Ukraine to receive an additional $600 million in military equipment

| September 11, 2023

In the aftermath of America’s pledging $1 billion in humanitarian aid to Ukraine, an additional $600 million worth of military equipment will also be sent to Ukraine. This security assistance package includes demolition munitions, mine-clearing equipment, artillery shells, etc. Depleted uranium ammunition is included in this aid.

From Al Jazeera:

The latest $600m will “support Ukraine’s battlefield needs” and demonstrate “unwavering US support for Ukraine”, the Pentagon said in a statement on Thursday.

But the military assistance will not immediately arrive on the battlefield, as it falls under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) through which Washington procures equipment from the defence industry or partners rather than drawing from US military stocks.

The back-to-back military aid announcements come as US President Joe Biden’s administration works to show its continued support for Ukraine’s three-month-old counteroffensive as troops try to break through Russian defences and clear vast minefields.

Some allies have quietly expressed concerns about the slow-moving offensive, while others say Ukraine has made some progress and has successfully used air defences to knock down Russian missiles.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said on Thursday that Ukraine’s counteroffensive was progressing slower than anticipated, but Kyiv’s forces were taking ground from Russian forces each day.

“The Ukrainians are gradually gaining ground and it proves the importance of our support and also our ability and willingness to continue the support,” Stoltenberg told a committee meeting of the European Parliament in Brussels.

“This is heavy fighting, difficult fighting, but they have been able to breach the defensive lines of the Russian forces,” he said.

“The Russian army used to be the second strongest in the world, and now the Russian army is the second strongest in Ukraine. That’s quite impressive,” he added.

Al Jazeera provides additional information here.

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Finally. A dollar amount in additional aid to Ukraine that doesn’t end with a B.


Instead of a Billion and a half every quarter we’ll just do 600 Million every month. See taxpaying rubes we’re “saving” you money./sarc


A few million here, a few million there and soon you are talking real money.

It’s good to see TAH being the little old ladies in tennis shoes. Somebody has to do it.


Oh we’re not doing Billions of $$$ to help coverup corrupt politicians back door deals in Eastern Europe.

Goody good gumdrop’s.


As with the ship boondoggle, we’re screwed even tighter.


Sounds like a lot of money, but maybe we’re giving them Littoral Combat Ships.


Man, this is weird… I happen to agree with Stoltenfuck?

now the Russian army is the second strongest in Ukraine

If you check Ivan’s map as of a year ago they’re not in Ukraine, but Ukraine is dutifully murdering themselves on Russian mines.

Fucking sad and unnecessary ‘spring offensive offensive’ on a road to nowhere…

Democracy is a wonderful thing, until it’s not. (all the above, not sarc sarc but def snarkysarcy)

$2700 for every man, woman, and child in UKR to “havoc” that country to ruble so blackrock, vanguard, and kill gates can “build back better” with the WEF’s central digital currency control system in order to enrich the about plus vicci nuland and other little leaches-on-the-ass of the US of A?

Yeah, fuck both those countries. DO NOT CARE.

Fake and gay brother war.


The grift continues…unabated. And the Corruptocrats of Kongress Klowne Kritters smile (laugh) all the way to the bank. Odd that we didn’t have $5 Billion to defend our border but we have billions to spend defending other’s.

Good thing that the Bad Orange Man wasn’t re-elected, we might be at war with the Ruskies by now. Oh…wait…

“It’s a small war and a dirty war but it’s the only war we got.”

My offer to re-home some of them Pool Bunnies still stands.



The reason this hasn’t gone nuke is because that would end it.
Too much money at stake here.
$600 million? ha,ha,ha,ha,ha

AW1 Rod

Hitching up yet ANOTHER car to the Ukraine Gravy Train!


comment image


But the military assistance will not immediately arrive on the battlefield, as it falls under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) through which Washington procures equipment from the defence industry or partners rather than drawing from US military stocks.”

Damn, I doubt anything PEO Soldier works on will be going over there, but maybe I should call my old SGM for a reference. I’ll do some research to find what systems and equipment are being “procured” and get a nice cushy job with a Defense Contractor. Whichever companies I don’t apply to, I’ll simply invest in stock. I’ll be rubbing elbows with the elites in no time, so long as I pay the requisite fee for the meet-and-greet.

I read this as the following:

“We’ve been getting a lot of flak for depleting US military supplies, so we’ll change the narrative. Instead of sending aging and near end-of-shelf-life equipment that we already have, we’ll just buy Ukraine the fresh stuff.” It’s like me taking my methhead brother to the grocery store and spending $4 on a loaf of fresh-off-the-truck Sunbeam bread, then going to the bread outlet (Defense Logistics Agency) to get my family a loaf that expired yesterday.

Now, I’m just a dumb former Infantryman who only got a Secret clearance after over ten years of service and a four-hour interview based on my past. I overanalyze things that affect me personally but don’t care to take the time to do too much analysis on things that indirectly affect me. Am I missing something, or is this just feeding the MIC machine?

On second thought, to hell with contracting jobs and making a lot of money. I’ll continue to sh*t post from my safe haven down here in Bayou Country, and probably only hear about Ukraine on this forum and in the occasional YouTube video…

Hack Stone

Maybe the residents of Maui should rename their island Ukraine in order to get some meaningful assistance from the federal government. Joe Biden bragged that every household will receive $700. What can you buy in Hawaii for $700? Not much.


That’s an AWSOME idea! Several other areas included. We can start naming them from #2, since the original Ukraine is taken. I hope our Southern border ranks on the top 5. I’m doing some work in the ElPaso TX area this week. It’s not as crazy as it would seem, unless you pay attention!


You’d have as much luck declaring yourself the Duchy of Grand Fenwick… as long as Kandahar Joe doesn’t have his hand in your pocket, you’ll out-strategize him no matter how much you try to lose.

Mixing metaphors, Dog-Faced Pony Joe seems to have learned what it means to be a man by watching spaghetti westerns; it seems he learned both foreign and fiscal policy by watching Brewster’s Millions.


1/2-3/4 of which will soon be in the bank accounts of US politicians!