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| February 9, 2024 | 80 Comments

During the primary held in Nevada, one of the options won with a huge victory. The color scheme representing this option colored most of the state. This option was the “none of the other candidates” option. The main candidate that came in second in this primary vowed to continue with the campaign. Enjoy your weekend.

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Commissioner Wretched



Well played, Good Sir! Got Lois Lane off your lap in time this week, eh. Chili in the crockett pot, cornbrean in the oven and the Class VI Supply Locker is filled. Enjoy your FIRSTNESS. I’ll be in the Ladies Room with my second place Trophy if anyone asks.

Commissioner Wretched

Lois was definitely not happy about it … but she’s young and will get over it.


Young Mr. Lee sends his regrets…
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Commissioner Wretched

Not this week, my friend.

Hack Stone


Green Thumb


RGR 4-78

Nope, Nada, Nyet.

Well played CWretched.

Slow Joe

At least you got a bunch of firsts already.

I only got one, and so many years ago, that I don’t even remember. Or perhaps is teh PTSD.

Anyway, do you have any good light beer recommendations?


Your one and only “FIRST” occurred on 13 July 2018 when you were using your original sign-in handle.

Slow Joe

OMG, how can you know something like that?
In July 2018 I was in Fort Benning.

Do you also know who has the most Firsts?


Claw is the keeper of The Book of Firsts, the sacred and semi-holy story of TAH. And yes, he DOES know who has the most Firsts!

USMC Steve

Oh, I am sorry.


Yuengling Flight!

Slow Joe

It is good, but expensive.
Almost as much as a blue moon.
I rather have a blue moon.
Though my body cannot afford the calories of too many blue moons.
Dammit. Now I have to get a blue moon…


You can lead a Joe to Yuengling…🤣

Slow Joe


Hack Stone

Dang. Hack missed it by “that much”.

Slow Joe

That’s what she said

Hack Stone

Hack was putting his laptop in the bag, figured you wouldn’t drop it three minutes before the hour. Will Hack Stone need to go back to the UK regain the throne?

Slow Joe

Hey, I furgut waht I waz guing to saiz………

Commissioner Wretched

Having reclaimed the throne for the week, I now offer to all some freshly minted trivia. Enjoy … and, of course, the good stuff is always available!

What is the rarest feat in Major League Baseball, that has only happened once since 1876?
By Commissioner Wretched
Copyright © 2024

Well, that silly groundhog has had his say.

Not that it matters, since we have six more weeks of winter regardless of whether he sees his shadow or not.

I still think we need a weather rodent to tell us about summer and fall. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some idea about planning your leisure time if you knew how much warm weather you’d have? 

Of course, if you’re using the groundhog to plan the rest of your winter, you need more help than I can give you. Just sayin’.

Anyway, you’re here for the trivia, so let’s get to it!

Did you know …

… people can be almost criminally stubborn? Case in point – in 1973, a flash flood swept a bus into a river near New Delhi, India. Seventy-eight of the passengers on the bus drowned. Why? Because they belonged to two separate castes, and they refused to share the rope that would have saved all their lives.

… a lot of restaurants can be found in New York City? How many? Well, the exact number can vary depending on business and season, but the best gauge is this: if you wanted to eat a meal at every restaurant in the Big Apple, you’d need about 22.7 years, going to one different spot a day. (You could do it faster if you kept a portable stomach pump, I suppose.)

Commissioner Wretched

… one of the greatest composers in history was very poor at math? Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1826) never learned to multiply or divide, though he could add and subtract as needed. One website gives this example: Asked to multiply 62 by 50, Beethoven would write the number 62 down fifty times, then add the numbers together. (I suppose that’s why he stopped at nine symphonies … but what do I know?)

… people in Japan once enjoyed “sushi-flavored” KitKats™? The popular candy bar was produced in 2017 with supposedly odd flavors of sushi. But before you get ill at the thought, the flavors were simply names for the wrapper. The tuna one was actually raspberry, the seaweed-wrapped one was pumpkin pudding, and the sea urchin flavor was Hokkaido melon with mascarpone cheese. All flavors of Japanese Kit Kat candy were made with puffed rice, white chocolate, and a dash of wasabi. (All in the marketing, as they say.)

