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| December 12, 2023

here’s one of those fee-speech things you hate to see.

The Palestinian flag was raised at city-owned Eaton Plaza in downtown Fresno on Friday. The ceremony came nearly two months after the raising of the Israeli flag in the same location, and followed weeks of complaints from community members who said the city was valuing the lives of Israelis over Palestinians in the Gaza conflict.   GVWire

There has been an Israeli flag flying there for two months.

Fresno City Councilmember Miguel Arias is who sponsored this.

Now, my first primal reaction was basic – someone needs to rip that rag down… but on reflection  I think that is wrong. One of those ugly facets about freedom of speech is that sometimes you won’t agree with what someone say, but you have to let them say it. You don’t have to agree, you don’t have to allow them to push their opinion as the law of the land (see, I even worked in a politically correct pronoun!) but ya gotta let them say it. The consequences of their speech… well, I would be happy if Mr. Arias has difficulty in re-election, but that’s up to Fresno-ites, I guess. Fresnoans?

Now, some sane speech from a surprising source. Kemi Badenoch of the UK says:

“We are seeing, I would say, almost an epidemic of gay children being told they are trans and being sent on a medical path of irreversible decisions, which they later regret,” he declared in the House of Commons.

The minister opposes directors and teachers allowing their pupils to adopt a form of pronoun other than their biological gender. And she denounces that giving the green light to social transition in the school sphere “is not a neutral act” since it will have “formative effects on the future development of the child.”

Badenoch would only admit initiatives in support of children who do not identify with their biological sex in extreme cases and with clinical endorsement.  Daily News

Now for the surprising part to me: she is the UK Minister of Women and Equalities. Even with a Tory (conservative. Labour are the main liberals) administration,  this is an office normally occupied by someone strongly – or rabidly – supporting women’s and LGBTQ groups. Not, apparently, the pedophiles and grade-school transitioning faction.

The 9th Circuit court will rule soon on whether FBI agents stole $86 million dollars from taxpayers.

Seems the Feebies convinced a judge to give them a search warrant for a bank in Los Angeles in 2021. They then went on to (legally according to District Judge Klausner in 2022) not just to inventory the safety deposit  boxes (which they are authorized to do) but SEIZED $86,000,000 in cash, jewelry, heirlooms, etc. from the owners, despite their neither being targets of the investigation nor charged even today with any crimes in connection with it.

Following a raid in March 2021, federal agents spent days rifling through the personal belongings stored in nearly 1,400 safe deposit boxes seized from a vault in Beverly Hills, California.

The agents were tasked with cataloging the contents of the boxes, but they also seized piles of valuables—gold coins, luxury watches, family heirlooms, and stacks of cash—from people who had not been charged with any crimes.

And they did that despite being told, by the warrant authorizing the raid, that the contents of the safe deposit boxes were off-limits.  Reason

One would think that last would have left the FBI on thin ice. Not, apparently, in this administration. So it’s up to the 9th Circuit to make it right to the folks who own those 1400 boxes. If you know the 9th….

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USMC Steve

So they committed multiple felonies. How surprising. Any of them been arrested for those crimes yet?


Fat chance that happening or even answering for it either.


In a better world, these assholes would be convicted and put in gen pop at a maximum security federal pound like Terre Haute or Leavenworth. Let nature take its course.

Disband the FBI.


Piano wire, lamp post, let gravity and scavenger wild life take care of the rest. No sense spending money on the care, housing or feeding of the shit bums.

But that’s just my opinion.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I concur with your opinion.
And piano wire is reusable/recyclable.
All the Watermelon Greeniac EnviroNazis should appreciate that.

Y’all playing my tune. ‘nother thing nice about piano wire is it can B Sharp….And that’s grand.


2 topics collide here,
now that piano wire is on the table.

Flag wavers of all stripes want their “freedom of speech” to wave whatever flag they choose, and they mostly get their way…. with 1 huge noticeable exception.

Not this flag, but the flag that flew before it.

Last edited 4 months ago by MarineDad61

Nah, I’d figure getting beaten to death would be pretty terrifying and would take a while.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How can you arrest any member of the new 1000 year 4th Reich Schutzstaffel (FBI)


Nah, new American Stasi, akin to the GeheimeStatzPolitzei.


It’s “Fresneck/Fresnecks”/

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Regarding the support for Palestine, I often suspect had we this sort of fellow American in the 1940s they’d have been upset with the bombing campaigns against the Germans and the Japanese….after all, the grandmas we burned to death in the firebombing of Japan had no part in the attack on Pearl Harbor…

As Colonel Alkire told members of the 8th Air Force, “Don’t get the notion that your job is going to be glorious or glamorous…you’ve got dirty work to do, you might as well face the facts. You’re going to be baby-killers and women-killers.”

There are consequences for the civilians of any nation that enters into armed conflict with another nation…whether that consequence involves actual physical suffering or only further economic pain civilians are not immune to the actions of those who claim to govern or represent them.

In this regard there are no innocents in real terms just higher and lower value targets.

Hamas chose to make the murder of children part of the ROE, they can hardly complain when those ROEs are used to conduct operations against them by their enemy.


Ham-ass is the elected government of Gaza, and hugely popular.

What little criticism runs towards “they insufficiently share what they steal”.

The Ham-ass-roids are even more popular in Judea and Samaria than Gaza.

Fortunately IDF shows no sign of running out of Wreck-ti-care for Ham-Ass-roids…


Great points VOV. Collateral damage? They voted for these assholes to run their shit show, they aid them and abet them at every turn. So, I’m not concerned about collateral damage i.e. civilian casualties. Israel should go into Gaza and kill every member of Hamas and every supporter. Maybe, just maybe with all these assholes gone, they might reflect and elect a more peaceful and cooperative government. You dance with the devil, and he calls the tune, and if you eat with the devil, have a long spoon. I guess this was too many words to simply say, you get what you asked for.


We did have this sort of American in the 40’s.

There’s a reason Col. Tibbets chose to have his ashes scattered across the channel instead of being laid to rest in what might have, very likely, become a target of anti-nuke protest.

As far as average “Joe Gaza,” yes, Hamas was elected but there are people in Gaza in their 30s who never were even given the option of voting. Yes, the onus is on them to throw off that yoke and only a very small minority seem willing to do so, but the argument that no Gazans are innocent is a flawed one.

Hamas has proven, time and again but finally with real emphasis, that they present an existential threat to every single innocent Israeli citizen; Israel doesn’t just have the right but the civic duty to eradicate Hamas. Naturally, especially given Hamas’ modus operandi, that is going to require significant collateral damage – but those innocents remain innocent no matter how justifiable the cost in their lives.

The cost remains one that must be paid, and Israel has my full and utmost support in this current venture, but none of us should ever lightly dismiss that cost and still hold our heads high.

One of the most unsung heroes of professional warfare is Sir George Cockburn, who led the (extremely professional) punitive raid on DC in 1814 as answer to the clusterfucks that were the burnings and lootings of York and Port Dover. Innocents are and remain innocents – they are never viable targets up to and until they choose to waive that innocence.

Plenty of Gazans remain innocent. Whatever their feelings toward Israel, in the war on [eradication of] Hamas, their deaths can only be justified as collateral damage (and that should be a secondary concern – if every Gazan must die to eradicate Hamas, so be it). Murder/rape-in-turn of innocents is the moment Israel loses the moral high ground.

Slow Joe




Slow Joe



Number 5 is alive.


If you expect them to keep covering for Bidenco, you have to throw them a bone.