“Can I get fries with that?” – “I got your fries right here.”

| September 27, 2023

An employee at Jack-In-The-Box opened fire on a customer after a dispute over curly fries, or lack thereof, with the order.

There is no audio with the video, but it appears that the customer was upset and threw food and drink at the pickup window, which in turn appeared to prompt the employee, identified as Alloniea Ford, to clear leather with her modern day smoke wagon and cap off a few. It does not appear that the customer had a firearm, but was armed with a soda. He had no hesitation going to the soda in response to packets of ketchup thrown at him.

This was certainly ugly, but things got uglier.

Video shows moment Jack-in-the-Box employee opened fire on drive-thru customer, family
Argument between customer, employee escalated over curly fries missing from order
By Greg Wehner | Sept 26, 2023

A Jack-in-the-Box employee in Texas opened fire on a drive-thru customer in March 2021, and now, video has been released showing the moment the incident escalated.

FOX 26 Houston reported that the incident happened at a Jack-in-the-Box near George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston on March 3, 2021.

That night, Florida resident Anthony Ramos picked up his pregnant wife and 6-year-old daughter from the airport.

The family ordered food from the drive-thru and were met at the window by restaurant worker Alloniea Ford.

When Ramos received his food, he asked for the missing curly fries, which were denied by Ford.

The two became involved in a verbal argument, which was captured during the nearly 23-minute surveillance footage obtained by the news station.

Ford left the video frame briefly and came back, arguing even more.

After about nine minutes, tensions escalated further when Ford left the window, took a firearm from her pocket and put it back.

One of Ford’s co-workers attempted to calm the situation, but Ford returns and argued with Ramos even more.

She then started throwing packets of ketchup at Ramos’s truck, and he retaliated by throwing some of the items he received back at her.

That’s when the other employee closed and locked the drive-thru window, until Ford unlocked and reopened it.

Ford grabbed the gun from her pocket, pointed it at Ramos and fired off multiple shots as he sped away.

None of the bullets struck the occupants of the vehicle or the vehicle itself.

Should I even say it?  OK, I will – Jack-In-The-Box did not immediately respond when we reached out to them for comment. (Just kidding, we didn’t reach out, but I’m sure somebody will.)

Alloniea may not have long term prospects at Jack-In-The-Box. If she submits her resume to other fast food establishments, she may include the line “Replies promptly to customer’s requests.”

There are lots of ways to play this.

  • Waffle House Wendy appeared to be jealous.
  • An unsubstantiated rumor says that corporate is considering a name change to “Jacked-In-The-Box.”
  • “No fries? How about some pepper?”
  • “I wanted curly fries? These fries are straight.”

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Houston, quite the sh*thole.


Alloniea Ford’s Mugshot…

“Ford was convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Recent documents reveal that her probation concluded in June 2023.”

The original Fox 26 Houston news broadcast that came out a year ago (2 minutes).




Ford-Theriot was initially charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of deadly conduct, a misdemeanor.


“I’m not an angry person. (I’m) not a mad monster out here. I’m just a woman trying to work for my family,” Alonniea Ford-Theriot told ABC13.

Can’t you see she is the real victim here. Serving up fries and dies.


Alloniea Ford’s backside…😉😎

And of course, a pending lawsuit…🤭

“Ramos’ family has filed a lawsuit against Jack in the Box and their legal counsel will hold a press conference to discuss the case.”

Check out what Ramos’ Lawyer said. His statement is a HOOT….😆😅🤣😂

“Jack-In-The-Box needs to do background check on employees so as not to expose their customers to someone who would attempt to kill them,” said the family’s lawyer Randall L. Kallinen, “These rage cases are getting out of hand in Houston.”


I see where the curly fries landed 😏


They don’t play at Jack in the Box.


And this is why so many corporate entities have a policy against employees carrying weapons even if they are properly permitted.

Because when some idiot loses their shit and pops shots off at a customer, the customer sues the company.

And most likely it will be settled for some ridiculous amount because it’s cheaper for the company to settle than it is for them to pay armies of lawyers to defend them and the face the likelihood of a jury of brain dead peers finding them liable “just because”.

If employee disarmament wasn’t Jack-in-the Box’s policy before, it certainly will be after this.

So this idiot just created another victim disarmament zone because she couldn’t control her temper.

BTW: Since she plead to a misdemeanor I guess that means she’s still OK to wander around Houston with a gat in her pocket right? Anyone else think that’s probably not the best idea in the world?


If she had a prior conviction for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, then I doubt she was permitted during this incident.

This is why I’ll carry. Any laws to the contrary are pointless.

Other animals kill off members of the litter who threaten the gene pool as soon as it becomes apparent. Humans aren’t more evolved, we’re just smart enough to be stupid.


Wow, I didn’t catch that. So she should have also been charged with felon in possession in this case which would have been a felony in it’s own right.

Which explains why they allowed her to plea down to a misdemeanor: She was a poor misunderstood victim of a society that forced her into a lifetime of criminal activity. Can’t hold her responsible for her actions, now can we? Besides, it was obviously the gun’s fault.


She’s just trying to feed her family.


