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| November 20, 2023

The Ruger Pistol

Girlfriend fatally shoots ex-boyfriend as he broke into her house in Issaquah, police say

by Jeremy Harris
ISSAQUAH, Wash. — Investigators say a man was breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s house Friday morning when she shot and killed him.

The shooting happened at 10:25 a.m. at an apartment complex near 2900 NW Steelrake Place in Issaquah.

According to Issaquah police, the woman shot the man once, killing him, after he allegedly broke into her home.

“I’m devastated that this kind of violence could happen right here. From now on, I will be walking the neighborhood with a gun,” neighbor Trina Freatman told KOMO News.

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Police chase ends when victim shoots man who took her hostage

by Jamie Burch
BORGER, Texas (KVII) — A police chase ended when the victim shot the man who took her hostage.

Around 3:40 p.m. Friday, Borger police responded to a “disturbance” in the 1200 block of Indiana Street.

Before they arrived, the 911 caller said the suspect and victim had left the scene and that the female was possibly being held against her will.

Officers spotted a vehicle matching the description of the one the suspect was driving when they left the scene.

Police tried to make a traffic stop, but the driver took off towards Fritch.

The chase ended near the Hutchison-Potter County line.

According to Chief Donnie Davis, “the male driver had been shot by a firearm that was inside the vehicle.”

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ABC 7 Amarillo

Two tales of unrequited love care of our very own Gun Bunny.

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When she says no, don’t go.
Now you’re dead with with neat little hole.


Had my fair share of exes…and that’s what they were…exes. Never went or even looked back. Way yonder too many fishy tacos out there. Dumbass mofos.

Irritating people is one of my Super Powers.

From BOOMITY, BOOMITY, BOOMITY to plinky plinky plinky. Marvin is not impressed.

Travel day for the Gun Bunny. Y’all play nice, you heah me!

ps…for the Haters of all things Southern and SEC….ROLL TIDE ROLL and HOW ‘BOUT THEM DAWGS!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

As King of WoT Firsts this week, as befits my privileges (HA!), duties, and responsibilities, I will endeavor to keep The TAH VG DillWeeds and -Weedettes in line…..but it’s like herding cats.
YOU, Mr Gun Bunny, take care in your travels, and come back to us safe (I won’t add “and sound”, I doubt you were ever that).

Tanks!, My Liege! Sound? Of all the things I’ve lost I miss my mind most of all. Good sounds coming from the CD player and my driver while I play on my phone 📱. Could’ve left Mssrs Kimber and Colt at home cause there is plenty of police protection on the Big Road today. Good news from Baby Daughter is 3 of her Soccer moms heard I was coming down and have invited themselves for Thanksgiving dinner and the attentions they will get from The Gun Bunny. The real Southern Cornbread Dressing and Chicken Dumplings dishes I make is just an added bonus for them and has nothing to do with them being there.



Prior Service

“A police chase ended when the victim shot the man who took her hostage.” So many good feelings here. Saves the police fuel, saves the court fees (hopefully DRT), saves ammo. Thanks!