Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| September 26, 2023

The before and after is hard to decipher here

Going back to basics, this school only covers the normal 13 basic genders

Sounds very groomer-ish to me

I always thought “aromatic” just meant something smells good

Dr. Rainbow Crazy-Eyes thinks not just women get pregnant

Imagine how much those kids will learn from this confused individual

It doesn’t hurt to insult woman with “chest feeding”, but it does hurt the mentally unstable to say “breast feeding

The VA clearly hasn’t learned about aromatic people. It’s not even an option! Bigoted VA

Transgenderism: The rules are made up, and the points don’t matter

Watch Zelensky and Trudeau give standing ovation to man who fought FOR the actual Nazis

You’re asking your high school kids what now?

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Dr. Rainbow claims only people with uterus can get pregnant? Ummm, wouldn’t that be a woman or has that changed since I was in school.

And kudos to those that put together libs of tic tok. You/they have a much higher threshold for stupidity than I do.

I find the teachers to be the biggest threat, followed by administrators who back them followed by those in the medical field with their *Dr’s opinion*.


There will be hell to pay when the first vet couple(a man and a woman, as God intended!) go to the VA and in goes the wife for a routine procedure but out comes a dude after all is done, Lord have mercy.

I will not let the wife go alone to the VA anymore, I trust her just not the Doc’s and woke staff.


Another reason to avoid the VA.


That “swapping” couple of nuts…

Queers have at least 25% higher rates of DV and the incidences are often more violent. $20 says they end up in a domestic violence situation with a deadly weapon.

Since the summer of love and fiery yet mostly peaceful riots protests riots, there have been 2 axe attacks by lesbians on their partners.

Kinda makes you wonder if ‘lezbos are to axes’ as ‘Paul Pelosi is to hammers’…




We’re gonna need more wood chippers.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Sick fucks.


Remember when

“hippies are going to spike the drinking water reservoir with LSD”

Was just a bad rumor of the 60s?


Maybe they did, and we’re seeing the results years later.

Also remember when they said don’t trust anybody over 30? They are now all well over 30. Maybe we should remind them of their words.


All these years…. yearning… To officially be a Stud! Now through the miracles of modern medicine as dispensed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, You Too Can be a stud!

Man Chest ✓
Lesbian ✓ (lesbian with man parts but that makes it easier)
African American… I don’t know how they’ll turn me into African American, I might actually have to go to Africa and become a dual citizen. But if the is VA is paying I am buying. I am all in! Who is with me!


Iranian mullahs gettin’ modern… AI will make fatwas easier!


Meanwhile in NYC… sainted “migrants” act like ghetto jerkoffs:


For now, they are New Yorks problem.

Sanctuary city this ……


Like in Hell Paso– unlicensed, no-insurance, drunk-driving illegal alien hit-and-runs (often involving casualties) are a daily thing on I-10 there.