Army major charged for sexual abuse

| September 1, 2023

The Army has charged Major Michael Stockin with sexual abuse involving at least 23 victims. These charges include abusive sexual contact and indecent viewing. The investigation that led to this charge spanned a year. Stockin, an anesthesiologist, is alleged to have asked one of the victims to lower his pants before proceeding to touch his ankles, legs, and genitals.

From The Washington Post:

The case comes after years of Defense Department struggles to protect personnel from alleged sexual predators. A Pentagon report released in April said the military recorded 8,942 reports of sexual assault in the previous year, despite recent policy changes intended to address the issue.

Stockin’s lawyer, Robert Capovilla, said in a statement that the charges were brought Tuesday and that the defense “has been given very little opportunity” to review the Army’s investigation.

“We look forward to being given full access to the evidence and we hope to conduct our own thorough investigation into these allegations free from unlawful command influence,” Capovilla said, referring to practice in which a commander seeks to sway the potential actions or outcomes in a case.

One soldier who has accused Stockin of assault told The Post in an interview last week that he reported the doctor to authorities after first encountering him at Lewis-McChord’s Madigan Army Medical Center in January 2022 during a visit to the facility’s pain management clinic. The soldier said he was seeking treatment for a chronic back injury, and Stockin asked him to drop his pants, touching the soldier’s ankles and legs. Stockin, the soldier alleged, then held his genitals.

A charge sheet obtained by The Post on Wednesday shows that Stockin is now charged in that case with one count of sexual assault. It is not clear whether other charges are pending. The Post generally does not identify the victims of sexual assault.

Ryan Guilds, a lawyer representing multiple people who allege abuse by Stockin, said in a statement Wednesday that he is “deeply concerned” with a lack of communication from the Army “and what appear to be significant failures by hospital leadership to prevent these alleged assaults from taking place.”

The Washington Post provides the balance of the story here.

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Old tanker

But the important question is, did he use diversity, equity and proper pronouns???

I wonder if this idiot is another example of the pedophile in chiefs new Army.


My pronouns are “damn” “I bet” “that hurt you” “when your stuff got cut off like that”


This is him…

“Outpatient Program Successfully Tackles Substance Use And Chronic Pain”

“American veterans experience more severe pain and have a higher prevalence of chronic pain than nonveterans. Similarly, substance use disorders, and opioid use disorders in particular, present an urgent challenge to the military health system as part of reducing mortality from substance use, wrote Dr. Stockin, a chronic pain fellow in pain management at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Md., and colleagues in the poster presentation.”

He has more problems…

“Stockin also faced allegations of abuse in a divorce case, according to court documents filed in Pierce County, Wash. His wife sought a protective order against Stockin in December 2022, accusing him of verbal abuse, harassment and unwanted sexual contact during their marriage, the documents say.”

“Reached by phone, his wife said she became aware of the Army investigation after filing for divorce and declined further comment about the case.”

“I did have a lot of love for him,” she said, “but it just got to the point where I can’t continue to be in this situation any longer.”

“It’s unclear if Stockin has responded formally to his wife’s allegations. When reached by The Post, he denied the claims. The divorce is pending.”

We are not passing judgment until we hear “The Rest Of The Story.”


Dr. Stockings is having a bad week on the Fu of Google.


Problem solvers?


If the Doc was a prior service Infantryman, maybe he was just saying ‘hello’?

If I was suffering from nerve disorder or deafness I’d want a medical professional to get to the bottom of the extent of effect, and if this led to a little downstairs prodding?

“Just don’t make me moan too loud, Doctor”

Now, to say I have a profound hatred for diddlers would be an understatement, but are we sure that Doc isn’t being hamstrung for disallowing a/a group of Soldier(s) to malinger or refill a script for legal heroin? An op for the ex?

Something stinks here and I will suspend judgment until the verdict.


^This^…as in above, all of the. Did the examed troops want a cigarette, a nap, or some cuddle time after the exam? Were they still respected in the morning and called the next day? Was dinner and a movie included? A new outfit? Who made the sammich?

We went from DADT to “Cop a feel when you can”?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Stockin should have taken Stock in about what would happen to him if he ever got caught after stock in up on all of those patients……….


Hopefully Major Stockin is enjoying his stockade accommodations.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I’ll take Stock in that


But your honor, I identify as a jock strap.

MSG Eric

They BETTER give this guy a fair trial. No bullshit, no shenanigans from the prosecutor, nada. Do it the right way so there aren’t any “technicalities” that get everything dismissed.


Huh. There really is an Ether Bunny.

Skivvy Stacker

Ah, for the love of sickness and deviance!!!
When you use anisthetics on Teen Cheerleaders, make sure you have them IN THE FUCKING VAN FIRST!!

Or so I’ve heard…..I don’t know this stuff first hand…
as far as I know……..
Um…sure is fuckin’ hot in here ain’t it?