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| November 19, 2023

Browning Buck Mark

Man shot during dispute at car wash in Crescentville
At one point during the fight, police say the man got into his vehicle and hit a Speedy Lube employee.

Briana Smith
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Philadelphia police are investigating after an apparent dispute led to gunfire at a car wash on Thursday afternoon.

It happened just before 2 p.m. at the Speedy Lube on Roosevelt Boulevard in the city’s Crescentville neighborhood.

Police said there was an argument between a 56-year-old man and employees that turned into a fistfight outside of the business.

Soon after the physical altercation, authorities said the man sped away in his vehicle and struck an employee.

Two employees, who have licenses to carry, pulled out their firearms and shot at the vehicle, hitting the man in the arm.

“It’s quiet and peaceful,” said Stella who is from Northeast Philadelphia.

No Score

Offsetting penalties in quiet and peaceful Philly?


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jeff LPH 3 63-66

I dig the pic of the Chick in the above pic. That Browing looks a little like My High Standard Victor .22


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The Pirates Cove


The Buck Mark is something I need to consider buying. My 15-year-old started 4-H Club Shooting Sports last month. She started with rimfire pistols (Ruger Mk IV) but wants to get some private practice before she shoots skeet, since that’s far more visible and, well, she’s a Gen-Z teenager who doesn’t want to be seen not doing so well. Took her yesterday and the rimfire pistol coaches were no-shows, so she spent a couple of hours at the archery station. Grouping is outstanding, and once she found her hold, she was hitting the center consistently. Now, I wonder how much this is gonna cost. She’s got a Walther P22Q come Christmas, but I need to get her a competition .22 pistol. The Mark IV, Buck Mark, S&W 22 Victory, and Volquartson Scorpion all come to mind, though the last one is a bit pricier than the rest. I’ve also found a Cabela’s bow online that she hopefully likes. It seems to be made by Bear, and with my discount I can get it for $275. Arrows, a quiver, and case will jack that price up. If she decides to get into the skeet shooting, I’m looking at another $500+ for a decent over/under. We have the CZ guns which seem nice, but why not just splurge and get her a Beretta? It gives me an excuse to buy good guns with minimal pushback from the wife… As for the Buck Mark, if you happen to have a Bass Pro or Cabela’s around, check the used gun section for a deal. We had a Buck Mark Camper UFX ( that was new but got a little cosmetic damage due to being on display, which the store manager decided to sell as used. That sold recently, but we also have a new Kimber America | Micro 9 Bel Air that was sent in for repair due to a defect which we have to sell as used now. Not my cup of tea, but each of those were unfired after leaving the factory and are a decent enough ($50-100) discount over the other… Read more »


Field stripping is dead easy. Reassembly…

While I will say my Buckmark is as accurate as any .22 I have ever seen, for someone starting out a mkIV Ruger is about the most customizable .22 going.


Smith & Wesson Model 41 is a good competition .22 pistol.

Browning Citori XS for skeet, or XT for Trap. And the XS can be set up for both.


Speedy Lube was a washout for dumbass.

Don’t run from and threaten armed popo. You’ll just end up tired…dead tired.

From a plink plink plink to a series of earth shattering KA-BOOMS, designs of HMS JMB (HBHN) lead the pack.

My, my, my, Ms Auburn Haired Thang. Mercy sakes and goodness gracious! More proof that our Beloved AW1Ed…well…you know…


The linked Buckmark article is historically inaccurate – while the Woodsman was a JMB design, the Challenger series (whose economy gun was the Nomad, not the original series name) is different from the Woodsman and designed by JMB’s grandsons. The Woodsman was produced by Colt until ’77, the Challenger/Nomad/Medalist/Renaissance until 1985.