Ramos’ Lawyer, Randall Lee Kallinen:


His Public Disciplinary History for the State Bar of Texas includes receiving a Publuc Reprimand on 18 June 2003.

This interesting article about him came out in May 2020:

“Civil Rights Lawyer Turned Houston Gallery Owner Takes on Coronavirus With an Art Show That Will Go On No Matter What”


“Kallinen is one of Texas’ most respected civil rights attorneys — a legal eagle unafraid to take on city and county governments, and win substantial verdicts for his clients. His résume boasts impressive credentials: past president of the American Civil Liberties Union-Houston Chapter, and director of Civil Nation Project, a civil rights organization dedicated to stopping police and prison abuses throughout the United States.”

“As a dealer and artist (specializing in ab-ex paintings and Pop art-type sculpture), the Midwest-born protagonist is given to threads during openings you normally wouldn’t see in a courtroom, including paint-spattered suits, wild hair colors and outlandish headgear (down to donning a hat shaped like a sweet roll).”


Ramos’ Lawyer, Randall Lee Kallinen, represented Kay Staley in this very interesting 2004 case involving a display of an open King James Bible in a display case located atop a stone monument near the Harris County Civil Courthouse in Houston, Texas:


“Staley alleges that the display of the Bible on County property violates the Establishment 1031 Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The County denies that there is any First Amendment violation because the display of which the Bible is a part has a secular purpose, does not advance religion, and does not foster excessive government entanglement with religion.”

“Kay Staley is a resident and taxpayer of Harris County. She is also an attorney who passes by the monument going to and from the Courthouse in the course of her profession. She testified that she is offended by the Bible display in the Mosher memorial because it advances Christianity and it sends a message to her and to non-Christians that they are not full members of the Houston political community.”

“In accordance with the court’s Memorandum Opinion, the court ORDERS, ADJUDGES, and DECREES that

(1) Harris County remove the Bible from the Mosher monument within ten days from the entry of this Final Judgment; and that

(2) Harris County pay to plaintiff, Kay Staley, the sum of $40,586.00 in attorney’s fees and expenses within ten days from the entry of this Final Judgment.


Kay Staley passed away in 2016:


In 2008, she was honored by the Freedom From Religion Foundation with the Freethinker of the Year Award:



Houston, we have a problem.


Better angle. She pulled it out and racked a round.


At least she’s wearing a mask for everyone’s safety!

Green Thumb



Doesn’t carry with one in the chamber? Not gonna make it.


It’s amazing how many people carry Condition 3 (or worse, some engage the safety with an empty chamber). I don’t even attempt to dissuade customers who start talking about how they don’t carry with a chambered round for “safety reasons”. Maybe the concept hearkens back to the early days of single-action revolvers, where a “six-shooter” was effectively a “five-shooter” for many due to not being drop safe. Or perhaps early single-action semi-autos that also lacked the drop safeties of almost all modern handguns.

The only time I even engage the safety on carry guns I’m familiar with is to either de-cock, re-holster, or if I’m for some reason carrying my M1911A1.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

When I started to work for US Trucking back in 1970, the company was using Colt Police Positive .38’s and S&W Mod. 10 pencil barrel .38’s and there was a merger with Brinks or Brink’s bought out US trucking which I forgot how it went. We had to keep the hammer over an empty chamber and I don’t remember if those old time wheel guns had transfer bars. Eventually we went to S&W Mod 10 .38 Bull Barreled 4 In. barrels and were able to keep 6 rounds in the chamber after our armorer told Mgt. it was ok. I should have kept the US Trucking handbook with the keep the hammer over an empty chamber part. 2 or three Thompson .45 subs were found under the truck ramp where their was a small range and the guns were turned over to the ATF down the block from us at 90 Church street. Wish I was there at the time to see them.


We had a couple of M1 Thompsons in Alpha Company of The Old Guard, along with a bunch of other cool stuff dating back to the Spanish-American War and reproduction firearms from before them.

I almost regret selling the M1927A1 I bought my wife for Valentine’s Day 20-something years ago. I thought it a fitting present for the celebration… She was never really into guns, and in need of some cash I sold it instead of the more practical and historical guns I own. Come to think of it, it was probably the last gun I sold or ever will.

SMG-based “pistol caliber carbines” are just reminders that the .gov took away the ability for the Common Man to own the fun stuff. If I’d have kept the Thompson, I’d have eventually registered it as an SBR and replaced the goofy 16″ barrel with a 10″ one. Regardless, most classic SMG designs make for poor shooting experiences. A coworker bought a used UZI that came in shortly after I started working. I’ve always wanted one, and knew someone who owned a legal fully transferable one (along with a S&W M76, MAC-10, and one or two other SMGs), but I can carry any of my service pistols with nowhere near the weight and bulk, and often with a magazine carrying more rounds.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

We had Thomson Sub Guns, M-1 Garands, BAR’s, M-1 Carbines and 1911 .45’s on board the Okinawa and I got a chance to fire them all while doing Quals off the fantail while underway shooting at the Galley food cans. Got the infamous M-1 thumb while on the hanger bay awaiting Adm Mc Caine Sr COMPHIBRON 3 or 4 when he was running the show…Memory is a little off. I remember the Gunners Mates test firing the Browing 30 Cal off the port elevator the day before we arrived in the Dominican Republic’s Op Power Pack in 1965.