… Ohio is home to a mythical monster? The Loveland Frog Man is said to inhabit the area around the town of Loveland, Ohio. First spotted in 1955, the Frog Man has been described as a giant frog that walks on its hind legs like a human and stands about four feet tall. One observer said there were several of the creatures, and he watched them converse with one another and wave wands over their heads. (I don’t know what these people actually saw, but whatever they were drinking, I don’t want any.)

Commissioner Wretched

… the rarest feat in Major League Baseball has only happened once since 1876? You might think a perfect game is rare, and it is … but it’s been done 24 times. Losing a perfect game on the last batter? That’s happened 13 times. Unassisted triple play? Pah … been done 15 times. But what’s the rarest feat? The one that has happened only one time in all of MLB history? It’s this: one player hitting two grand slam home runs in the same inning. Not in one game (that’s been done 13 times), but in one inning. That unique feat happened on April 23, 1999. Fernando Tatis, Sr. (born 1975), playing that day for the St. Louis Cardinals against the Los Angeles Dodgers, hit his first grand slam with the bases loaded and no one out in the third inning. The Cardinals kept the offense going that inning and, with two out and the bases loaded again, Tatis came up for the second time in that frame and belted another grand slam. Of the 11 runs that scored that inning, Tatis drove in eight. The Cardinals won the game by a score of 12 to 5. Additional trivia note: If that’s not unique enough, add this: Tatis hit both of his grand slams in that inning off the same Dodger pitcher, Chan Ho Park (born 1973). (I guess they weren’t managing ball games by statistics back then, or Park would’ve been yanked long before.)

… it’s always a good idea to be able to speak other languages? The story goes that police in Ireland were at one time looking for a Polish driver called Prawo Jazdy for more than fifty driving offenses committed across the country. Later, someone advised the cops that “prawo jazdy” is Polish for driver’s license. (‘Nuff said.)


Like in Germany:

One dude: “Hey, man, do you remember where the hotel is at?”

Other dude: “Don’t worry; it’s on Einbahnstrasse!”

Commissioner Wretched

… the Y2K bug even scared the Federal Reserve? Not because they were worried about their computers not recognizing the new century in dates, but because they thought people might hoard money … just in case. The Fed quietly printed an extra $50 billion in small bills prior to the turn of the century, but when nothing happened and they found that nowhere near that much cash was necessary, most of it was recycled. (Kids, if you don’t know about the Y2K bug, consult your nearest history teacher.)

… the longest wrestling match in history took more than eleven hours? During the 1912 Stockholm Olympics, two wrestlers – Martin Klein (1884-1947) of Estonia and Alfred Asikainen (1888-1942) of Finland – grappled for eleven hours and forty minutes before Klein was declared the winner. The match went on so long that Klein was too exhausted to participate in the championship match for the gold medal. (And they say wrestling is fake!)

… the average American family spends about $250,000 total in raising a child to the age of 18? (Mine did, and look how I turned out!)

… your body is constantly replacing old cells with new ones? This takes place at a rate of millions per second. In fact, by the time you’ve read the rest of this item, your body will have replaced about 50 million cells. (We won’t talk about what happens to the old cells.)

Now … you know!

Hack Stone

Have no fear, the proud but humble woman owned business that sells outdated and overpriced software to the Federal Government is diligently working on the Y3K software. And yes, it is compatible with a 56K dial up modem.

Dennis - not chevy

I can’t think of anyone (including my tin hat wearing neighbor) who took Y2K as seriously as the Federal Government. The base commissary sold MRE’s in case the electricity went off everywhere. Paul Harvey told those of us who would listen to set the date on our computers to a random day in any year past Y2K and check a calendar. If one set the computer on a Monday and the calendar agreed it would be a Monday, the computer was Y2K compliant. My $20 watch passed the test.

Never underestimate the Government’s ability to blow something out of proportion.


