5 Marines confirmed killed in crash of CH-53E Super Stallion

| February 8, 2024

After an extensive search for an overdue Marine Corps Super Stallion flying from Creech AFB, Nevada to MCAS Miramar, California, the wreckage was located yesterday. Heavy storms striking California hindered rescue crews from confirming what we all feared. It’s just been confirmed minutes ago, more than a day and a half after the aircrew went missing, that all five Marines on board perished in the crash.

From Washington Post;

The five Marines who were aboard a helicopter that was reported missing Tuesday during a California storm are confirmed dead, the military said.

“It is with a heavy heart and a profound sadness that I share the loss of five outstanding Marines,” Maj. Gen. Michael Borgschulte, commanding general of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, said in a statement. “To the families of our fallen Marines, we send our deepest condolences and commit to ensuring your support and care during this incredibly difficult time.”

Authorities are still attempting to recover the remains of the Marines and have launched an investigation into what happened, the statement said, calling the incident a “crash.” Authorities found the CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter around 9 a.m. local time Wednesday near Pine Valley, Calif., outside San Diego.

The aircraft was reported missing during a historic storm after a routine training flight from Creech Air Force Base, northwest of Las Vegas, to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, according to a statement from the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing.

The storm brought record-shattering rains, serious flooding and landslides over three days.

President Biden said in a statement Thursday that he and first lady Jill Biden are “heartbroken at the loss of five U.S. Marines.”

“Our service members represent the very best of our nation — and these five Marines were no exception,” Biden said. “Today, as we mourn this profound loss, we honor their selfless service and ultimate sacrifice — and reaffirm the sacred obligation we bear to all those who wear the uniform and their families.”

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Fair winds and following seas to our brave, patriotic Marines.


Rest in peace brave Marines.


Semper Fi.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

RIP Devil Dogs


RIP, Marines. May God comfort your families.

Hits close to home – one of my former Scouts & USNA grad piloted Super Stallions, then trained pilots on them. He’s retired now, but it feels close nonetheless.


Well, just, DAMN! That whole “training for war is as dangerous as war thing”…again! May God’s Peace bring some measure of His Comfort to the Families and Fellow Marines.


We have your watch.

Rest In Peace, Marines.


Rest in peace Brothers. God be with your families now.

Hack Stone

Another five folks who died defending this administration.

(Hat tip to Karine Jean-Pierre)


RIP to the deceased Marines. One of the students at the school I spent most of my recruiting time in, Tyler Conrad, died in a crash involving the same helicopter type nearly six years ago: Helicopter model that crashed in San Diego County has history of issues (10news.com)

His mom, Dawn, was a teacher at that school, and I remember him as a fresh-faced kid who was in JROTC but didn’t seem too interested in the military. I left the area in early 2012, and he only had a couple of years in the USMC, so I guess he tried his hand at college before deciding to enlist. Seeing his name listed among the casualties was devastating, despite me not being close to him or his family.

These training accidents leave behind so many that grieve for the fallen. We expect our young men and women who answer the call to risk their lives on the battlefield if and when that’s deemed necessary. Of course, we all have different beliefs, but my opinion is that many of those lost in recent years have died needlessly, as we continually involve ourselves in the affairs of other nations. Regardless, no parent, sibling, spouse, child, or other loved one should have to go through the process of losing someone so young.

It’s not just the military, though. Just a few months ago, a heavy fog on I-55 claimed the life of one of my store’s managers’ daughters. Life is a MF’er, and death is its only guarantee. Much like Yossarian, though, I’m determined to “live forever, or die in the attempt”.

The article popped up in my work browser feed yesterday, and I was hoping that maybe the Marines had survived and had sought better shelter or decided to exfiltrate the site. Then, Ward Carroll released a Youtube Short only minutes after the news articles were released. Damn…

USMC Steve

Why would Biden care? He killed almost a squad in the Af bugout due to his nonsense.

Skivvy Stacker

I can’t wait for him to tell the families about how his son Beau was killed in a helicopter crash in Iraq…


So… flags lowered when?

These “people” have their priorities bent the fuck up.

RGR 4-78

May you and your families find peace.


The weather briefing should have told the pilots it was not a day for flying, unless one was in a highflyer. Definitely not weather for unpressurized aircraft flying at 10 to 15 thousand feet.

John Seabee

R.I.P. Marines… Your names ring in Valhalla.


Rest In Peace Marines


Fair winds and following seas, Marines.