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| February 10, 2024

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Homeowner armed with shotgun helps police in Fresno, 3 in custody

FRESNO, Calif. (FOX26) — Police arrested 3 suspects on Wednesday after they received a report of someone brandishing a handgun at a person.

That call came in around 10:30 a.m. at Blackstone and McKinley Avenues in Fresno.

A description of the vehicle and suspects was called out over the radio and a Fresno patrol officer spotted the multicolored Mercedes.

He began following as more units got behind them on Highway 41.

The driver got off at Ashlan Avenue and went into a neighborhood but would not stop for police.

The driver eventually stopped and all three suspects ran from in different directions, jumping fences, running along the highway, and hiding.

While police were searching, they were called by a man saying he was holding two suspects at gunpoint in his garage.

Police got to the house and one suspect was arrested but the other ran away.

Officers were able to catch the second guy in the backyard.

A third suspect was hiding nearby and did not want to come out so a K-9 was sent in to get him.

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1 charged in shooting linked to ‘prearranged sale of items’ in Raleigh
According to police, the victim was there for a prearranged sale of items from social media when two men approached him and tried to rob him at gunpoint.

By Willie Daniely, WRAL reporter
Police have charged a person as they continue to investigate a shooting from Wednesday night in Raleigh.

Raleigh officers said the shooting happened on the 600 block of Peter Court.

On Thursday, police said Junior Nzengui, 20, was taken into custody at the scene and charged with possession of a stolen firearm. Detectives are still searching for two other suspects who were involved.

According to police, Nzengui was there for a prearranged sale of items from social media when two men approached him and tried to rob him at gunpoint.

Both parties pulled out guns and fired shots. Police said no one was injured, but added gunfire hit one building and three cars.

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I’m told it helps to aim. Thanks, Gun Bunny.

It’s the economy stupid.
James “Snakehead” Carville

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someone’s treating their gun as a magic wand and taking their training from Hollyweird movies


Good on the Citizen to back up the popo. Wonder how long the K-9 Officer had to lick his a** to get the perp taste out of his mouth? Nice pics of those stalwart citizens.

Carnage amongst innocent buildings and vehicles. Oh, the humanity!

Neither the demonrats nor the rebuplicunts give a damn on how the economy affects the taxpayer. PHUQUE THEEM ALL!

Gun Bunny got lost in that linky on the IJ…and the associated links/comments. Well played there, Good Sir.


Russky forces in Ukraine using Starlink satellite internet terminals, too– pay w/ personal credit cards, etc. to fool Elon Musk:

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