Polling places looking for a few good men

| August 24, 2023

Military Times writes about the push to fill the ranks of poll workers this voting season with veterans. I guess with the hyperpolarization of our times, it seems the usual suspects of poll volunteers (elderly pensioners looking to do something other than play bridge) have resigned en masse.

Those volunteers need to be replaced, said Barton, now a senior expert for The Elections Group, which works with state and local officials across the country. Speaking ahead of National Poll Worker Recruitment Day, she encouraged Americans to volunteer, especially military veterans, who she believes have the skills to help de-escalate the confrontational situations that experts have warned could occur in 2024.

“I see a huge benefit in having veterans working at polling locations,” Barton said. “They’re … vigilant, they’re looking at all times for any problems that might occur. To me, having them as part of that adds another layer of security in the precincts.”

Barton’s organization has partnered with nonprofit We the Veterans, which has recruited 63,500 veterans and military family members to work the polls during the 2022 midterms and is gearing up for 2024.

The group doesn’t have a tally yet of how many people it’s recruited for 2024, nor has it established a specific goal. We the Veterans expects to begin recruiting in earnest later this year, said Ellen Gustafson, a co-founder of We the Veterans. The group will target states with public service announcements, encouraging veterans to work the polls as a way to continue serving their country. Over time, Gustafson, a Navy spouse, wants their participation in elections to become a standard practice.

“Our goal is not necessarily numerical, it’s to make it a new norm,” Gustafson said.

Gustafson agreed with Barton that veterans could use their skills to de-escalate potential conflict at polling stations, though she made clear that We the Veterans is recruiting poll workers, not “poll watchers.” At least one group that made baseless claims of widespread voter fraud in 2020 encouraged veterans during the 2022 midterms to show up to precincts to monitor voting and act as vigilantes — something We the Veterans does not support, she said.

Instead, the group wants veterans and military family members to be legitimate poll workers, paid by local jurisdictions to set up voting machines, answer questions, check voters’ identification, monitor the collection of ballots and pass out “I Voted” stickers.

Veterans are also accustomed to teamwork — another quality needed at precincts after the exodus of poll workers in 2020, Barton said. Those workers were typically retired Americans who had volunteered together at their local jurisdictions for many years and built a rapport.

We can de-escalate with the skills honed in military service; by tossing a frag grenade, laying suppressive fire, and calling in close air support or artillery. Alternatively, as a veteran of the Air Force, I can write a sternly written memo or a stellar PowerPoint presentation covering all sides of any given argument.

Personally, I like the idea of vets working the polls. We’ve certainly helped enough young single mothers work many poles, all across this planet. Joking aside, I do think it’s a good idea. I just don’t know if a bunch of veterans are who some of these shady polling places want working with them. I can’t see many vets going along with shenanigans seen last cycle, like covering the windows or kicking out legitimate observers.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I was thinking the same.
Veterans? De-escalation? Suuuure.
(Pulls out 45, lays it on the table, facing the non-citizen attempting to vote)

Old tanker

Yeah, somehow the term de-escalation and Veteran just don’t really seem to go together. At least in my mind. Unless, of course, you consider “pacification” ala Viet Nam village style as de-escalation…


Zippo raid?

“Pacification through superior firepower”. One question: If the .45 in question is one of Saint John Moses Browning’s design, do we have a problem with separation of church and state?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I have several, most in St JMB 1911 design, one or two not.
And I have NO problem with “separation of church and state” with either design.

Non citizens attempting to vote is a non issue.

Some local and state elections ALLOW resident immigrants to vote. However, federal elections preclude it.

The first time you vote in a federal election in the US you are required to show ID.

If you are not registered to vote, and not on the current registered voter rolls, you can’t vote. This means as a non citizen you effort stops at the door.

If you insist you will be given a provisional ballot. Which are evaluated individually and kept separate from the ballots of registered voters.

The provisional ballot will be checked against your eligibility to vote and verified before it is counted.

If you cast a provisional ballot and you were not legally allowed to vote not only will it not count, but an investigation will be initiated. If they have probably cause to believe you KNEW you were not eligible to vote you will face fines and criminal penalties.

Federally that is up to $10,000 in fines and five years in prison.
States also ALL have additional state crimes you can and likely could be charged with.

You name will also PERMANENTLY be public as an incident of voter fraud. You can literally look up the names of every person ever charged with voter fraud.

