Chase leads to California law enforcement recovering stolen Humvee

| November 19, 2023

Anthony Stabile fired at an unoccupied vehicle, then drove away in a Humvee. This Humvee was stollen over the summer. When law enforcement caught up to him, Stabile did not pull over. It required spike strips to puncture the Humvee’s tires to end the chase. Stabile was arrested right after the chase ended.

From The Military Times:

“Stabile refused to pull over and started a pursuit,” the release said, leading law enforcement on a climactic chase that ended after they used spike strips to puncture the Humvee’s tires. Stabile, who was described as unhoused, was then arrested without incident, the release said.

The Humvee, which was reported missing from a Santa Rosa-based armory in July, was returned to the National Guard on Tuesday, Lt. Col. Brandon Hill, a spokesperson for the California Military Department, confirmed to Military Times. The Santa Rosa Armory is home to the California Army National Guard’s 579th Engineering Battalion, 49th Military Police Brigade, he noted.

Stabile was arraigned Thursday, according to Rob Dillion, a spokesperson for Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office. He added that an investigation is ongoing. It’s unclear at this time whether Stabile is the same individual who initially stole the Humvee of if he has a military service background.

The Military Times has additional information here.

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Old tanker

Where in hell did he hide a military hummer in North Cal for months? Seems like it would have kinda stuck out a bit.


I have it on good knowledge that one can simply drive up a mountain and lose the cops in that area. GTA V seems to be a very accurate depiction of California. Now, the one time I picked up my son’s Grand Theft Auto Online game while he took a bathroom break, I found that 7-year-old gamers are much more efficient than the cops and I couldn’t outsmart them by hiding on a mountaintop. Haven’t played any video game for a couple of years; think I need to invest in the latest and greatest Atari/Nintendo to play GTA VI when it’s released in the next 25 years.

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Hack Stone

It was camouflaged, that’s why no one saw it. 🥴


Hmmmm, guy doesn’t seem too stabile.

Hack Stone

Don’t Humvees have run flat tires?


Or “low tire pressure” sensors with the warning chime and red
tire symbol on the dash?


In the Regular Army, yes. In the California National Guard, they replace the mil-spec wheels with 28″ rims and low-profile tires.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone always wondered why in the film The General’s Daughter, why did the Humvee she was driving have a lug wrench, and just how “Army Strong” would you need to be in order to remove the lug nuts that were installed with an impact wrench on a Humvee. And since when are officers authorized to drive Humvees in their dress uniform?


I always wondered why they came with a Jack and lug wrench, but no spare. Army logic.


Had an SGM who yelled at his driver for losing the spare on his M998. RTFM, dude.

Hack Stone

He faces additional charges for not filling out the trip report.

A Proud Infidel®™

As well as not having a proper Dispatch with him in the vehicle, probably didn’t do proper PMCS on it either.


I doubt the commander signed the off-post dispatch.


Did he have Single Driver Occupancy on his license?


Did he even have a cargo strap??


No PT belt fer safety?


I am shocked it worked the entire time.


ARCOMs to the FSC!



Great Christmas bread.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I saw that error too.
But go easy on thebesig.
He may have posted it oh-dark-too-damn-early-not-enough-caffeine-yet.
Or it may have been a keyboard hiccup. Since both words (“stolen” vs “stollen”) are correctly spelled, auto-misspell check didn’t catch it.

A Proud Infidel®™

So, what will the PRoCA authorities do, give him a counseling and time served? After all, the perp might be a “Downtrodden Victim of Society” or some shit like that.

Prior Service

I had an idiot one time, couldn’t stop stealing and selling for drug money. We kept catching him but higher decided to court martial him. Now, I’m good with that because he needed court martialing. The problem was that he’d go steal again as charges were being finalized for the trial. Finally I gave up adding new charges (except where he also beat a child, that got added) so we could finalize the court martial. At that point he went and stole a HMMWV from someone else’s motorpool and rammed the big warehouse door open at CIF so he could steal something like 500 sets of MOLLE rifleman sets. Finally got sentenced just after I left the unit.


“…unclear at this time whether Stabile is the same individual who initially stole the Humvee of if he has a military service background.”

That’s because urinalism is a lost art and the writer didn’t do any basic research to answer those kinds of questions, and just said piss on it. Henry Grady…weeps.


I’m more impressed the Hummer was still running after all these months. They seemed to break down at least once every month or more.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Make them 4 on the floor to prevent theft from peeps who never heard of standard shift vehicles.


I’m all for manual transmissions in military VICs. Reason being, if an automatic loses fluid due to battle damage, it’s not going anywhere. You might destroy a manual transmission by doing so, but in theory you can force a Jeep or other manual into gear to get out of the ambush zone. Then too, you have the good old-fashioned push start in case of battery/charging/cranking failure. Find a nice slope or some strong men and you’ll get that engine to turn over.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

In my day, they called it “popping” the clutch.


Have them learn this.


Its very simple….five gears…until you go off road…then it is still five gears, just slower!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Lo-Lo 1st? Talk about Granny Low, you could walk faster (but not carry as much).

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Once in awhile when working at Brink’s, I drove 3 axle straight jobs with if I remember 15 gears you had to go using that pop up road ranger knob through or speed shift when you get the RPM’s up. Wish Gear Jammer Hondo was back on the site.


Yay, it’s back. I was the HHC 1SG at that Armory for over 3 years. Glad they took an FSC Vic instead of HHC’s. Sonoma County is pretty rural, and has lot’s of places to hide stuff.