New York’s National Guard asked to check gang tattoos on newly arriving illegal aliens

| February 16, 2024

Members of a violent Venezuelan gang, “Tren de Aragua” are arriving across the border along with other illegal aliens. They’ve carried their criminal activities with them and expanded their criminal enterprise in South America. Their presence is evident in all of New York City’s boroughs. They’ve gotten the attention of the New York Police Department, who put out a new bulletin. They’re suspected of committing crimes like utilizing mopeds to aid with stealing cell phones.

From the New York Post:

New York State National Guard troops are being told to check all migrants arriving in the Big Apple for distinctive tattoos linking them to the vicious Venezuelan “Tren de Aragua” street gang, The Post has learned.

The decree comes as the NYPD this week issued a “Situational Awareness Alert” warning that the brutal gang is increasingly making its presence known in the five boroughs — with members claiming asylum at the US border and flocking to New York to join other gangbangers.

“It’s to a point that they had to post policies on use of force like if we were in a combat zone,” one National Guard source said Wednesday.

“Tren de Aragua” — Spanish for Aragua Train, a shout-out to the gang’s origins as a railroad labor union in Aragua, Venezuela — is growing in numbers in the Big Apple and has been linked by law enforcement to a recent spree of cellphone robberies, The Post revealed this week.

The brutal gang is now firmly on the NYPD’s radar, with the new bulletin warning: “Tren de Aragua’s newly established presence in New York City may incite further gang-related violence — including stabbings, assaults and robberies — raising public safety concerns.”

“Given the potential threat posed by TdA’s growing presence in the city, the [NYPD Intelligence and Counter Terrorism Bureau] recommends members of the service maintain situational awareness of symbols and iconography used by the gang to identify local activity and trends,” the alert said.

The New York Post has additional information here and here.

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Here illegally, with criminal intent. Sounds like invaders to me. Shoot on sight, as you would any other vermin infestation.


If only there some sort barrier to enter the country???
If they catch any of these guys, they need to be release in DC, Wilmington & Rehoboth, Delaware. Joe needs feel the repercussions of his failed policies.

Green Thumb

Refugees and Freedom Fighters, God Damn it!

Get it right!


My mother told me if I ever got a tattoo she would cauterize it.

Prior Service

If we used the National Guard to stop them from entering, we wouldn’t have to check for tattoos at all. But since we are checking, we should go ahead and put a round in their head when found. Ultimately, that’ll save lots of money and heartache. Sends a good message, too. Win-win!

Green Thumb

Our Governor grabbed 160 NG troops and went down there.

Playing Company Commander, I guess.


Again, The Kurt Russell Prophecy resolves true.

That’s 2 days in a row. I’m git’n concerned.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

F**k “check gang tattoos”.
Either turn ’em around & give ’em a boot in the ass back home, or shoot on sight.
I think I prefer the latter. That way I know they won’t ever return.

Hack Stone

So what are the National Guard troops supposed to in the likely event that they discover an individual with one of these tattoos? Are the “undocumented immigrants” funneled into a holding cell to be processed for deportation? Probably not. More likely they will be assigned a “Violence Interruptor Case Worker” who can help this individual deal with the PTSD he caught in his home country and provide him the resources needed to participate in the American dream.


Spot on, Hack Stone. After all, these Best and Brightest that are coming here are only wanting to commit the crimes that Americans don’t want to commit. C’mon, Man!


Seems kind’a arbitrary. Lot of folks have tats these days.

Slow Joe

I should be working.
Instead, I am reading TAH.



Reading TAH is much more fun. Too bad reading the articles isn’t a paying gig.

A Proud Infidel®™

Uuhhhm hey, like, isn’t Nooh Yawk supposed to be a “Sanctuary City”? According to libtards, that should make it a wonderful loving utopia with lollipops growing out of peoples’ asses while they’re out giving group hugs, hell, that was supposed to happen as soon as they renamed US Army installations and tore down all those awful statues!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How about instituting a Viet-Nam style Phoenix program.
I’m sure all you Viet-Nam vets know or heard about the CIA program.


That’s not the job of the NG.


They defunded the police, and don’t have the staff to carry out routine police work.
Next step to establishing a Gestapo-style enforcement arm is to appropriate the military in some way.
Next we’ll be told that the only way to be safe is to give these military-police guys more power, and less accountability.

I prefer advertising the gang signs in question and issuing a shoot-on-sight.


Millions of violent, selfish, unskilled pendejos who’ll riot and burn sh*t for goodies and Socialist policies? Democrats’ dream come true! (Don’t count on a “woke” military being used to do anything about them by Democrats. Evil “racist” UltraMAGA types are another matter though… )
comment image

Last edited 3 months ago by Anonymous
Army-Air Force Guy

We wouldn’t be in this situation if those NY ARNG troops had been sent to the border three years ago instead.

Old tanker

F J B that is all.

Green Thumb

This is going to go over like a fart in church.