Defense system considered for Guam to be leased to Israel

| October 23, 2023

The US has two Iron Dome missile defense systems that it purchased from Israel. These systems were being tested for use to defend Guam against Chinese missiles. These systems will instead be leased to Israel, so ownership will remain in US hands. The US also intends to replenish the interceptors for the Iron Dome as further aid to Israel.

From Reuters:

WASHINGTON, Oct 19 (Reuters) – The Pentagon plans to send the two Iron Dome missile defense systems it had previously purchased from Israel back to that country to defend itself against inbound missiles, a U.S. official and a congressional aide said.

The Department of Defense told members of Congress at a briefing on Wednesday it planned to lease the Iron Dome systems back to Israel, the U.S. official and the congressional aide told Reuters. In this type of a financial arrangement, the ownership remains with the buyer.

The transfer back to Israel could come within days, the congressional aide said.

The Pentagon had been considering and testing the systems as a way to defend the territory of Guam from Chinese missiles.

The White House on Monday said it expected to fulfill additional security requests from Israel as quickly as possible. Biden promised replenishment of interceptors used by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system as well as ammunition in addition to redoubling the U.S. military presence in the region.

Reuters has additional information.

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What a novel concept… at least we get to test it (live fire) before we put it in place!


Live fire testing is part of the DOD acquisition process.


If only we had a conflict or two where we can unwrap all these goodies and play with them 🤔

Slow Joe

How many interceptors did Israel use?
The IDF said Hamas shot over 4k rockets at them, but I haven’t seen the intercept numbers. They were saying the Iron Dome AI prioritized shooting down the rockets flying towards residential areas and let the ones flying towards open ground detonate on impact, so obviously they didn’t try to shoot down all the rockets Hamas shot on day one in the opening barrage.
I wonder if Israel has the big laser as well. The big laser works great against drones, but I am not sure if it works against rockets. At least I haven’t seen it used against rockets.


$50K per shot to shoot down a ten-inch waterpipe. Powered by a mix of common sugar and two other ingredients.
Sugar Rockets.


And the Hamas DIY video


The Israelis have also stated for the record that at least 20% of the rockets Hamas launches don’t make it out of Gaza…so out of 4k + launched that’s at least 800 that got sent right back to the good people of Gaza.


Some of them land right on the hospital. But who cares about that?


Red Dawn III

“I’m just waiting to get invaded by Six hundred million screaming Chinamen.”

“ Last I heard, there were a billion screaming Chinamen.”

“There were…* **woosh** *


With all the sh*t happening now, I wonder what worse thing the Chicoms have planned for us than attacking Taiwan because they ain’t doing it now.


I thought AEGIS was suppossed to protect Taiwan etc.
Sail the Daniel In no way to the middle east now that we’ve all
but given away Taiwan. That will deter China.


Didn’t we build this system for Israel? Or, are we just building munitions to their specs for it. It’s getting to the point where my scorecard has so many scratch outs and corrections I need a new one.

Forest Bondurant

The Iron Dome system is primarily built by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries, with some components funded by the U.S.


No surprise here. We were once a nation of many peoples, who came to assimilate and become Americans. Granted, there are proud Italian Americans, Irish Americans, African Americans, and the list goes on. Maintaining a cultural identity isn’t necessarily bad, and first-generation Americans might understandably band together and feel some loyalty to their original home. This Nejwa Ali character claims to be “American born, Palestinian @ heart”. How? Being born, educated, and employed in the US, what does she know of Palestine besides her work alongside their “diplomats” and maybe a few visits over there. That’s like me making some friends with Iraqi interpreters and civilians back in the day, liking their culture, and deciding that I’m “Iraqi @ heart”.

American citizens–especially those who are native-born–who feel loyal to any other country should feel free to renounce their US citizenship and seek that country’s. Those who have mixed feelings can always seek dual citizenship. This will sound extremely nativist, but you’re either American or you’re not.

Hiring such people for a government job, especially one in a position of trust, at any level should be illegal.

RGR 4-78

Iranian Spies Caught Working In US Government (

This sounds like it is in our best interests. (s)


The squad is Hamas bootlickers. We are getting the government we deserve.

Forest Bondurant

“The Jihad Squad”


Has the Department of Interior done the proper weight and balance calculations? Island capsizing is real. Conversely, the sudden unweighting due to firing could cause just as many problems.


I’m glad you went there because if you didn’t, I was going to shortly.
What is Guam’s BMI?
It may need to go on Fat Island program.


It had to be done. Glad you’ve got my back!


Hank J was unavailable for comment.

The ChiComs will not attack Guam. They have already bought and paid for our grubermint. They will use the sleepers already in place thru-out the US to take the Patriots behind those blades of grass that have…Prepared

Too bad we don’t use weapons paid for by the American Taxpayer to defend America.


I’ll just stick this right here…

comment image


Two Wars, Two!


Gen Z wussie opts of the the draft in our next big upcoming war… as-if (add your appropriate laugh or other snicker of derision here):