My unit in Korea (B 304) had us park a few 10kw generators next to the barracks in case of a Y2K power outage. 1SG was acting all smug, so proud of his planning and execution. Right up until SSG D asked him just how he planned on connecting the generators to the barracks. I thought he was gonna have a stroke.


Punkassy Phil has been INCORRECT 61% of the time. Gnrl Beauregard Lee has been CORRECT 60% of the time.

“…criminally stubborn”? Must be talking about our resident seagull.

Having been to Noo Yawk Shitty several times, I wouldn’t want to spend 22.7 SECONDS there now…much less eat.

Beethoven’s favorite number was the 5th…Kinda like it is for MustangCPT.

No wonder Japan lost the war.

Ohio was home to a barn burning, chicken stealing, pillaging piece of whyte trash that specialized in making war on women and children. Burn in Hell, ‘Cump.

I beat feet on MLB back yonder when they had their strike. NFL lost me with their kneeling and woke BS. SEC SEC SEC gabn/gabaf/hbtd/rtr BTW, f*ck u ESPN, y’all ruining College Ball too. Pay per view on major games coming to your cable system…soon. Watch

I speak Southern American. A panty dropping accent that the Ladies love.

You would have better luck finding a unicorn than you will finding a real history teacher. It is not Federal and they have no reserves. Invest in beans and boollits, people.

I’d like to ‘rassle any one of the Sunday Gun Girlz.

Mama never saw $250K in her entire life (51) and she raised 6 of us.

My fat cells musta’ve accepted that Former Jewish Carpenter as their Lord and Savior because they seem to have Eternal Life.

Another fine j.o.b. on the Trivia, CW. Thank you, Good Sir!


Yep, it’s also my favorite amendment. I ALWAYS plead the fifth! Scotch, Canadian, or bourbon!

Slow Joe

Real men drink light beer, to keep the belly in check.
Though I haven’t been able to find a good one.
Right now I am having a Natural Light. I got tired of Busch Light.


Yeah, I’m all broken up by the opinion of someone who drinks Nasty Light. 🤣🥃🍺


I reject his reality and substitute my own. Higher quality beer and lower rates of consumption keep my belly in check.


No rye or Irish? The Japanese are making some damned good whiskies, as well.


I like me a good rye and Irish. And, I’ve enjoyed a couple of different Japanese whiskies as well.


Korean, too… computer-aided distilling and brewing has greatly improved booze over there. Soju is cheaper and no longer God-awful, also.

A Proud Infidel®™

I was in the 2nd ID Western Corridor 92-93 and I swear my liver still quivers at the mention of Jinro Soju!


Ol’ GB was a mainframe programmer in the era before and after the Y2K scare.
We all knew the scare was a bunch of malarkey – although the contractor’s headhunters were offering big bucks for anyone who could spell COBOL. I got my biggest pay raise ever in an effort to retain my services through The Event.
Had to be on station 31Dec1999 though 1Jan2020 “just in case.” At least they fed us pizza.


Had the only Y2K-related injury… dropped a Y2K-compliant desktop CPU on my hand while carrying it up the stairs at HQ SFOR in Sarajevo a couple of days before 31DEC. My right middle finger got imobilized by the medics with big white bandage for a week– big fun saluting people:
comment image?width=800&height=800&quality=90


I was but a noob relay technician in CA on 12/31/1999.

Got to sit at Ellis Substation eating pizza on double-time, waiting to see if the lights would go out. When they hadn’t by 4 am, we went home and enjoyed the rest of our day off.

