Goodbye Sara… we all loved you so.

| November 19, 2023

My favorite quote from Sara:

“I remember when men were men and women were glad of it.”

I can not begin to express our sense of loss.  Our very own Ex-Ph2 has passed away.

Sara was a very private person and never wanted to become a burden upon anyone.  She died exactly in that manner,  at home quietly.  Her health had been in decline for some time now but she never once complained about it to me.

I would send her pictures of birds I encountered during my travels and she would respond in her usual snarky way.  When my last one went unanswered… that was answer enough for me.  I knew we were all dreading what news there was to come.  She passed last month and I had to delay posting this for a myriad of reasons.

Ex-Ph2 posted 1,482 articles and made 52,820 comments.  She was never one to shy from making her point and agree with her or not, one had to admire her tenacity.  When she was threatened by Valor Vultures she never even flinched.

When Jonn became too sick to carry on she did not hesitate to step up to the plate.  She held the line.  So many other Mil Blogs have come and gone because they did not have an Ex-Ph2.

Over the years we have posted some of the worst examples of veterans and wannabes that can be imagined.  When Daniel Bernath went after all of us, she stayed at her post while seasoned men faltered away.  Threatened by lawyers, Stolen Valor Vultures, miscreants and malcontents she just kept loving this community anyway.

She kept her other family mostly in the dark about her activities here.  I can say that during my conversations with her family they are “overwhelmed” at finding out about all of us.

“I am just a sailor, a protector of our land. A servant called to battle when my country takes a stand.”

She tried to protect others as best she could.  I hope they understand.

We are not afraid to shed a tear,  I’ll just have to keep wiping mine away.  No more gravy for me. I did not want to delay this any longer so I will end for now with the last picture she had sent to me.  To Sara I wish ‘Fair Winds and Following Seas’.






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Lurker Curt

Damn… I have not been active here for some time now, but have checked in periodically and have really missed her presence. This is the news I feared.
Ex, thank you for our interactions, your wit, your absolutely AMAZING bullshit detector, and for keeping all of us dickweeds in line.
Man, it sure got dusty in here… 🙏


Figured it’s kind of appropriate.


Her tenacity and toughness are what once made the Navy a great organization.

Here’s to you:

(132) Don’t Forget Your Old Shipmate – Royal Navy Song – YouTube


I am so saddened to read this news.
May I extend my sincere condolences to the family of Ex-Ph2 with deepest sympathies for their grievous loss. She was a patriot second to none and I looked forward to reading her columns.
Sara, we thank you for your service to our country. Well done!
Rest in heavenly peace.


Bon voyage, Sara. Fair winds and following seas.

It is my hope that all the departed friends and pets you loved over the years are waiting for you on the next shore.


Very classy sentiment!!👍👍


Oh, I am so sorry to hear this.
I loved reading her stuff, her recipes should be put in a book and sold here, sign me up for a couple for the extended family I have.
I loved her too and until lately wondered what was happening with her.
Although I never met her or did more than a couple of email’s with her, I have missed her for quite some time and wondered if something was going on with her.
My deepest sympathies to all those that were close to her and also to the rest of us but with the gratitude of having someone with her character, grit and unfailing courage to stand against tyranny in all its forms.
I’m sure Jonn is welcoming her right now and I give thanks that I am an actual member of this Brother and Sisterhood.
When people thank me for my service, I simply state that is was an honor and a distinct privilege to be able to serve America.
It is because of people like Jonn, Sara and all the rest of them that makes me amazed that I am actually able to be here.
Thank you for your service Sara, all of it.
Fair winds and following seas to you.


I’ve debated about putting this here, but I’m certain that both Jonn and Sara would approve of it as Shannon, my daughter. is also a Disabled Veteran.
Shannon is having her spinal surgery on December 8’th. I’m normally fairly quiet about these things, but I’m scared to death with this one. Not just the surgery, but the implant returning her to something akin to a normal life.
CRPS is something out of the deepest levels of Hell as it totally destroyed her life. Every last bit of it.
Tomorrow, 11-25, is my birthday, I ask you for the best birthday present I possibly could get, that is, please say some prayers for her.
Thank you, Steve.


Prayers up from here, ‘stixx. The Great Healer hears and acts on those.

A Happy Birthday, such as it can be, and Thanks for your sentiments on our Beloved Ex-PH2 Sara.


Absolutely. 08 DEC is my birthday, so it’ll be very easy to remember to send prayers for her, you, your family and the medical staff. I’ll even start now.


I will be praying for Shannon, you, the doctors, and all involved, brother.
May God grant her surcease from her suffering, comfort you in your fears, steady the hands of her surgery team, bless you with joy, and surround you in His loving embrace.
I know, as a parent, I would willing take all my child’s suffering to relieve them of it. One of the worst helpless feelings is to watch them hurt and not be able to help.
May you have a joyful birthday gift in your daughter’s life then.

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GB, absolutely! My 20yo, Div 2 football player is having kidney surgery on 07 DEC. he is TOUGH! Going through summer football camp in Mississippi, complaining that he was hurting, I say “it’ll get better ”! Then he sends a picture and asks, “ is this a kidney stone?”!!!

Tough doesn’t describe him! His life goal is to be an Army Ranger. Blaster-6 and I want him to get a BS and get away from the current administration before he goes that route. No trust in them having his back. I’ve lived it myy. Enlisted and served during the Reagan administration, and currently still going in the reserve forces.

God and I love Hume more than words could begin to describe, I just hope that he’ll accept the wisdom from someone that has “been there, done that”!


Myself *





That’s one tough young man and I’ll keep him, your family and the medical team in my prayers and heart.
Hubs had a battle with them several years ago. Finally had surgery. The doctor showed us one he removed which was he called the ‘monster’, wasn’t as big as a pinhead! He’s been ok since. I pray your son will be as relieved after this is done.


Thank you very much e! Those prayers are much appreciated for my son and Shannon too! God bless!


Prayers up for you and your son as well Blaster



Laughing Wolf

Prayers out!


Prayers up to your and yours Steve


Prayers for you and you daughter…

Just An Old Dog

Well Damn. I was just thinking about her the other day. I don’t post here much since John Passed. I remember during the Bernath Fiasco Sara had actually Known PO John Sheppard, the Man whose photo Bernath Had Photoshopped his face over and claimed his awards.
She was a great person and a real pistol when ir came to calling out the phonies.
Fair Winds Sister.

Laughing Wolf

Bleep. Prayers out for her, her family, and her family here. She will be missed.

The Dead Man

Been years since I’ve been regularly active, but she was a highlight of the blog. Sorry to see her go.


Just saw this and will be forever sorry that I didn’t have more interactions with Ex-PH2. May we all do our best to live up to her idea of what honorable men should be.
RIP, Sara, and thanks for havin’ been an example of what an honorable woman and veteran should be.