Dismal Return Rate for Troops Discharged Over Vax Mandate

| October 6, 2023

Report: Only 43 Out of 8K Troops Discharged over Biden’s Military Vaccine Mandate Have Sought to Rejoin


Only 43 out of more than 8,000 service members who were discharged from the military over the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate have sought to rejoin, according to a recent report by CNN.
According to the report, 19 have rejoined the Army, 12 have rejoined the Marine Corps, one has rejoined the Air Force, and two have rejoined the Navy.

The report suggested that the low numbers prove that Republicans who say the mandate hurt recruiting and retention were wrong.

However, some troops who fought the mandate while they were in the military told Breitbart News that they disagree.

Retired Air Force Master Sergeant Nick Kupper, who recently retired after successfully fighting his discharge, told Breitbart News that troops are not seeking to rejoin because they feel betrayed.


Service members who were forced out of the military because they refused the jab with a pending waiver were eventually afforded a path for rejoining. The process was what a discharged member goes through returning after a break in service, assuming the applicant met current qualification standards. Don’t start.

Oddly, former service members who were humiliated and betrayed are not interested in starting fresh with a return to boot as an E-2. Or anything else.

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Skivvy Stacker

You stick your finger up my ass, and then expect me to come back for more?

Not a fuckin’ chance, bitch.



Green Thumb


Prior Service

I’m surprised it’s that many…

Prior Service

Exactly. I would’ve predicted .0000%


Some may have found it as an opportunity to escape whatever.
Others may have gone along with it to save a career.
In any case, we lost a lot of good people that ain’t coming back.


I don’t think kicking them out was a good idea. Asking them to come back was even a worse idea. It’s kind of like a number of conversations I had with my 2LT’s from time time; “So, what did you think was going to happen.”


We dedicated ourselves to putting our respective service above all else, missing family events like birthdays and funerals, sacrificing sleep and quality-of-life, and obeying lawful orders, even if we didn’t agree with them.

The vaccine mandate was a step beyond what most of us signed up for. There were Soldiers like me who went along with the vaccine before the mandate…I served under a 2-Star in DC and was nearing the end of my service. I wasn’t going to die on this particular hill, but were I in FORSCOM, and/or a bit more junior in my career, I’d have likely fought getting the jab as well. We knew about things like smallpox and even anthrax when we signed up, and those who refused such immunizations were “dealt with” accordingly. COVID came out of left field, being politicized almost from the start, with the experimental vaccine being even more politicized. Trump’s vaccine was not to be trusted, but the second Biden got in office “his” vaccine was the holy grail of public health–never mind the necessity for a second jab, then additional boosters.

The military betrayed the trust of those who enlisted or commissioned and were willing to give their lives in service to this nation, if necessary, but who were unwilling to become guinea pigs for a questionable vaccine that was being mandated by the very regime that ridiculed it hardly a year earlier.

The grass is truly greener when you’re out, and what the military offers–steady pay and benefits–is great for those who buy into the system and who get out on their own terms. There were likely many among those 8k who were discharged and wondering how they’d support themselves and their families, but by now they’ve likely figured out that they’re better off without risking another Big Green Weenie.


And all the people said amen.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande



fm – with your permission, I’m going to copy this.

and I join the chorus, AMEN


Feel free to do so.


Gropey Joe and his ho were ridiculing the fake vaccine right through Election Day, 2020. Both said they wouldn’t trust or take any shot developed while the evil Orange Man was in office.


But they sure as hell pulled a bootleg turn once they took office.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

And they don’t understand why less than a hundred wanted back in or why the recruiting numbers are down still….

I knew I was taking a pay cut to join even back in the 70s…at 19 I was already making $5/hr and went back to making $400/month to serve…because I believed my government would honor their end of the bargain if I honored my end…and I believe they did for the most part…

But today I can’t recommend anyone join the military, because the military/government truly can’t be trusted at all to do the right thing under most circumstances. That is a sad reality. When the senior ranks are more concerned with serving themselves than the troops under their command you don’t have an organization that can be trusted to act honorably when it matters.


