US forces shoot drones down in Iraq, as well as drones and missiles near Yemen

| October 20, 2023

Artist’s conception of hypersonic missile launching from USS Zumwalt. (Lockheed Martin)

Drones were launched near where the US military is operating in Iraq. The three drones were shot down by US forces. Two of the drones were headed to Al Asad air base, and one was shot down in the north. American and allied forces are still operating against ISIS.

From Politico:

In western Iraq, the American military engaged two drones, destroying one and damaging the second, resulting in “minor injuries” to forces in the coalition to defeat the Islamic State, which includes both U.S. and partner troops, according to the statement. In northern Iraq, U.S. forces “engaged and destroyed” a third drone, resulting in no injuries or damage.

The Wednesday incidents marked the first such attack on U.S. positions in Iraq in least nine months. The official declined to say who was responsible for the attack.

The failed attack comes as Biden arrived in Israel on Wednesday to show support after Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on the country this month, a conflict that has escalated into an all-out war.

Politico provides additional information here. Meanwhile, a US Navy warship intercepted two to three missiles near Yemen. The article later states “three” based on a Pentagon statement. Iranian-backed Houthi militants were said to have fired these missiles. Several drones had also been shot down in this vicinity.

From CNN:

“This action was a demonstration of the integrated air and missile defense architecture that we built in the Middle East and that we are prepared to utilize whenever necessary to protect our partners and our interest in this important region,” he said. “There were no casualties to US forces and none that we know of to any civilians on the ground.”

Ryder said the Pentagon cannot say for certain at this point what the missiles and drones were targeting, but said they were launched from Yemen and were heading north along the Red Sea, “potentially toward targets in Israel.”

The incident comes amid high concern about potential Iranian aggression as tensions in the Middle East continue to rise following the Hamas terror attack in Israel. Iran has long been a backer of Hamas.

CNN and AP provide additional information.

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Not those assholes again….


Yep, Iran’s cretins on the Arabian peninsula…
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Al-Asad…still waiting for my Thanksgiving dinner nearly 20 years later. My company spent Thanksgiving 2003 supporting 3rd ACR in Husaybah, patrolling on that day. A week later, when we moved to Al-Asad in preparation to go back to Tallafar, we were told a second Thanksgiving dinner would be provided at the DFAC for the battalion-minus element of 3/187 that was sent to replace the 82nd ABN unit as Light Infantry support. My squad walked over, saw 3rd ACR Soldiers wrapped around the building and went to the local eatery instead. Aloha Snackbar, that Iraqi pizza was an experience…

The Middle East has been a hotspot since the Ottoman Empire collapsed. Let’s hope we don’t get roped into another sustained war over there.

Last edited 4 months ago by fm2176

Good old Al-asad. I spent Thanksgiving 2011 there. After working the night shift, I and the rest if the command, had to go to the theater, with no AC, waiting on the Theater Commander, who was an hour late, just to hear bla bla bla. Not even an apology for making us wait in that sweat box. The Theater Commander? Lloyd Austin.


But him were’z a General… FOB Shank 2013, MG Abrams (3ID) comes to visit. BDE S3 supplemented the security detail, and I reminded my Soldiers that since they were on detail, they weren’t to salute. Most of the troops there were in a hangar waiting. MG Abrams flies in, then spends the next hour-plus touring the JOC. Meanwhile, we’re getting calls of BSB and BSTB troops falling out from the heat. He finally meanders his way over, and one of my Soldiers salutes him despite my directions. MG Abrams walks right by without returning the salute. Personally, I’d have held that salute until he came back out.

LTG Strock, outgoing Chief of Engineers in 2007. Long remarks, all about his ideal replacement. Essentially, he read his own bio, SF, Ranger, etc. Soldiers start falling out and he “recognizes” one of them by calling out the exact formation and rank. “Held in there as long as he could.” Ah, Summerall Field…

Bloviating Generals are gonna bloviate. They’s important, and we must respect that SECDEF and retired General Silley.


Respect their athoritie


I met General Reimer when he was the Army Chief of Staff. He and Sergeant Major of the Army Hall came to Fort Stewart. I didn’t recognize Hall at first, until he got close and I read his name tag. I talked with him for maybe 5 minutes, and General Reimer about half as long. They both were very down to earth. Reimer was the most normal general I can remember ever meeting. Most are just full of themselves.


Looks like we are running out of 155mm. Z-Man better get up there on Only Fans.

Bad news for Ukraine – USA in shocking turn around (


I heard FJB asked for 100B for aid. 60B for Ukraine, 14B for Israel and the remainder for assorted other projects. Ukraine, not our ally, gets more than an ally who really needs it.

Our border was addressed as well, but the news mentioned America last.

FJB and his puppet masters. HARD.


Just imagine Z Man dipping his fist into crisco before it disappears into his hairy mangina 🤢


When you send our troops into Harm’s Way, you should expect them to face incoming.

“Ryder said the Pentagon cannot say for certain at this point what the missiles and drones were targeting,” Color me skeptical on that, even decades ago we could pretty much pinpoint where incoming was from and therefor have a good idea of where it was going.

Now…that being said, counter battery fire can either be your best fren’ or your worst nightmare, depending on which end of it you are on. With as many assets we have over there one would think that the origin could have been pinpointed when launched and those rounds hitting facilities with Americans on them should have been immediately flattened with a time on target barrage. And when the gasping pearl clutchers started skreeeeeing about the war mongering Americans, the reply shoulda been…Hey…the FA…and they FO.

Maybe I’m missing something here.


I’m cool as long as it wasn’t in the Gulf of Tonkin.


Replied to myself which makes me a retard.

Goddamn, I’m glad I’m out.