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| December 13, 2023

Bergmann Model 1897

The Armed Citizen
American Rifleman

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Anyone that has any doubt that self defence news stories are being suppressed by the main sleaze media need to look no further than today’s slim pickin’s. The hunt continued into the late evening past with zero (0) results. Methinks that TPTB do not want the citizens to know that you CAN and SHOULD fight back. The articles in the Armed Citizen Linky (both of which were featured here in the past from other sources) give prime examples of why one should carry EVERY.WHERE.YOU.GO!

Interesting write up on the Bergmann. That writer wanted to make sure that we knew that Germany invaded Belgium AND that the 1910 model was the FIRST (ht2 CW) Apple Logo product. (snickers)

Maybe I’ll have better luck today when I return from my escort duty.


I’ve noticed that even when reported, there’s a level of bias. Phrases like “the incident is still under investigation”, “alleged suspect”, “victim of the shooting”, “homeowner may have known”, “the shooter, who is White”, “the victim, who is Black” etc. all seem innocent enough. But notice that those same phrases are used for absolute “bad shoots”, e.g., an armed robbery, gang shooting, or attempted murder, albeit without mention of race if the suspect is a minority.

If someone breaks into my house at 0200 and I have to engage them, I can expect the following report: “The homeowner, who is White, says he shot the victim, who is Black, because he broke a window and entered the home. The homeowner may have known the victim, though, as witnesses said they saw them look at each other once on the street. This incident is still under investigation and News 69 will provide updates when available.”

If I’m in my yard and randomly shot by a thief that happens to be Black, I’d expect this: “The homeowner appeared to get into an altercation with the alleged suspect, who pulled out a gun and shot the homeowner. Police say that no suspect has been identified and they are looking for a person approximately 5’10” and 150 pounds, wearing a dark hoodie.”

The narrative is that we don’t need guns to defend ourselves and are racist criminals if we do so. So, self-defense shootings, if reported at all, need to conflate the victim and the suspect and play along the racially divisive lines we see so often. In the first report above, there is no mention of a suspect, just the shooting “victim”, who was actively committing a crime and victimizing me, with both of our races identified. In the second, I may or may not be referenced as a victim, but the suspect is given a vague description devoid of any racial characteristics. Incense the community. White man shoots Black victim. Alternatively, unknown suspect shoots person after altercation.


“The narrative is that we don’t need guns to defend ourselves and are racist criminals if we do so”

If I had a gun, it wouldn’t give one rat’s ass about the race, creed, color, religion, gender, or anything else about the criminal. That’s called “equality”.

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Latest BS in the media…

Hamas beheaded, raped and kidnapped people, but… OMG, Israeli soldiers made obnoxious TikTik and Twitter videos in Gaza– that’s evil, makes Israel bad and must be a war crime or something! /sarc


This, of course, comes as Israeli forces begin pumping water into the Gaza tunnels to make Hamas leave them. Totally unrelated. /sarc

Old tanker

Keeping a firearm is one thing. More important is to know when and especially when NOT to shoot. Maintaining proficiency is another item to be considered. Granted while in fear of one’s life, your accuracy WILL suffer, failure to practice will only make it worse and could be grounds for later legal action should innocents be harmed by your fusillade in the general direction of the “bad person”. (note generic non discriminatory terminology)

As for me, I am really frightened by martians. Them green critters scare me silly. I try to engage them at ranges of 75′ or so… Yesterday’s recoil therapy, 9mm, 45 revolver and a 22. Last range day of the year.


Not bad. (i.e. “better than me”)
I’m suffering withdrawal as my opportunities for recoil therapy have been nil lately.


I need some range aromatherapy meself.


Proper “gun control” means using both hands.


I’ve been doing it wrong? Gee, thanks Cory Chase…🤧

jeff LPH 3 63-66

When I was working, we had to go throught NYS firearms certification every 2 years if I remember going through the State penal law on the use of force and Brink’s had videos made up on the shoot/no shoot which I liked showing some guy walking up to a member bringing in a bag of currency into a bank and the guy was wearing a holloween mask and the Brink’s guy shoots him without seeing if the guy was armed plus other scenarios. Back in the day before DNA and all the modern crime investigations, we had NYPD retirees working for us and I heard all the stories from them going back from the 1950’s about throwaway guns Cops carried just in case and the safe and loft squad guys shooting shot guns through glass one way mirrors in stores that were being frequently held up. Great stories.


‘Accuracy will suffer’ – just saw an article in which a cop shot at a fleeing car theft suspect multiple times at short range. No injuries.


I still practice, when I can.

Skivvy Stacker

Hmmm….the dead guy refused to give up his name.