Yessir. I’m 3 generation service and 2nd generation retiree in my family. The family legacy in uniformed services STOP with me. I have 3 kids and could not in good conscience recommend ANY of my kids join: the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze anymore. Everyone generation says “this isn’t the branch I joined anymore”, but it’s legit true these days. I retired 6 years ago and still live in a military town and it’s just DIFFERENT. The US Government does not CARE about the men and women who raise the right hand and swear the oath anymore. They’d rather push money hand over fist to illegal invaders and countries that don’t give 2 shits about us.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The report suggested that the low numbers prove that Republicans who say the mandate hurt recruiting and retention were wrong.”

Wait?…..WHAT?! From my POV, that’s backwards. Between the not-a-Vaxx, the clot shot mandate, the SJW indoctrination, mandatory pronoun usage, (etc), I’d say that recruiting & retention have been HURT, and BAD. Only 48 return out of 8K given the boot? What’s that….0.6% return. I’d say that the RepublitTards were right….this time. (that’s one in a row)

As discussed elsewhere, recruiting has been a major challenge in the last few years. Anything that contributed to that challenge is a problem.


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Green Thumb

Funny how this worked out.


For Sale…pure unvaxxed blood plasma…$50K per pint…FIRM

No low ballers…I know what I’ve got. Call 1-976-NON-VAXD*

*calls may be monitored for quality assurance and training purposes

The Master Plan to turn We, The People from citizens to subjects has not abated…Prepare


The vaccine mandate in August of 2021 and threats of discharge after 19 years of service was the last straw of stupidity out of SECDEF and his crony leadership for me.

Dropped my retirement papers right afterwards. Not surprised at all on any of this.


We’re part of the group of lucky ones, who joined after 9/11 and spent the better part of our careers dealing with real world issues as opposed to made up BS. We went overseas and “got ours”, or stayed stateside and performed mission-essential tasks supporting those who deployed,

I knew my career was essentially over when I gave up my platoon and move to the JFHQ, but I could have lingered on for another three years and might even have made MSG based on my assignments and qualifications. I got my first jab in February 2021 and the second a month later, so I had no real dog in the fight, but the mandate still made me realize I was part of something I no longer wanted to be involved with. The Afghanistan withdrawal was the final straw for me…I knew that whatever pride I still took in putting on my IHWCU and boots meant little compared to my previous days of donning BDUs, DCUs, and even ACUs.

I dropped my papers in late-September 2021, had them denied due to a regulation change that required two years on station (I’d done a local PCS), then submitted a waiver and got approved. Missed my goal of coming in under 21 years by a couple of weeks, but the end result was the same. Now, I just want orders for that final Good Conduct Medal (kidding).


And, of course, the “made up BS” line above isn’t a jab at Cold War vets or anyone else who served. Rather a jab at the current leadership that “wants to understand White Rage” and who deem a vaccine more important than an orderly withdrawal from a two-decade-long war.


Today is the 36th anniversary of my enlistment into the Army. Had all the Cold War fun, the Desert Storm party, and all the post 911 festivities, plus various and sundry adventures mixed in. I retired in 2012, as the woke bullshit was ramping up. I kiss my DD-214 daily, sometimes more than once.


The Afghan withdrawal and the SECDEF mandate email with 24 hours of FDA approval was just one bomb right after another that month.

I spent quite some time dealing with those monsters at a TIF in Parwan. The thought of those evil devils running it now brings new meaning to the term “inmates running the asylum.”

But in all seriousness. Fuck Loyd Austin. Fuck him and all his little bastard cronies in the Pentagon.

A Proud Infidel®™

Maybe they were thinking “You stuffed it up my ass once, what makes-ya think I’ll come back in and spread my ass cheeks once again for you?”


Only 43 out of more than 8,000 service members who were discharged from the military over the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate have sought to rejoin, according to a recent report by CNN.
According to the report, 19 have rejoined the Army, 12 have rejoined the Marine Corps, one has rejoined the Air Force, and two have rejoined the Navy.

Who does the damn math there? 19+12+1+2=34, not 43.


Bet all 19 are Rangers…But what about Space Force and the Coast Guard? (24) Fuck special forces Join the Rangers! – YouTube

Just An Old Dog

I’m thinking not a few of them were troops who were just looking for a way to get out of their contract. I’d like to see the stats on how many were first termers with under 24-30 months in who were E-3 and below.