Team Biden pushing nearly $1 million towards study denying traditional gender definitions

| February 16, 2024

The Biden Administration is pushing for biological science to be “more inclusive” to include denying that there are just two genders. They are willing to pay nearly $1 million in taxpayer dollars to complete this study. One aim of this study is to argue that biology courses “incorrectly” state that gender is binary and there are only males and females. The Administration wants to make biology classes “more inclusive” for transgender students.

From The Daily Wire:

The National Science Foundation is granting three institutions the large sum of money based on the claim that “biology courses often inaccurately categorize sex and gender as binary.” The study, titled “Collaborative Research: A qualitative inquiry into sex/gender narratives in undergraduate biology and their impacts on transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students,” hopes to make undergraduate biology classes more “inclusive” for transgender students, in part by denying the fact that sex is binary.

The effort to deny biological reality with taxpayer dollars comes amid a broader push from the Biden administration to leverage the federal bureaucracy to advance far-left beliefs, with large grants flowing towards efforts to embed extreme ideologies in America’s institutions. The National Science Foundation calls the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) agenda a “high priority,” and boasts that it has multiple identity-based employee resource groups, including one for “LGBTQ+ and Allies.”

Three academic institutions, the University of Minnesota, Colorado State University, and Florida International University, have all received government funding to partake in the study, with a total of $905,694 taxpayer dollars slated to go towards the effort, according to government funding disclosures. The government funding was awarded by the National Science Foundation, a federal agency tasked with promoting scientific progress and securing national defense.

“The oversimplification of sex and gender into binary categories can make biology classrooms particularly challenging for TNG students,” the award abstract reads, referring to those who identify as transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming. The description goes on to claim “early data suggest that how sex and gender topics are represented in the biology curriculum impacts TNG students’ sense of belonging and interest in biology.”

The Daily Wire has additional information here.

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AW1 Rod

What fucking planet are we living on?


Not really sure anymore, ‘Rod. I’m wondering if I can catch a ride and relocate to Deep Space 9. Wouldn’t mind doing a gender study on Jadzia Dax.


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Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous

The planet where if you PAY the “scientists” enough money they will confirm whatever the fuck you want them to confirm…
There are more than 2 genders? Here’s your check.
A turtle fucking a pangolin caused COVID? Here’s your check. Men can get pregnant? Here’s your check.
Side note: how come male apes/chimps/gibbons can’t get pregnant?

In my lifetime, 50 plus years, I have to list the following institutions as untrustworthy: The Press, The Government, The Science, Education System…basically everything


“basically everything”

You have attained the beginnings of wisdom, grasshopper.


Ditto. I long for the days when you were in diapers and I was in high school. Back before the Progs came to power. Back when most of our citizens had a modicum of common sense. Back when being a communist or socialist wasn’t considered a positive, any more than being a sexual deviant.


There are, with very few, very rare exceptions, two, count ’em’ two genders. You are either male, or you are female, with the extrememly rare anomaly combining the two. What you “identify” as or “feel” like has absolutlely nothing to do with sex or gender, and everythng to do with your mental state. There. Problem solved. Time to pay me, feds.


The rest are just mental illnesses.


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Prior Service

Sorry,no money for you. You didn’t “find” the predetermined findings that get you the cash. Better luck next time.


I forgot the rules. I failed to “follow the science”.


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The way I learned it was masculine, feminine, and neuter. But I think that was just German and Latin.


“The oversimplification of sex and gender into binary categories can make biology classrooms particularly challenging for TNG students,” the award abstract reads. [“And that’s too bad for those morons because no one cares”, said an angry Veteran.]

Edited to clarify. There is only sex in science. Unless you’ taking about one those ‘not-sciences’ like sociology, political, climate, etc.

Next they’ll commission a study how 2004 Red Sox ACLS, “The Comeback”, where they won 4 in-a-row after being down 3 games isn’t the greatest series in sports history. ffs.

aut Caesar aut nullus:


Or that two plus two really equals four……It can be whatever you want it to be, meaning that everyone passes all math test and gets a trophy and gets into MIT and Harvard and can become president of those institutes of higher wacky learning. This country is off the rails.


I disagree with the layout of the chart, but…

Embrace the suck:


Since she is a huge fan of Venn diagrams, send a copy to the Cackler in Chief of Illegal Immigration.

Old tanker

The dems found a sale on stupid and went all in.

Hack Stone

Josef Stalin would be proud of the Biden-Harris Administration. Rewriting history, science, and language; imprisoning political opponents; denying work, housing and benefits to those who do not obey their political overlords; and complete control of all media sources. Hack Stone is just hoping that his bunk is near the stove when we get sent off to the reeducation camps. Looking forward to mining for cobalt sunup to sundown in order to save the world.


Seriously though Hack, what scares me the most is the vast number of morons in this country old enough to have been taught real history and know what Stalin and Hillary (sorry I meant Hitler) and Mussolini did in their countries with lies and propaganda to trick the citizens into buying into their bullshit. And these lib-tard, left wingers can’t see the very same thing happening in front of their own faces. Sadly, I believe we are doomed to repeat history and this wonderful country of ours will experience some serious butt-hurt before we wise up and put a stop to this simpleton crap.


Stalin even has a candidate for Science Advisor–Trofim Lysenko. He will fit right in.


I will throat punch the next fucker who tells us to ” trust the science ‘


Just checked the interwebs and found out there are 81 genders and gender identities. That’s going to require quite a few extra bathrooms in government buildings. Yikes! McDonalds will need to raise prices to afford all those extra rolls of toilet paper!

Army-Air Force Guy

As long as the keep the Two-spirit restroom stocked with tampons everything will all right.


Will the furries be required to go outside and raise a leg on a tree or a bush? Asking for an acquaintance that thinks he is a Great Dane (the canine).

Green Thumb

My asshole stinks.

Phil Monkress’ asshole is gender neutral.

Turd Bolling is a fat man.