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| September 29, 2023

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Have to tip my hat to Gavin Newsom – he’s in a dead heat with Joe Biden for giving us more material to work with than anyone else. Domestically, the NORK’s Fatty da Kim walks away with the international honors, I think.

But in his newest – he signed off on legislation which will mandate an excise tax of 11% on all gun and ammunition sales on manufacturers, distributors, and dealers, with the funds generated to go toward ‘violence prevention programs’.  Essentially it doubles the already existing Pittman-Robinson federal tax, which at least helps pay for conservation efforts. No word whether this will be collected at each level (which would amount to almost a 35% price hike) or if it only gets collected once.

“Enough is enough,” Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel, D-Woodland Hills, who authored the legislation. “It’s time to prioritize the safety of our kids over the gun industry profits.”

I am sure taxing the dealers will  affect the folks actually committing the crimes, right?

Newsom also mandated that all semi-automatic firearms have technology to stamp every cartridge case with an identifier mark allowing fired cases to be tracked back to individual guns.

? Senate Bill 452, authored by Sen. Catherine Blakespear, D-Encinitas. It would require that, starting July 1, 2028, all semiautomatic pistols sold in California use microstamping technology to etch unique identifiers on expended cartridges. This would help law enforcement trace bullets back to a specific gun and owner.

I guess the fact that this technology does no currently exist is no bar to legislating it. Reminds me of when New Jersey mandated that all new guns would be required to be ‘personalized’ so only the owners could fire them – that was years ago and no 100% reliable system has been developed in the years since. (Some proposed designs would work only 30% of the time – just what you want to trust your life to.)

Oh, and he is mandating the infamous credit-card-category scheme, in which any gun store purchases you make get flagged by the credit card companies in a special category – whether you buy a gun, or a tent, or a mummy bag – doesn’t matter, if from a gun store, Big Brother gets to flag it. Any money on how soon they try to criminalize cash-only gun transactions?   Sacramento Bee


On a lighter different note, San Francisco is adding to its reputation of being the West’s premier clean, law-abiding tourist mecca – set to break their own record of overdose deaths.

There were 563 overdose fatalities in the Golden City between Jan. 1 and Aug. 31, according to a recent report from the San Francisco chief medical examiner. This puts the city on track to hit 845 overdose fatalities in 2023, the San Francisco Chronicle reported, far surpassing the record 725 in 2020.

“There’s so much fentanyl that it’s contaminated other drugs sold on the street like meth and crack cocaine. It’s in everything,” Tom Wolf, a former drug user and current recovery advocate, told Fox News.

The article reports that in 2017 there were ‘only’ 222 overdose deaths, 36 of which were due to fentanyl.   Fox News Obviously the Chesa-Boudin style of Soros-style DA’ing has made its mark.


Last but certainly not least – anyone out here like cars? Maybe even older, classic cars? Hope you don’t live in California…

The state of California is looking seriously at instituting or allowing local governments to institute zero-emission zones in the near future. In preparation for such a move, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) reportedly is gathering information about classic cars and how their owners use them.

Of course, the justification for full-on banning older cars from certain areas or making the owners pay a daily fee to drive there is climate change. After seeing the amount of emissions produced by private jets, cruise ships, EV mining/production, Space X rockets, and many other things that are widely celebrated, defended, and/or enjoyed one can’t help but feel cynical about these mounting restrictions.

So if you drive an internal-combustion car in one of these zones you get fined, ticketed, who knows.  But at least Kerry still flies out on his wife’s jet to do good instead, right?

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You will be humiliated and ground down, so you understand that your betters -rule- you


Pro tip: If the idea comes from California it bad for individual freedoms, and it put more power and money in the government’s pocket


Look no further than California as the first state to assume Venezuela status.


Force everybody into EVs and digital transactions that can be tracked and cut off by remote control for power… er, saving the planet… comrade!
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It seems whatever ideas come from California are soon adopted by other states.


Yeah, governor polesmoker here in Colorado does all he can to copy gov hairgel..


You left out that California banned concealed carry practically everywhere. All public buildings, parks, roads and highways, bus stations, train stations, all businesses that don’t opt in with a sign, it’s a defacto ban.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Let’s not forget that what they’re doing in the PRoC is just what they want to inflict upon everyone else in the USA! So just what exemptions are the legislators going to put into place for themselves and rich elites?


Also from California, the mayor of San Francisco will likely be thrown out of office. Earlier this week she announced that she would require all welfare recipients to take a drug test as a condition for aid. This racist and discriminatory policy has raised the ire of the city council and the homeless population, none of whom use drugs but find the test a barrier to the teat.


How much more blatant evidence do we need to prove that the despotic enemies of freedom fully intend to make us subjects instead of citizens? The 2A was not put into writing to give us the ability to hunt…it was put in to give us the ability to protect us from a despotic government.



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54 years of slurping at the public trough and she will still be voting for demonrats. Rest in Pieces.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Now she’ll answer for what she did.


Devil finally called her home..


Beat me to it. Didn’t see your post. Yeah, the US Senate is the world’s greatest nursing home.


Buh bye.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I wonder who she left her .38 wheel gun to that she used to carry.


The problem with sequels is that they are never as good as the original. While Weekend at Bernie’s III had its moments, it went on for far too long.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Someone could make a small fortune with the beer concession at her grave site.


Probably the only spot on earth where kudzu wouldn’t grow.




Speaking of Cally, and San Francisco in particular. Diane Feinstein has died. She was 90. She was the oldest serving US senator. Before becoming senator, she had a long career in San Francisco politics including mayor from 1978 to 1988.




California Dreaming


It’s San Francisco, you don’t need a bathroom You can go literally anywhere. Bedroom is optional too. You can sleep literally anywhere.


England already has various types of emission zones. These are special tax areas on the privilege of driving personal vehicles.


Makes one wonder what will be the event where people rise up and say enough, no more of your BS.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

They already are. London has installed (license plate reading?) cameras around the LEZs.
“The People” are taking them down and disabling them as fast as the London “authoritahs” are putting them up.

Prior Service

I’d take my no-catalytic, V8 9 mpg (on a good day), rich-burning, carb-needs-tuning, near-raw-fuel-spewing corvette on a thumb-my-nose-at-Newsom tour of CA but I can’t afford the gas. Go Fund Me????


Sure. My check is in the mail…


You need an upgrade my friend. My 23 C8 gets up to 24 miles a gallon. Even when I drive fast it gets 18.

Hack Stone

The State of Maryland already tried a ballistics registration program. It was just as successful as you would expect.


And yet more proof of insanity. The chief of police wants to bring back San Francisco special patrols. The city sued these out of existence back in 2017.

They were a quasi-Private police force they kept the homeless people out of the business areas and prevented robberies. They were about 600 of them. Now there are none. Meanwhile, crime is exploded all over the city.

Herbert J Messkit

They want all of us peons off the highway, so their SUV convoys can go down the middle of the interstate at 100 mph