Amateur Historian

Right-o! Happy Friday! So in continuation of my posting of Potential History videos, these are about two lesser known battles that were a part of the bigger Battle of Leyte Gulf, which was a part of the Philippine Islands Campaign. Some say Leyte Gulf was the largest naval battle in history. The first will be about the Battle off Samar. This engagement was the closest the Japanese got to destroying the American landing force and ending the Philippine Campaign then and there, were it not for the exceptionally brave actions undertaken by the American landing Ship escorts. Their actions saved the US operation, with it’s success cutting the Japanese “Empire” in half ( I don’t even know why they (the Japanese) call it an empire. They couldn’t even hold onto any of the land or islands they took for more than a decade. Lofty and unrealistic ambitions, maybe?). Here’s the video on that (Video game ad runs from 1:19-2:03):

Amateur Historian

The next battle is the Battle of Surigao Strait. As opposed to Samar where the Japanese came close to victory, the Japanese ate shit here. Nothing more needs to be said, but I want to expand on Potential History’s meme at 5:14 runtime:

Shima: (Strikes a match) Alright, who’s not dead?


*Meanwhile, on the USS West Virginia.*

Bill: Hey Frank, did you see someone put on a light just now?

Frank: Nope. All I can see are burning Jap ships.

Anyway, here you go:

Amateur Historian

Right, so if it isn’t already obvious, I am a fan of Potential History’s content (he stopped posting around a year ago, so that kinda sucks). But, in two weeks time, I’ll take a break from posting his stuff on the Weekend Open thread and I will post about other videos that have mostly to do with history. Have a good weekend!

Amateur Historian

Hey, I also was watching this interesting video while waiting for the Weekend Open Thread to drop and I wanted to know what you guys think of this topic:

Slow Joe

Yes. I have been following whatifalthist for a while. Freitas interviewed him a few weeks ago. Good shit. Especially coming from a GenZer. Who would have thought?


I watch quite a few alternate history channels and have heard of Whatifalthist but either got unsubscribed or never subbed in the first place. I marked it for “Watch Later” once I get home.

Full-blown civil war may or may not happen. Frankly, I don’t see many Americans caring enough nowadays to act or even react, though the “Summer of Love” back in 2020 showed the levels of violence the Left can reach. If (when?) Trump wins, there is going to be massive “peaceful protests”, where city blocks will again be destroyed, police attacked, and overall chaos will ensue. Trump has multiple impeachments and indictments, and there will be those empty-headed talkers on TV spouting forth the nonsense that his victory is illegal, immoral, and a disgrace to our once great nation. Those already seething that he had one term and is still not in prison will take this as a sign to “do something”.

If Trump is removed from the campaign trail, through legislative, judicial, or executive action, the Right will show its two sides. Unipartyists will rejoice knowing that an “outsider” was denied the chance to run the country for four more years, while so-called “MAGA extremists” will point to this as further evidence of a broken and corrupt government. If Trump is allowed to run and somehow loses to a Dem, especially Biden, the same will likely happen.

Thins are going to ramp up this year. Just a feeling, but the chaos of 2020 was effective in making changes–not good ones, but changes nonetheless–in the way our country is governed and policed.

In the end, I’m just glad I’m 1200 miles from DC and in a Conservative bastion. It looks like some of our ARNG Soldiers are crossing into TX to help with the border nonsense.


Buy the buttload of ammo you’ll need yo defend your home/family/business now.

If you wait ’til Democrats fraud the election with pallets o’ ballots from a warehouse at 2am, angry mofos out there will buy it all before you can say “Hey, I need some ammo!”

Last edited 11 days ago by Anonymous

Okay, so I’m under six minutes in and already find this kid’s analysis interesting. He’s talking about the Left versus the Right in terms of college educated versus non-college educated and has some very good points. Granted, the lines have blurred somewhat, but I’m sure that most of us have experienced the Left-leaning college graduate and the Right-leaning tradesman. A lot of us have degrees these days, but the Left seems to put a lot more emphasis on where they went to school and what they majored in. To me, my undergraduate is a piece of paper. When I finally enroll in a Law or graduate program, that eventual degree will be a better piece of paper that may open up additional jobs. If I go for a PhD eventually, that will be even better, but still a piece of paper in the end, to be burned or tossed in the trash by my kids after I’m gone.

