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| September 20, 2023


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2 face multiple felony charges after break-in, shooting at Negaunee home

NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WLUC) – The two people arrested early Saturday morning after shots were reported inside a Negaunee house face multiple felonies.

Joshua Rhodes, 35, and Adrienne Rhodes, 33, were arraigned in Marquette County District Court Monday afternoon.

Joshua is charged with 4 felonies: one count of assault with intent to murder, one count of first-degree home invasion, and 2 counts of felony firearms. His bond was set at $500,000. Adrienne is charged with two felonies: first-degree home invasion and carrying a concealed weapon. She has a cash or surety bond of $10,000.

Both were arrested Saturday morning, after the Negaunee Police Department (NPD) responded to a call for shots fired inside a residence. The NPD said responding officers discovered that Joshua attempted to break into the home through a window and was discovered by the homeowner, a 60-year-old woman.

According to police, Joshua then shot once at the homeowner, who shot once back at him. No one was injured. The homeowner then locked herself in the bedroom and called 911. When officers arrived, they located Joshua in the basement of the house and arrested him.

Adrienne was later arrested, though police did not release details about how she was connected.

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So, after exchanging gunfire with the victim Mr. Rhodes managed to trap himself in her basement. The presumed Mrs. Rhodes snagged a real winner here and got arrested for her troubles. Thanks, Gun Bunny.

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Souds like Joshua tried to come in the basement but found that once he got in, that low window was not as easy to get to from inside…and he might have shiiite his britches when the homeowner blasted him with a shotgun!


Having Shaq on your squad is a slam dunk!

Such a cute couple. She looks like she has been rhode hard and put up wet. The couple that preys together… Big Bertha and Strap on Sally…grin…so do Bubba and the Boys. BZ to the armed homeowner for laying down suppressive fire, forting up, and calling for re-enforcements. I would recommend some range time for her tho.

Crack a few skulls…pour encourager les autres…

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Let’s all join in a chorus of “Stand by Your Man.”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I still think too many po-po are not worthy of respect. But Shaq seems to have his head on fairly straight. And if he comes up and tells me to DO something….well….I may not jump, but I ain’t gonna argue, either. Not with hands that could grip my head one-handed.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Him? Throw him under the jail. And backfill with quick drying cement.
Her? Well, she looks like she could clean up reasonably well to become employed as a waitress. But keep a careful eye on her (“trust but verify”).
Granny? We can excuse her lack of aim due to age and lack of range time. But she got the job done in scaring the perp from her house, so I’ll give her a GO on that.

John Seabee

Loved my PR-24. Much better than the asp they use now days. Agency forgot to ask for mine when they transitioned to the asp 😎