Boomer’s Sunday

| November 19, 2023

It’s just my better nature to post these. Folks are kind enough to send ’em and I hate to disappoint.

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Good stuff!




So many good ones today, it’s hard to pick favorites. Thanks for the smiles and the outright laughter so early in the morning.

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If you know, you know. I apparently do not.


Star Trek…


From Wrath of Khan:


The exit signs on a starship were a nice touch. Not sure where one would go.


Skimmed through these; I’ll scrutinize them better later, while the neighbors are at church.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World…
We’ve got blatantly antisemitic college kids who know it all and view what used to be called terroristic organizations as underdog heroes. We’ve got Congresspeople in full support of those same organizations. We’ve got the Lapdog Bitin’ himself, with the ankle-biter Grewsome, pandering to an effective dictator who is both our most serious foe and our most beneficial supporter. Don’t believe me on the latter? I type this using a “Made in China” keyboard, with a Ryobi fan running on a 4Ah battery, both made in that same country, keeping me cool. About the only things I can guarantee I own that aren’t Chinese produced are my Channellock pliers and every firearm expect the Stevens 320 I bought as a Christmas gift.

As I ramp up to what might be my last few days at my current employer (it’ll depend on how rude/impatient customers get waiting for their turn to get that Savage Axis II for $449.98 while someone else is completing a 4473 for their $2k+ online order), it’s easy to think that the US is becoming a failed empire. I mean, we were never a traditional empire, though we dominated what’s now the Continental US and established some overseas territories. But we have been a uniquely independent nation since our Founding Fathers’ time, and during the last century established ourselves as the preeminent World Power. Be kind to us and we’ll give unto you. Trifle with us and expect a generation or two of your people to be traumatized for life. Over the past few years, it seems to be more of a “take what you want, we apologize for not doing more sooner, REE Orange Man goin’ down!” mentality.


“every firearm [except] the Stevens 320″. I expect that Savage to not be the best choice for a home defense gun. Maybe I’ll gift my Winchester SXP Defender in Woodland Pattern to my daughter instead. It’s a good Turkey gun (well, made in Turkey, where I had a turkey sandwich in January 2004).

My Mossberg 590A1, Winchester 1200 and 1897 Riot guns, and most every other shotgun I own will remain here for the duration. Maybe a Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol and perhaps a Benelli M4 will introduce some Italian flair to the collection, though.

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“My Mossberg 590A1”

Put a bayonet on it and practice your moves.


I’ve got the M9 bayonet. Not too shabby when mounted on the 590A1. In the A/1-3 Arms Room I ran for a few years; we had Winchester Model 12 Riots and M1917 bayonets that fit them. That older riot gun with the 17″ blade was what I considered the perfect close quarters weapon.

Skivvy Stacker

I’ve got my cobra snake embellished walking cane, and my piss poor, cranky old fart attitude.


The Chicoms even started making copies of the guns we use in Cowboy Action Shooting. Norinco makes copies of your 1897 Winchester 12 gauge. And I have one of their 1876 Colt hammered coach gun copies and their copy of the Winchester Model 1887 lever action shotgun. Both have black walnut stocks and have much better fit an finish than one would expect.


Some what off-topic, but Yahoo! pushing progressive-sex-lifestyles-are-good stories again… “got married too young, divorced and now polyamorous– monogamy sucks”:

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Interesting. If a man lived that lifestyle, he’d be “afraid of commitment”, a “womanizer”, a “player”, and many other descriptive names, none of them positive.


Used to be called “being a ‘ho,” I understand.


P.S. But that’s “racist” now or something…
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The one about Thanksgiving dinner and politics.

My last family dinner was 24 years ago when I made the mistake
of talking about Viet of the Nam with my teenage nephew
in front of his liberal dad. Have not spent a dime on Christmas
presents since.

Slow Joe

I am going with the 109 years old vet.
Drinking, smoking and playing with guns. He might have a viagra in his pocket too.


And more in the Israel-Hamas war… Houthis/Yemen seize Israeli-operatrd ship with 25 crew now hostages:

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Israel should take the stance that anything or anybody approaching their interests will be dealt with quickly and decidedly. Let God sort them out.


Actually British and may’ve only stopped-over in Israel– but that’s close enough for Iran/Houthis.


“dinner will be ready as soon as the chef washes up.” Barry to Big Mike and the girls.


Alina Habba is a good looking lady.

RGR 4-78

The Centurian Segway.

PH 2 Sara would have got a kick out of that.
Then probably wrote a humorous story to go with it.

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My debt card’s pin is only in imaginary negative numbers too.