Space Force Affirms New Focus

| September 7, 2023

Late in the Cold War a stand-alone command was considered necessary to de-conflict space operations between the military services, as each branch had space capabilities of its own. The first iteration of the Space Command was created in 1985 to provide joint command and control for all military space operations.

GW Bush’s administration needed to pare its number of commands, and it was decided that the Space Command was dispensable. Its responsibilities were then assumed by the U.S. Strategic Command. SecDef Rumsfeld opined the outcome would “eliminate redundancies in the command structure and streamline the decision-making process.”

In 2018 proponents of creating the Space Force cited the need to consolidate responsibility for space acquisitions, personnel, and operations under one service. Air Force leadership was staunchly opposed to all of this.

The Trump administration ultimately decided to proceed with reestablishing the Space Command 2019 August and created the Space Force that December.

Space Force reframes mission to ‘secure’ US interests ‘in, from and to’ space

“The phrase in, from, and to space is a direct reference to the core functions of the Space Force. Guardians secure our Nation’s interests in space through space superiority activities that protect the Joint Force and the Nation from space and counterspace threats,” wrote Chief of Space Operations Gen. Chance Saltzman in a memo obtained by Breaking Defense.


WASHINGTON — In a new “Commander’s Note” to Guardians today, Space Force chief Gen. Chance Saltzman revealed a snappy new “mission statement” for the service that implies a broad mandate for future warfighting: “secure our Nation’s interests in, from, and to space.”

In his 16th “C-Note,” obtained by Breaking Defense, Saltzman explains that while the Space Force doesn’t get to determine its actual mission — that is the job of the president and Congress — it does get to choose “the words we use to describe the mission.”

Saltzman further took the time to explain some of the rational for words chosen.

Breaking Defense

CEO Chance here apparently subscribes to the Kamala Harris school of insulting the audience’s intelligence, but at least the bunch has a brand-new mission statement. I am filled with confidence in the vision our Commander-In-Chief has for our Space Force’s mission and am equally impressed with the updated verbiage. Unfortunately they managed to omit the part about being a solution in search of a problem.


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Check out LTG Bradley Chance Saltzman’s Bio…


“In 1997, he earned the Air Assault Badge from attending the United States Army Air Assault School.”

No “Honorary” Bullwinkle Badge bestowed by a piece of paper for him…😆😉

BTW, this is interesting…especially the second sentence…

“He was also the first non-flying officer to serve as deputy commander of the United States Air Forces Central Command.”

“He is also a space weapons officer, graduating from the USAF Weapons School in 2001, where students are taught how to be weapons instructors in their units.”

A SPACE Weapons Officer? What is that?

Also, unless there is a mistake, there is also a claim for the Navy Expert Rifleman Medal and the Navy Pistol Marksmanship.

Can someone help us on this, i.e. is it possible for Air Force personnel to have those Navy medal/ribbon mentioned?

Thank You.


I can’t take anyone seriously in that uniform.



space force.jpg




Silly uniforms seem to be the fashion these days; for example why does the Navy wear camouflage? Or why does the Army wear a beret?


Never understood the Navy camo. But the black beret? Clinton wanted the Army to look like Monica Lewinsky.


So we can hide amongst all the trees on the ship of course.


All that means is that his Schwartz is bigger than your Schwartz.


In the AF you can wear marksmanship awards from other services, but Air Force marksmanship awards take precedence per the AFI (when I was in).


The question isn’t whether it’s legal for him to wear them if he earned them, the question is how did he earn them? He was never in the Navy, nor, as far as I can see in his bio, did he ever serve in a Navy command; so how did he qualify for a Navy Marksmanship award?

Can a member of any branch of service show up at a Navy range, shoot the course and get awarded the Navy awards? I shot with the Navy Marksmanship team, was a Navy RSO and never heard of a member of another branch (that wasn’t attached, with orders, to a Navy unit) being permitted to shoot for qual on one of our ranges.

Not saying it’s impossible, but it strikes me as very odd as well.


Semper Supra!


Not to mention:


That is like so totally different….


No resemblance at all. Purely coinicidental, if any…


Semper….. Fiero, Solstice, Aztec. Or, Semper Sky. All GM products, all of mediocre quality. None around any longer.

Green Thumb

I wonder if obtaining minimum scores in Galaga and Space Invaders is a requirement for their “basic training”? Guessing somewhere about week 5?


Hey, to be an Air Defender you have to be good at Missile Command…
comment image


Oh FFS!. What a puffy, pudgy, pudding puffer we got here. IMHO we are spending way yonder too many “C-Notes” in the creation and staffing of a separate command. The Mission? The word salad you mean. Ok, you gots no armed re-entry vehicles, no defense for the Sat Net, no SDI, no orbital aerial artillery platforms, hell, you ain’t even got a door gunner school set up. Or any 40 watt Plasma Rifles. And you’re gonna defend Space? Or defend the US from Space? DaHell?!? No.gonna.happen! The Klingons, The Cylons, The Borg, The Romulans, The Gemhadar and The Dominion, et;al are all laughing and farting in our general direction. Resistance is futile…you will be assimilated.

My take on the “Separate Command” thing. The AF Ossifer toting the “football” for RR dropped a bug in RR’s ear when the SDI was being talked about, thinking to further his career. Bush II dropped it to put more AF Stuff in Texas (Dyess & Houston), Good Idea Fairy came back under another football toting AF Ossifer during the Orange Man’s term. Now we got the pissing contest with the Command in CO or AL, tied into the Baby Murder bidness, holding up (gasp/clutch pearls) promotions. Hell, put Elon in charge, his rockets are actually getting stuff done.

The ChiComs put PLA Corps on container ships heading to the major US Ports. Their Sat Lazars knock out the Key Hole Birds just before some EMPs are launched and the “troop carriers” pull into port. Comms are down to all commands, the grid goes tits up, and the rioters are fighting over TVs and sneakers. The smart ones of us are fortifying our clump of grass.



I’m still trying to figure out why Space Force is a Uniformed Service?

Old tanker

So the space force is supposed to defend Earth from to or from space. I assume the only reason we don’t see aliens walking around is because they have yet to understand that president dementia would consider Earth to be a space sanctuary planet. All the Space Force would do is watch, just like the Broder Patrol is ordered to do.


The new focus of Space Force:

Stargate – Defender!


I think this is the most appropriate logo for our newest brach of da service: