Hitting what you aim at… not

| November 28, 2023

Remember that “Israeli air strike” which supposedly killed 500 in a Gaza hospital? Most of the non-Hamas folks said at the time it was more likely a Palestinian missile which went awry…but that hasn’t stopped the Palestinian-supporting world from repeating it. Well, you know your propaganda is pretty sad when even Human Rights Watch calls you out.

“The explosion that killed and injured many civilians at Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza on October 17, 2023, resulted from an apparent rocket-propelled munition, such as those commonly used by Palestinian armed groups..,” HRW said.

It said the findings of its investigation into the explosion were based on a review of photos and videos, satellite imagery and interviews with witnesses and experts.  Reuters

HRW taking the non-radical side of a question… That’s like BLM taking the Klan’s side in a race riot.


Then we get to the drone war in Russia – both Ukraine and Russia are claiming heavy drone attacks (and damage, and shot-down drones, and probably even total victory for life for all I know) this weekend. Think Russia may have a claim to fame Ukraine can’t match yet:

The dispersal unit of a Russian-made Pantsir-S anti-aircraft system broke through the wall of a residential building in the suburbs of Moscow during a drone attack on Moscow on the night of 25-26 November.

Details: According to sources of the Telegram channel, the Pantsir’s booster unit broke through the wall of the house of local residents; the incident took place at 03:30, in the Sad consumers’ cooperative in the village of Chastsy, Moscow Oblast.  Ukrayinska Pravda

Always thought the idea was to destroy the OTHER guy’s buildings… must be a new tactic. Brings back an old REFORGER memory though – one of our SP4 drivers managed to skid a deuce and a half through the corner of a German’s house back in ’79. Like many folks in smaller towns in small towns feel about the folks from the country’s biggest cities worldwide – the local folks just shrugged and consoled our driver with “ah, f*** him, he’s a Berliner.”

And looping back to close in the Mideast – the Houthis have been feeling froggy and have hijacked a couple of ships in the name of solidarity with their Palestinian co-rebels against the demon Joos. They got two, but failed on the third and their prize crew was captured.

The tanker, identified as the Central Park, had been carrying a cargo of phosphoric acid when its crew called for help that “they were under attack from an unknown entity,” the US Central Command said in a statement.

Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said Monday that under international maritime norms and laws, when there is a distress signal, “all vessels in the vicinity, are required to come and help and support.” Though Ryder added that there were three Chinese Navy vessels in the vicinity that “did not respond.”

“Supposedly, those ships are there as part of a counter-piracy mission,” he said. “But they did not respond.”


In retaliation for their pet Somali pirates being captured, the Houthis fired two missiles at the USS Mason (not their first rodeo, they were shot at similarly in 2016.  Business Insider

As might be expected, the missiles hit water. 10 miles from the ship. Bet that was terrifying….

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But does the crew of the Mason get a CAR?

USMC Steve

Not sure how the navy works it, but for Marines, you had to actually engage in a firefight to get it back in my day.


Up in Vermont we had three little Palestinian college students get shot. My source says don’t try to rob a drug dealer in his front yard.

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While I could believe the guy who shot the three young men was on drugs, the rest of the story does not match what witnesses stated.
could be case of first notification though


I want to hear Bernie’s take on the matter before I decide
who to blame and for what.


For a lake house, Bernie will tell you what you want to hear.


Everybody in BTV is on drugs.


Media saying he was “arrested” and a suspected “extremist,” complete with he-was-always-such-a-nice-boy commentary from neighbors that psycho types usually get, instead… sainted palestinians just couldn’t be ripping an infidel off of his dope, you know:

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Yeah…..I’m waiting for later reports on the cause behind the shooting.
Was it a case of mistaken identity/bad language skills (thinking of the Japanese exchange student with NO English that was shot on Halloween ’92) – or – were the Palis shouting “allahu snackbar!” and waving knives around?

“Aloha Snackbar”


Eh, whatever. People get shot all the time, for no reason. I figure it’s coincidence they were of Middle Eastern heritage. No real news here.


A drug deal gone bad would be a big explainer to a story that makes little sense and ordinarily the media would be shouting from the rooftops. Dude was a failure as a investment broker, turned to drug dealer is a stretch, but wouldn’t be the first.


So, someone made a hash of it?




I’m sure the Houthis had filed the proper paperwork for their Missile test, and the USS Mason simply violated the safety area they had designated, it was a coincidence that Pirates were attempting to take over a Jewish owned vessel in the area at the same time!
The Houthis would never do such a provocative acts as to launch missiles at a US warship…illegally parked off their coast 😉


Good thing that the Bad Orange Man wasn’t (s)elected to be the prezzy. We would have found ourselves embroiled in some more wars. Oh…wait…


I find it ironic that there are no restrictions on how Ukraine can fight their little war, with our money, but Israel gets their hands tied fighting their war to get a much smaller amount of our money.

But you’re correct, the bad orange man would have us teetering on if not fully involved in WWIII. Dodged a bullet there we did.




Forgot to add the sarc tag after orange man bad comment.


I use that angry Odie picture when you present the opportunity. It’s just so off from the character’s typical cheerful self. No worries. 🤣


Well, somebody has to give me a blast of crap from time to time. Might as well be you folks 🙂


Plus, the Orange Man is the modern day Hitler. He would have destroyed our “democracy.”

Anna Puma

Hamas, Houthi…

I am sensing a pattern of groups in need of extirpation post haste.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Extirpation? Or Extermination?
(enter Daleks, stage right)

jeff LPH 3 63-66

The pro Hamas new yawk times still hasn’t admitted that it was a friendly fire rocket from tthe new yawk times who are in bed with their gaza’s friends fired the rocket.

Prior Service

How about every time one of these clowns tries to hit us, we hit back. Hard.