Milley clowns himself once more as he leaves office

| October 7, 2023


Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Mark Milley left office this week and went into retirement. I assume he’ll soon be working for a major defense contractor, though he might go into academia so he can fully understand “white rage”, but I digress. On his way out, the General gave one of his many interviews to the news media. He made a fool of himself, to the surprise of nobody familiar with his tenure as CJCS.

Milley has led a highly politicized DoD. He’s so politicized himself, that during the waning days of the Trump Administration, he allegedly had the other senior officers of the military swear an allegiance to him. At about the same time, Milley also spoke to his counterpart at the head of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and advised the man that should we attack China, Milley would give him a heads up.

Naturally, Milley again engaged in partisan politics, immediately after noting that it is inappropriate for him to do so. CBS News Has the quotes. When asked about Biden’s age (and Trump’s age) as it relates to the coming presidential election, he said,

“I didn’t comment on the former president’s mental health, physical health and I’m not going to comment on the current president’s mental health or physical health. I think that’s highly inappropriate for the senior officer of the United States military to do that,” Milley said.

He then immediately goes on to comment on the president’s mental and physical health.

Milley, in his role as the nation’s highest ranking military officer, regularly met with Mr. Biden. He said the president was “fine” each time.

“How people interpret that is up to them, but I engage with him frequently and alert, sound, does his homework, reads the papers, reads all the read-ahead material. And he’s very, very engaging in issues of very serious matters of war and peace and life and death,” Milley said. “So if the American people are worried about an individual who is, you know, someone who’s making decisions of war and peace and has access to, you know, makes the decisions of nuclear weapons and that sort of thing, I think they can rest easy.”

There are very few people in the country that would describe Biden as “alert” or that he’s “very engaging.” It’s obvious to even his supporters that what limited cognitive faculties Biden began his life with, he’s lost almost all of them. Just last week, his staff had to cut in and end a press conference when the old man began one of his many mumbling, ramblingly incoherent tangents.

As an example of someone who dealt with Biden only once, an ESPN reporter (the very definition of a softball interview for a sitting president) has some comments on Biden’s mental wherewithal. From Breitbart;

Former ESPN anchor Sage Steele recently shared the “sad” details of her 2021 interview with Joe Biden. An interview in which, according to Steele, Biden lost his train of thought and “struggled” to maintain focus.

In an appearance on Bill Maher’s Club Random podcast, Steele said the president “couldn’t finish his sentences” and frequently “trailed off.”

“The human aspect of what we’re witnessing right now, to me, is heartbreaking,” Steele explained.

Steele also said that Biden couldn’t remember her name.

“And so he started to tell football stories of his greatness,” Steele said. “He goes, ‘I have the best hands.’ What do you say to that?”

Steele continued, “And here’s the saddest thing. His voice just trailed off. He said, ‘I was good,’ and then he went silent, and he goes …‘Uh, never mind.’”

Biden’s condition clearly hasn’t improved since Steele’s interview with him two years ago. Earlier this month, White House staffers had to cut the president’s mic after he began rambling incoherently in response to a question.

Sage Steele left ESPN in August after settling a free speech lawsuit against the network.

General Milley, I think I speak for a lot of Americans when I say, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” I’m sure the Chinese are sad to see you go. It’s not often you get the highest ranking officer in your chief opponent’s military to be willing to warn you of a coming surprise attack. That’d be like Admiral Yamamoto calling Admiral King to tell him to watch the horizon at Oahu on Sunday mornings in December.

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AW1 Rod

AMF. Good riddance.


Send him a retirement card.

In Mandarin.


And maybe a large bag of gummi dicks.


And a rainbow buttplug

Battery clerk

He’s already got a whole bunch of them. With job offers.

Last edited 4 months ago by Battery clerk

With “remove to arm” tags?


Biden is fully alert and engaging in serious matters. Glad we cleared all that up.

Current statements attest to that:
“Putin is losing the war in Iraq.”

