Biden lies… again. Sun also rises in the East.

| September 15, 2023


Seems like a constant fact of life: Joe Biden speaks somewhere. Joe Biden tell a really egregious, easy-to-bust lie in front of God and everybody. Yet somehow I have no doubt that a large hunk of the electorate will vote for him again, and when asked why, one of their responses will be “because Trump is such a liar.”

Well, they have a point there. He is, and Joe is. Makes you wish the plot premise for the old Jim Carrey movie “Liar Liar”could be applied to both for a day. Whoo-eee, wouldn’t it be fun to see what came out then.

Joe’s latest was just this Monday at a 9/11 ceremony in Alaska. Maybe his handlers thought if he lied there no one would notice?

Ground Zero in New York – I remember standing there the next day, and looking at the building. And I felt like I was looking through the gates of hell, it looked so devastating because of the way – from where you could stand.”

As The New York Post noted on Monday, Biden wrote in a 2007 memoir that he “headed back to the Capitol” on September 12, 2001. He spoke that day in the US Senate.

A White House official then emailed this comment on condition of anonymity: “The President first visited the World Trade Center nine days after the September 11 terrorist attacks as part of a bipartisan delegation from the Senate.”

He did it three times in a single speech last month – falsely claiming to have witnessed a bridge collapse in Pittsburgh in 2022 (he actually visited the site more than six hours after the collapse), falsely claiming his grandfather had died just days prior to his own birth at the same hospital (his paternal grandfather died more than a year prior in another state), and again repeating a long-debunked false story about a supposed conversation with an Amtrak conductor who was deceased at the time the story would have had to take place.

In 2021 and 2022, he falsely claimed to have been arrested during a civil rights protest (he had previously said merely that an officer had taken him home from a protest), falsely claimed he “used to drive an 18-wheeler” (the White House said he once had a job driving a different vehicle, a school bus), falsely claimed to have visited the Pittsburgh synagogue where worshippers were killed in a 2018 mass shooting (he had spoken to its rabbi by phone but had not gone), falsely claimed to have visited Iraq and Afghanistan as president (he made repeated visits as a senator and vice president but not as president), told a false story involving a late relative and the Purple Heart, and falsely described his interactions decades ago with late Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir.   CNN

We haven’t even touched how his son Beau died in Iraq (false) or his first wife being killed by a drunk driver (false).  At this point, he really only has two options: admit he has no control over what comes out of his mouth, or maybe grab a female staffer by the p**sy and resign. Geez, Joe, when CNN, the Democrat Party Mouthpiece is outing you: you really need to stop.

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Anyone who can defuse a tense situation with Corn Pop can’t be as bad as you claim.


Hey, the D-rats now claim Corn Pop was real and that incident with the rusty straight razor really happened.

Slow Joe

What lies have Trump said?
Exaggerations, like his coffee is the bestest evah, yes.
Lies? Name one.


No problemo. Trump originally stated that he knew nothing about the payoff hush money to Stormy Daniels. He did know about it because he had paid for it. He later admitted it of course. I do believe it’s understandable though, most men would lie about paying off a hooker.

Interesting thing about Biden’s lies, is that he has never once confessed to the truth. He is aided and abetted with this by the media never holding him accountable for anything.

Forest Bondurant

Biden’s habit of lying likely started years before he entered the world of politics.

He probably started lying as a kid, and his parents never held him accountable for it. Somehow, he managed to escape it (with the exception of plagiarizing a college paper).


Did he lie to his Puerto Rican, black or Irish parents?


Only the Irish Italian Puerto Rican Black Catholic Jewish parents.


Damn that was brutal.


“81 million votes”


“81 million votes” *spits* FJB


This lie is especially offensive to the first responders and the surviving families of first responders killed that day. He does his best to offend everybody from GoldStar mothers to truck drivers. But now he is opening a new front.


And yet the political hacks running the IAFF will continue to support this POS, because unions or something..

jeff LPH 3 63-66

It’s because Liberals like to give great pension because of the unions donating to the demoRat party. Been going on for years.


Biden lies because he is a legend in his own mind.

Or at what’s left of it.


He lies because his understanding of what it means to be a man was seemingly built by watching spaghetti westerns… he talks like a tough guy but knows he can’t actually live up to the rhetoric when the peace tie is slipped off the hammer spur.

USMC Steve

And believ it or not, a mainstream propaganda media reporter actually asked him about that too. Basically he asked Biden if he just made stuff up or if he lied out of habit.


I would like to see that do you have a link?


He was probably asked that but the question has been scrubbed and the reporter exiled to writing ad copy or proof reading at that newspaper in Kansas that was raided by the cops a few weeks back.

Old tanker

News about his lying is hardly new. An even greater story would be documenting when he actually tells the truth. I would wager that that occurrence is far more rare and almost certainly accidental.


When Joe told that factory worker “I don’t work for you”, I believe he was being absolutely truthful. So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.


He did say that the family relied on Hunter to stay afloat financially. That was certainly true.

USMC Steve

So I guess that means that Hunter is the more effective grifter.


Whenever he tells the truth his handlers and/or the MSM jump in to insist that’s not what he meant, he was misquoted, or the statement was taken out of context.