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| November 27, 2023

We’ve mentioned Vince Ricci  (no apparent relation to the delectable Christina) an L.A. CCW holder who wengaged in a shootout with armed proerty invaders recently – and had his CCW license lifted by the Sherrif’s Department.

But Ricci told Fox News Digital last week that the response to the harrowing incident has been for authorities to target him, calling him to inform him that his concealed carry license had been “revoked” as a result of him “yelling” at Los Angeles police officers while they attempted to investigate the incident three days later.

Way I read it, the PD was doing such a thorough job of investigation they didn’t even pick up the perps’ cartridge cases, and became offended when Ricci said they needed to do so.

The LASD added that the “Department of Justice (DOJ) establishes guidelines for CCW permits and the Sheriff’s Department must follow the DOJ parameters in accordance with the law” when it came to revoking the homeowner’s permit, adding that it can be “immediately reinstated as long as the permit holder has also followed all required CCW policies.”

“The only specific policies that LASD mentions in passing are regarding ‘proper notifications’ and the ‘use of [a] properly documented weapon,'” Swearer said. “But, to my knowledge, the only place where such policies are found with respect to the automatic revocation of a CCW license isn’t in DOJ guidelines or state law, but in the additional ‘terms and conditions’ agreement that LASD requires all CCW applicants to sign. Not only are these terms and conditions not required by the California DOJ or by state law, but LASD is one of only a few jurisdictions that impose them.”

Fox News

The ‘Swearer’ referred to is a Heritage Foundation spox, by the way. THIS sort of thing is why the Supreme Court says states SHALL issue a permit to valid applicants…but why California, New York, Maryland and the rest of the anti-gun legislators want to keep it on a “MAY issue” basis. Funny how they claim there is a process in place for Ricci to get his license back – and it isn’t written or articulated. Bet it contains the word “grovel” somewhere.

And in another stellar case of citizens ‘strongly supporting more’ gun control, Illinois passed an “assault weapons ban” late last year requiring all such weapons (whatever they are – not sure they do

]) be registered with the state by January 1, 2024.

It prohibits the delivery, sale, import and purchase of more than 100 so-called assault weapons, in the form of semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and handguns. Also banned are the delivery, sale and purchase of high-capacity magazines of more than 10 rounds for long guns and 15 rounds for handguns.

People who owned those guns before Jan. 10 but don’t register them with the Illinois State Police by Jan. 1, can be charged with a misdemeanor for a first offense and felonies for subsequent violations.

So far, 90 out of the 102 county sheriff’s have publicly stated they will decline to enforce the law. And the citizens? Illinois is a state which requires a Firearms Owner ID (FOID) card prior to any gun purchase. This must be a state in which almost nobody likes semi-autos – out of the state’s 2,400,000 FOID holders, a whole 3,429 have signed up. That’s .001, or about .01%. One in a thousand. With about 5 weeks to go.

(the girl pictured has nothing to do with the story. So sue me. You’d rather look at Vince Ricci or the Illinois governor?)

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Oh, I’ll take Sister Golden Hair, fer sure.
I can use her as rotating roster backup defense at The Homestead.


The lead photo is much better looking than Vince is I’m sure. And a nice way to get one to read the article 😉

Just remember, when Pritzker throws his hat in the ring for President, and Newsom for that matter, they will bring their policies with them.

Some in Illinois and California may be tempted to vote for them to get them out of their state, but that just inflicts misery on everybody else.

As for the gun owners in Illinois that I know, not a one of them are registering anything that has already been registered, nor anything that Illinois considers to be more than they need.

I guess the saying about outlaws and guns will be coming true. Outlaws of the governments own making.


YAAAAYYY!!!! The site is fixed!!!!! Now maybe I can post the comment that I made 8 hours ago. YOU DA MAN…Kid Squid? Maybe Dave TVI?

And a nice way to get one to read the article 😉” Called “click bait”, Odie, and we damn shore can click with that thar Strawberried Sister Golden Hair Surprise…no surprise about that, eh? I WANT ONE! There should NOT be any laws against law abiding citizens carrying legal weapons…”…shall NOT be infringed” sounds pretty straight forward and clear to me. Maybe there SHOULD be a law against some sweet Thang looking as drop dead gorgeous as she does. “I remember every little thing as if it were only yesterday….”

I repeat what I, and many others, have stated many times before…It has never been about the control of the gunz, it has ALWAYS been about the control of We, The People…The gunz are just in the way of TPTB. They would not be wanting to take away the gunz if they weren’t planning on doing things that would make We, The People…shoot them.



2A restrictions are just one of many reasons I’ll never relocate the spouse anywhere near Casa de Sparky Western Annex.


“ The LASD added that the “Department of Justice (DOJ) establishes guidelines for CCW permits and the Sheriff’s Department must follow the DOJ parameters in accordance with the law” “

When did they become interested in following the law? It seems like,,,no I’m sure of it,,,, there are federal laws regarding illegals entering our country too. (But- sanctuary cities and states and all!)


Found a nearly new Ruger Vaquero .44-40 at a stop along the way out of town to a match. Amazing sometimes what I find when I wasn’t looking.


I’ve got one in .45 Colt. It’s a nice gun and complements the Winchester 1894 in the same caliber. My vintage 1892 needs a friend around its age in .38-40. Maybe a 1st-gen Colt Peacemaker…


If you want a Colt SAA in 38-40 as a first generation gun, you better be prepared to fork out many thousands for one. Or, you could order one from Colt’s custom shop (if it is still in business). I have a 38-40 they built for me. But the least expensive way to go is to take a Colt SAA in a more common caliber and buy a 38-40 barrel and cylinder and have a gunsmith install them. I did that with one of my .45 Colts. The only problem is those parts are getting very difficult to find. I now have a matching pair of Colts in 38-40 with one piece ivory grips, in a period correct mahogany case.

I also have an 1892 carbine in 38-40; it was built in 1913. I looked back in the early 2000’s for a couple of Colts of the same vintage, but discovered they were priced way outside anything I could afford. I stopped shooting any of my 38-40’s in CAS matches due to their value. But all three are real tack drivers.


I just checked GunBroker. There is a first gen 38-40 listed for $2,425 on a buy it now price. But it has been reblued entirely and appears a little rough. There are three third gen guns up for auction in that caliber. But they should fetch between 2500 and 3000.


Cowboy Action match? When I began CAS, I shot a Uberti Henry rifle in 44-40 and couple of .45 Colts. The 44-40 was a pain to reload because the cases are easy to crumple since the walls are so thin. Of course, later, I started shooting an 1892 Winchester carbine in 38-40. They were worse to reload. Now, I prefer .44 Special as they are no problem, even on a progressive reloader.

Green Thumb

I imagine there might be a little more to the “incident” as listed above.


The Cantina’s south wall has been prepped. Damn HOA says no foo gas, though. The bastards.


I heard that diesel in the sprinkler system can be used to treat fire ants…Jus’ sayin’…


Once again, I am reminded….
My favorite scene from this old movie
National Lampoon’s Favorite Deadly Sins….

Andrew Dice Clay going to this magazine rack,
to pick up his favorite magazine, called