I’ll keep this brief so I can finish the video, but his comparison of the Left wanting college-educated social workers instead of non-college educated cops brings up something I hadn’t previously thought of. I’m sure that a lot of cops these days, especially veterans, have at least an Associate’s degree. Like many tradesmen, they get formal training at the Academy, then OJT as essentially an apprentice during their probationary and/or field training time. A cop has to have high moral and ethical standards, along with a working knowledge of the law, and starts gaining practical experience as soon as he hits the streets. Social workers, on the other hand, might spend 6-8 years in school earning their degrees, then emerge with little to no practical experience. They are highly educated, and well-equipped to handle some situations, but it would take years for the average social worker to deescalate a situation as rapidly as an armed police officer carrying the powers of arrest.

Green Thumb



And this was some buried shit down there along with Phildo’s #34 Google search listing. What’s up with that? I have never seen so many bullshit enteries. Phildo is undoubtedly using an internet scrub company. What a turd!

Doug Killough stuck it to the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress and All-Points Logistics.

I bet Phildo et al. and his new batch of Phildo Supporters tried to steal from the guy or delivered subpar performances. Go figure!

I wonder if any of Phildo’s highly questionable or potentially felonious Native American, Navy SEAL or Law Enforcement claims where involved….? One never knows.

For your enjoyment:


Hack Stone

Doug Killough probably wisely declined to go onto military blogs to defend Phil Monkress’ reputation.

Green Thumb

Doug Killough forever!

Phildo has not been cleaned out like this since his wife divorced him when she found out he was a fake Navy SEAL!

Green Thumb

As Lori Benton weeps…..

Slow Joe

Hi everybody.

“Can I interest you in some good quality goods”

Find the reference and earn an Slow Slaw Cookie!

I will give you a hint. It’s from a historical computer game. Not from this century.


Partial progress on Phony Beirut Survivor Jon Vigue.
Organizer Ernie T has EDITED the GoFundMe.

These 2 (marked) have now been removed.
10 years law enforcement also removed.

But he missed the January 6 UPDATE,
still showing “Marine 1st Sgt Jon Vigue”.

Did they clean up the Semper Fi Santa page on the Book of the Fake?



Did they clean up the Semper Fi Santa page on the Book of the Fake?
The Purple Heart pics, the huge phony ribbon rack?

Link to Semper Fi Santa page on the Book of the Fake.
Need to be signed in, and not blocked by the page admin, to see.


Last edited 11 days ago by MarineDad61
Slow Joe

I don’t know what it is about MarineBitch61, but every time I see her post, I want to beat the shit out of shim.

I really don’t know what it is.

Can I have a go? I promise I will leave some for the rest of you…

Humm… let me stretch and rehearse my bitch slap. I have never used it before.


Fake hero, real douchebag.


Santa needs his rear end tanned!

Green Thumb

And stretched…

A Proud Infidel®™

Thirty-sump’n and I once again award myself Honorary First.


Epstein did not kill himself.
The FBI is FAR more concerned about being the DNC’s Political Gestapo than doing what they’re supposed to.


Happy weekend!


Brilliant minds and all of that, Sapper3307. Gun Bunny posted that on as Comment #10 on 7 Feb. Looked for an article wanting to know “the rest of the story”. No joy, yet.


Slow Joe

Imagine what the last veteran of OIF or OEF will be posing with…


A club.


comment image

Green Thumb


This ain’t your turn-of-the-mill North Florida MC.


50th !!!

Fuck all you bitches, acquire items of monetary value.

Declining hopefully all of the shit that’s gone down in the last 24 hours tornado is the beginning of the end for the demon crap, but fuck his whiz was these them those triceratops freaks.

Time will tell

Have a good weekend and eat my shorts


Canned food, ammo, gold. Stashing some booze and cigarettes would’t hurt either.




Gaza Strip, Baja California, same same.


Mexicans, Arabs… all the same for Democrats.




Nothing of note to report.

Y’all enjoy your weekend.


comment image

Green Thumb

Phildo gonna slide it in, straight to the top;
American-taxpayer bitch, I ain’t ever gonna stop;

Phildo gonna slide it in, straight to the top;
Slide it in, slide it in; slide it in; your two-hole….


Really? I used to like that song. ☹️