You got your wife a Chicago Typewriter for Valentines Day? How appropriate.

Wow. Just wow. 😂


I can dig it.


He could have went Jarod’s, but went another direction.


I was making an observation regarding the St. Valentines Day Massacre in which the Typewriter played a pivotal role. 🤣


I used to carry fully locked and loaded, that was until the canoe accident and they ended up in the bottom of Lake Mead.
I almost got them back from the drought, but nature came along and wrecked it once again.
I miss my guns…


Cocked and locked or, at least, hammer down on a loaded chamber. Bagram made us go around loaded but without one in the chamber for “safety” (excuse me, Mr. Enemy, while I chamber a round).


The only really arguable reason I’ve ever heard for carrying with an empty chamber was for the psychological effect that comes with the sound of chambering a round.

I don’t agree with it and, at condition black, few people who deserve to get shot are going to recognize and process the sound before they need to get shot – but it remains an arguable point.


Well, there’s a lot to be said for racking a pump action shotgun when there’s an intruder in your house! To said unwelcome visitor, it causes them to think “Oh shit, I done fucked up”.




As the self-appointed official TAH DEI officer, I’m gonna have to rule this as racist, with the Jack-In-The-Box employee unequivocally the victim.

Supportive evidence for my ruling comes from another article…

“I’m not going to pull out no gun and shoot at somebody over no curly fries. Come on,” Ford-Theriot said in response to the allegations.

The 30-year-old met with ABC13 Tuesday afternoon to defend herself. She said Ramos was threatening her and calling her racial slurs, which he denies. The video shows her checking her gun. She said she asked him to drive away several times. He refused. The video captures the gunfire.

“The video does show you shoot at them. What if you had hit them?” ABC13 Reporter Jessica Willey asked.

“If you hear the audio, you didn’t hear the gun go off at all,” she replied.

There is no audio on the video that Kallinen (lawyer for family) released, but it does show a muzzle flash, and according to court records, Houston police found a spent shell casing.


In court filings, the fast food restaurant denied the allegations and said it had “no control” over and is not “legally responsible” for third parties.

That’s all fine but their employees are not 3rd parties.


JITB probably regards franchisees as independent entities. Makes sense.


I’m sure they do. But based upon Parker v. Domino’s Pizza, It’s pretty likely a court will allow the case as most JITB are likely run according to a corporate manual that covers all facets of their operations. This makes them defacto employees.


A spent shell casing is visible in the video, freshly ejected.


If racial slurs were ever called for (unprovoked, I can’t think of any outside of humor), they were called for in this case.


“Beam me up, Scotty. No intelligent life here.”


comment image


Unfortunately these are the only grade of people that will work fast food now. Apparently all the McDonald’s in my area won’t piss test you if you don’t need to drive a register.


Hmmm… I dunno. Those french fry machines are pretty sophisticated.


It’s always the Amish, isn’t it?


When the girls were in college, neither was in a state which had JITB so always demanded we stop there first thing. Probably ate in that specific JITB 30 times over the years, driven by hundreds of times.

USMC Steve

Their curly fries are good, but not quite that good.

Green Thumb

We ain’t got no hot sauce, but we got some heat.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Here we have the perfect convergence of a shit storm:
-Keep Houston Weird
-Keep Houston Blue
-Houston in the middle of open carry Texas

Biggest of the three Blue State sh*tholes in Texas.


If JITB is like the Department of Defense, this would be followed by mandatory, stand down training. After the training, we would break up into discussion groups to talk about our feelings.


She’ll rise quickly in the prison hierarchy, especially if she gets a prison tat of JITB curly fries.

curly fries.JPG

Prison Hierarchy?

Prison Tattoo? (BTW, GREAT Picture, bmorgan!!)

Well, it looks as if it will never happen to good Ole Alonniea….


“Ford-Theriot was initially charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of deadly conduct, a misdemeanor.”

“Ford-Theriot got one year of deferred adjudication community supervision, which she completed in June 2023.”


Green Thumb

MIght want to give her a uniform.

Just saying with recruitment the way it is these days….


Carry concealed…every.where.you.go!…Prepared to draw and fire. To me, what this fat, wart hog, entitled bitch did was attempted murder. She also suffers from teh stoopid. She’s a large target and had to rack a round to start shooting. Several ways to stop this type of behavior. Shoot back and make them a DRT. Charge them with the maximum charge available, no plea deal and have a very stiff sentence that is full term. And if you’re going to sue the company they work for, sue the person too. Make it personal and make it hurt. People do this kind of crap cause they know they’ll get away with a slap on the wrist and try to make themselves out to be “the victim”.


You credit the perp with far more forethought than they merit.


Yeah, but MY guns are the problem, according to libruls.


JITB? Dude, if you’re gonna get shot over curly fries, at least make them Arby’s.


Or Los Pollos Hermanos!🤣


Especially if you have the “Cajun Kick Ass” or “Franch” sauce to accompany Gus Fringe’s special recipe seasoned curly fries!