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| November 15, 2023

“You talk the talk. Do you walk the walk?” – Animal Mother

‘F—k you, I don’t know’: Marine vet Adam Driver delivers lance corporal salute during Q&A

Actor Adam Driver is a former Marine lance corporal. Rah!


Adam Driver, a famous actor and a member of the lance corporal underground, gave the most Marine response possible when an audience member criticized his latest movie, Ferrari.

“F—k you, I don’t know,” the former mortarman responded, perfectly summing up the unofficial motto of lance corporals everywhere.

In the movie, Driver plays Enzo Ferrari, an Italian race car driver who founded the luxury sports car company that bears his name. In the movie, Ferrari must win a race to save his company from financial ruin.

The movie’s trailer features several racing scenes, including two in which cars literally fly off the racetrack and crash.

These racing scenes failed to impress one member of the audience when Driver attended a question-and-answer session about the movie at Poland’s Camerimage Film Festival, according to a video of the exchange, which has been posted on “X.”

“What do you think about crash scenes that may look pretty harsh, drastic, and I must say cheesy for me,” the unnamed audience member asked Driver. “What do you think?”

Task and Purpose

Some things are universal. This is a classic Airman reply as well, generally followed with the Airman Salute shrug.

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Dave Hardin

LCpl Underground Headquarters, Eastern Command


With alternate covert CPs located at the Brown Bagger and Tobie’s, respectively.


Lucky Lady.

USMC Steve

Oh heck yes, I remember that place, well sort of remember that place.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

I think on the West Coach it was “The Purple Church.”

So I’m told…


Triangle Inn Motor Lodge.


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Looks like Mr./Former LCpl Driver did a good job of driving his point home, crashing right into the smart ass that probably couldn’t drive a wheelbarrow.

Was watching at a documentary on Story TeeVee the other day on Ferrari and it showed the original film footage of the crashes. They didn’t look cheesy to me. They looked pretty harsh and dramatic. Any crash you can walk away from is a good crash, right?


I don’t know much about Driver, but I’m always glad to see anyone get out of the military, and become a success in their new career. Good for him.


I cannot say I’m a huge fan of his acting roles (admittedly, a lot of that opinion is biased by the MRE-fueled field shit that was the final Star Wars trilogy), but I know he’s made efforts to leverage his celebrity and career in support of his fellow vets.

It didn’t last too long, but the intent is clear: https://www.stripes.com/veterans/2023-01-09/arts-armed-forces-adam-driver-8706790.html


If interested, one can gain the opinion of the Lance Corporal of the Marine Corps.(LCMC)


Like the Marines, that is often NSFW.


My oft posted favorite Terminal Lance comic…
(Saved on my meme folder)


With the following response from the Lance:
Pregnant? It ain’t mine!



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“Adam Driver, a famous actor…”

Okay. If you say so.