want to. He’s being told to.

There is a bunch of things he can do to overturn this apple cart of transhumanism. Not a one’v’m nice.


I really do think Putin is woefully aware of the demographics in his country. Any and all ways he may secure an advantage in the next big one, he’s taking’m.

You can think whatever you wantthat’s your business. I say that you lack a backgrownd of contextuality about what is happening in Russia, specific developments, programs for fundamental development, background, etc. If I ask you, you can not tell me (Just as if you ask me a lot of things about the United States, I can not answer you because I do not know them.) The difference is that there are billions of articles about the US and I can immediately find what I am looking for in English. And you, if you look for some, not a few things, for Russia in English, you will not find them, because they are gone.

And I tell you that everything is not only approved, but most is signed personally by him as a law; many of the things are at his personal command; for example, the Digital Economy program was written for it. It includes, among other things, the departmental project Smart City, according to which 50 smart cities will be built in Russia by 2030. You know this? Do you know the law of nature-like technologies? – WEF to the max and foundation for the future of Russia. I can quote endlessly, I have them in my makeshift archives.

Signed personally by Putin, drafted, on his orders in June 2022, at the height of “war” and signed into law in October 2023. A very interesting program (for nature-like technologies), a Russian alternative media wrote an article about it with the title “”KURCHATNIK [Kurchatov Institute] PRESENTED THE STRATEGY OF MERGING MAN AND MACHINE. HAS KOVALCHUK LAUNCHED A PROJECT TO CREATE “SERVICE PEOPLE”?”

comment image?itok=lLoXQef5

You know this?


Ain’t that some shit. Figured that Putin could be on the same DubyaEF program, especially given his cavorting with Davos.

For us, it seems there is no ‘good guys’ this time’round.

And let me clarify the quoted snippet as it seems you took away something different than what was intended: If Putin sees potential for advancing human-machine interface and/or gene editing, the logical conclusion is he will pursue those technologies, especially given RF’s population decline because war needs bodies…

Or something. I’m tired.


That is, the program “Chip for Good”, as I call it. In order to save its people, will genetically redacted and microchip them? Interesting idea.

I’m tired.

You were irradiated by a special laser beam under a special Soviet program to tire Americans.


Russia will have a program for the development of nature-like technologies

Research and development in the field of NBICS convergence as a tool for creating nature-like technologies is actively conducted in a number of foreign countries, primarily in the USA.

In particular, in the USA there is a program of the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Commerce called NBIC – “Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technology and Cognitive science”. In other countries, similar convergent programs are known by the acronyms GRAIN (Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology) and BANG (Bits, Atoms, Neurons, Genes). These programs are largely focused on the development of human resources. Thus, the NBIC program of the USA is called “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Perfomance”, and the NBIC program of the European Union is “Converging Technologies for the European Knowledge Society) (CTEKS).

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(Last, to don’t spam.) That’s good, in an interesting shot have caught it (viewed in the context of the forum for improvements and genetic modifications edits): February 14, 2024. Putin during a visit to the Scientific and Practical Clinical Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine Technologies of the Moscow City Health Department.

comment image

And here, the short video how The Ministry of Health Murashko also told the president about the vision restoration device, which implants a chip in the root of the brain.

I can’t put it on video, like youtube, rumble, etc., but when you click, you can watch it (in Russian).
(*Something’s not going right now, but anyway)

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I’ll take your word for it. My Russian is as good as my Cherokee, no speakity noneof’em.

USSR was looking at customized viruses to target ethnogroups and individuals as early as the 1950s and did a limited amount of gene shuttle experimentation in the 70s.

Everything old is new again.

If anyone is going to jump over the ethical concerns of human experimentation, ‘look east young man’.

Thanks again for the data. I have a new, extraneous website to haunt, which is just ducky.


Thanks again for the data. I have a new, extraneous website to haunt, which is just ducky.


I’m stop with russian things.

*By the way, this is my first time visiting this neo site. (And there seems to be no interest in my things at all. But, on the other hand the comment box is good, so I was currently using it, and so.) Now I make a tour of such sites (are they conservative?) from the generous blogrolls, look at links and open. This is the first time I’ve spoken to anyone, anywhere else – zero interest. Interesting work.

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Hope you’re being carful. I don’t know who or where you are.

I DO NOT want to know either.

If you’ve got more data on the truth from ‘behind the curtain’ please do share when you can.

Appreciate the time.


DO NOT want to know either.

So it’s the opposite, and you’ll question me soon. Are you a Mossad?

I meant: pleasant dreams.:)

Last edited 2 months ago by rAIght

Nope. I said/wrote it and meant it.

Are you a Mossad [agent]?

Hahahahahaha! I wish. Home would be a warm, target-rich climate, with IDF chicks all over.

Um… are they hiring? And if so, can I still eat BLTs?


I can only arrange for you with Professor Ageev. I send his business card down because the window is smaller than a needle tip.


Well, natural intelligence does seem to be working!

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Artificial Intelligence of the Russian Federation

National Portal in the Field of Artificial Intelligence


The National Strategy for the Development of AI for the period up to 2030 was approved by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 10.10.2019 No. 490.


AI Assignments

Regulation in the field of AI is carried out on the basis of instructions of the President of the Russian Federation.

Current instructions for 2023: …



WEF Names Deepfakes and AI as Top Threats to Elections in Different Countries, 12.01.2024

Davos experts call disinformation the world’s main problem, 11.01.2024

Scientists have assembled the first processor from brain cells, 11.01.2024

In the United States, they created a hybrid processor from electronic components and a brain organoid grown from human stem cells…

comment image