Social Grooming, who are the victims?

| November 30, 2023


I know of no other place on earth that will expose someone to the “Social Melting Pot” like joining the military will.    At 17 years old I found myself thrust into living with people who had all kinds of strange and bizarre habits.  For decades Leftist Loons have told me that I am a victim of military brainwashing.  According to them, my military service has maladjusted my thinking.

Maybe I am in some sort of Denial State.  But, it seems to me the brainwashing is being done by those Left of Center these days.  Too many people are falling victim to Social Grooming.

I should offer some kind of Trigger Warning about the following video, but those offended can just suck it up this time.

Visit his channel HERE

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When you cannot reproduce, you must recruit.


The whole point of Drag Queen Story Hour:
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To borrow a phrase from Gabby Johnson, Rever!

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I subbed to his channel right as he was leaving YouTube, so I’m subbing to his Rumble now.

I joined the military as a product of my raising. Mostly White low-class trailer park (where epithets were part of everyday conversations; I rebelled by refusing to use them after outgrowing my naivity) in the county until teenaged years, then a townhouse in the city, where I was the minority at both home and school and experienced some hatred and physical altercations based on my skin color. After school, I worked jobs where White Males comprised nearly the entire workforce. As such, I wasn’t exactly open-minded at age 23.

Within months of joining the Army, I realized that everyone in uniform was my brother or sister. Within a few years, I was addressing issues with everyone on the rainbow spectrum, Black, White, gay, you name it. I like to think that the military “brainwashing” made me a much more tolerant and understanding individual. When you look at the myopic and close-minded Liberal Leftist, you will see the truly brainwashed (with “color-safe” bleach), who have been groomed into thinking that their talking points are the “right side of history”.


And everyone said Amen.


When asked a question, they are usually less inclined to speak from the heart and often check with the Mothership if they can’t remember the talking points.


Not to mention their fall-back if they can’t ignore contrary evidence and pretend it doesn’t exist:
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It’s frustrating, and it’s becoming the norm amongst younger Americans, especially. I have kids from 13-25. The older two, both adults, understand me fairly well. The youngest likes trying to get under my skin by labelling me a “racist” and “homophobe”. I’m also a “woman hater”. Doesn’t matter, I put the food on the table that she eats, and if I’m that intolerable, she can leave in five years. Fortunately, her 15-year-old sister doesn’t buy the narrative and is into archery, shooting, and making fun of her siblings in good spirit.

It’s funny, though. Throughout my years of service, I was the advocate for those being victimized and tread upon. I was always less-than PC and would state my opinions, but both on and off duty I was fair and treated everyone equally. I’ve shared before that Charles, now Charlotte, Clymer was one of my Soldiers in TOG. If she wanted to meet up and have a coffee or Bud Light, I’d willingly do so. We have some shared history and I’m always open to having polite conversations, even if I don’t agree with one’s politics or worldview. I was a literal D-SAACP Victim Advocate for nearly a decade and always volunteered to assist the local SARCs and VA offices with outreach, awareness, and training. Even as Unapproachably Quiet Drill Sergeant, I’d petition the 1SG to ignore the younger guys who wanted to chapter out minorities or effeminate sorts for not having a full grasp of the English language or for “failure to adapt”.

But, if I mouthed some of the things I write here in public, I’d be labeled a “racist” and “bigot”, blasted on Twitter and TikTok as an example of hate speech, and canceled immediately.


People can’t have a constructive debate about a subject or different points of view today. It’s sad.


I sometimes poke the bear when seeing people wearing coexist shirts. Smile and walk away as their brains short circuit when they find out they can’t coexist with your way of thinking.

Amazon has a coexist bumper sticker made up entirely of things that go boom, made up of rifles, hand guns and a hand grenade.

That seems like a great way to say, “see? I agree with you”.


Some are just willfully ign’ant.
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That is a major reason I have always supported conscription. The Army is where I first came in contact with people from different ethnic, economic, and social groups. It was interesting seeing white rednecks from Mississippi “rub shoulders” with urban “negroes” from New York, etc. (this was the mid ’60s). I don’t think there was much love between the various groups, but there sure was a lot of tolerance, and not the BS pseudo-“tolerance” we are lectured on these days.


I agree with him a 1000%. It’s how the thinking men and women on the street think. Sadly, though, our “leaders” support this shit. That can change, but our “leaders” are going to have to be smacked up side the head multiple times before they wake up. Hope it happens sooner rather than later.


So that’s what wrong with me! I was brainwashed by the military these many years ago. Sure glad these lefty loonies cleared that up for me. I had concerns.

Stopped by the KFC during my escort duty to get me a chicken wing to go box. Ms Thang asked me “What side, Honey?” Thought for a minute and said “Don’t really matter, left or right, Imma gonna eat ’em not vote ’em!” She blinked a time or two, then laffed saying “I meant which side dish, Honey, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, or mac n cheese.”


Great speech Pat!!!


Forty years ago, this was outdated “narrow-minded” paranoia… now it’s cutting-edge LGBTQ+ advocacy:

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P.S. You know how Disney ran with the sh*t to be “woke” and keep its ESG score up.
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No trigger warning needed. F’em!