“I don’t think it is a crisis relating to a conflict between China and the United States. As a matter of fact I think it is less likely to cause that kind of conflict. I don’t uh… anyway…. I just think that there are other things on leaders minds…. and they respond to what’s needed at the time… and look… nobody…. likes… having…. celebrated… international meetings…. if you don’t know what you want… at the meeting; if you don’t have a game plan, he may have a game plan; he just hasn’t shared it with me; but tell you what, I don’t know about you I’m going to bed.”

He is clearly on it like cheese on crackers.


Dude’s cheese done slipped off his cracker.

Skivvy Stacker

And his cracker has actually melted.


I have come to appreciate the salty wisdom of President Truman over the years. This quote in connection with the firing of MacArthur has an observation about generals which contains an estimate that is likely low by today’s standards:


A doddering, senile, pedophylic fool, and a political hack toady (that is being replaced with another political hack toady) “leading” this nation. Yeah they’re leading us all right…to the eve of destruction.

Rub your two (2) brain cells together and realize that no one is coming to save us, it will be up to the individual patriots to defend their blade of grass and…Prepare.


Dude, they’re not going to reward you. Just enjoy your retirement.


“Ret. Gen. Milley Stretching before PT…”

Last edited 4 months ago by ChipNASA
Slow Joe

That looks like a sex toy…


Bureaucrat-sized anal beads


“Milley has led a highly politicized DoD. He’s so politicized himself, that during the waning days of the Trump Administration, he allegedly had the other senior officers of the military swear an allegiance to him. At about the same time, Milley also spoke to his counterpart at the head of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and advised the man that should we attack China, Milley would give him a heads up.”..

All of which would generally be recognized as treason… except that he was “protecting” us from the bad orange man, so it’s all good, and the Constitution is irrelevant… so say the moronic lefties like the resident seagull

Slow Joe

Once you make flag, you are above the law.
The only reason you might have to eat a bag of dicks in prison is if you fuck with the alphabet people or the pussy hats.
Other than that, you are good.


Only in Hollywood does a serving general/admiral get sentenced to the big house. Y’know like the movie ‘The Last Castle’.

Slow Joe

To be fair, GEN Miley Cyrus led a military that was scrubbed of all America-loving senior officers during the 0bama administration, so what can we really expect?
Elections have consequences.
The American people elected Barack Hussein 0bama, and the military is constitutionally under civilian control.

So I blame it on you.


The most I can say about Milley’s retirement is “good, we can move on to commenting on his successor’s performance and/or lack thereof”. I’ll give praise where praise is due, but Milley epitomized the political senior officer who–at one time–seemed to be an empathetic and effective leader. Let’s face it, very few officers make it past Colonel without a very strong resume including successful previous commands and staff positions. That’s just part of it, though, as the rest of the resume includes what schools you attended, exactly which commands you held (an Infantry officer who commanded a battalion at Fort Bliss before taking over a Training Brigade at Fort Jackson is probably far less likely to see stars than his peer who commanded a Ranger Battalion before taking over as commander of a brigade in the 101st).

Let’s face it, though, as officers progress in rank they evolve into caricatures of their former selves. Most 2LTs are inexperienced but have good intentions and are full of optimism. The same holds true for most company-grade officers, though by the time they become post-command CPTs you can already see the bad qualities of some. Most are weeded out as LTCs and COLs. The ones who can “fake the funk” through Division command are the ones to watch out for. Many are still good leaders, but there are some, like Milley, who just continue upward and decide their continued “service” is more important than doing the right thing.

I have a feeling this won’t be the last time Milley’s name graces these pages, though. There will likely be even more press about his four decades of service, his troubled time as CJCS, and how he always placed the needs of the troops and Americans in general over the priorities of his civilian leadership. There’ll be the interviews, guest slots on CNN, and eventually a book: “Green Beret to Chairman: How I Survived Trump and Built Back Better”.