Considering how utterly inconsequential a single vote is, there is a reason voter fraud is rare and fraudulent votes account for approximately 0.0003% to 0.0025% of ballots cast.

A non citizen voting in a federal election is voter fraud. So the total number of incidents of that is part of the tiny fraction of ballots cast, and non citizen votes are only a fraction of that >0.0025%.

In fact, all the measures to prevent voter fraud has a substantially larger impact election results than fraud. Millions of ballots are not counted every election because the there was some discrepancy in the registration, name, birth date, address etc. And signature comparison is highly subjective.


I guess I should probably explain why we let people that are not on the eligible voting list cast a ballot…

Every state has a provision for someone to cast a ballot when they do not appear on their voter rolls, or there is some discrepancy in their eligibility.

It is because their right to vote is protected and a discrepancy can be evaluated before the ballot is counted. But if the voter is denied then there is no recourse. So states allow these ballots to be collected, set aside, evaluated, and counted if eligibility is verified.

Most provisional ballots involving a discrepancy are not counted because the eligibility could not be verified after the fact. It is during this verification they determine if fraud is suspected.

This is why final state counts take so long.

Despite elections be statistically called on Election Day or the next day…most states don’t actually complete their counts for a few weeks. This is especially true in large population states. And as you would expect, large population precincts also take longer to count.

Voting precincts are not the same as legislative districts. Districts are intended to have approximate the same number of voters in each. Though there are still huge discrepancies in legislative district populations. Precincts are designed to manage polling access and the logistics and management of the election. So thousands of small population precincts exist simply because they are rural.

These small population districts tend to have their votes counted (except provisional) within a hour or few hours from the polls closing. So they get reported first.

Since rural districts are almost all red, this means as precincts report you will see an early red lead in most contested states. As high population urban districts start reporting you will often see that red lead vanish.

Approximately 60M Americans live in Rural America. Compared to 275M who live in urban areas.

USMC Steve

Fuck their “right to vote” if they have not taken the mandatory steps to register. I would err to protect the integrity of the process over the individual who could not or would not do what was required of them to legally vote, and I can further almost guarantee them to all be socialist democrat voters. And illegals have been caught in the past four elections trying to vote, so yes, it does happen.


Given your post history I am not surprised you don’t give a fuck about people’s right to vote. It is right on brand for you.

You also demonstrate consistent ignorance, in this case no understanding that someone not being on a voter roll often is not due to their failure to register.

A lot of people have taken the necessary steps to register.

But admin mistakes happen with voter rolls.

They may scrub someone with the same name. Or similar name and same date of birth. They may scrub a “Jr” when the “Sr” dies.

There may be an address change that caused the voter to be scrubbed, or the voter failed to respond to some random mailed notice that looked like trash mail.

And partisan scumbags are often doing sketchy things to voter roles prior to elections. Scrubbing eligible voters based on metrics that favor their party.

In fact manipulation and scrubbing of voter rolls has a much larger impact on outcome that fraud does.

In several states millions of voters were disenfranchised due partisan to bad faith actions with respect voter rolls.

If you want to be upset about election bullshit you should be angry at laws that are intended to reduce the number of eligible voters, especially with partisans effects, rather than do anything about securing the right to vote.

Also, your stupid position probably reduces total Republican votes. Half of the states in this country allow SAME DAY voter registration. Those ballots are counted separate and processes after their registration is processed and eligibility verified. Of the states that allow this, the majority are blue states. Because liberals actually respect the right to vote and ant to make voting easier.

We are already among the most difficult countries to vote in compared to all other industrial democracies.


“Given your post history I am not surprised you don’t give a fuck about people’s right to vote. It is right on brand for you”.

Go back, read it again, slowly, sound it out. He said he doesn’t give a fuck about the voting rights of non-citizens. Why? Because they have no right to vote. Nor should they. Ever.

Forest Bondurant

You are so full of dog shit.

Funny how you suggest liberal states respect the right to vote and want to make voting easier, which is problematic because of their claim that voter I.D. laws should be illegal.

How does one register to vote without ID? (In fact, how does a person open a bank account, purchase alcohol, tobacco, or other age restrictive items, apply for welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, Social Security, unemployment, or a mortgage, or buy/rent a car, board an airplane, or even pick up a prescription without ID?)


Everything you just described is fraud. But you said that voter fraud is so infinitesimal as to not matter. I thought that you, as a fraud, would understand fraud better. I’m very disappointed in you.


Everything is right here – “Considering how utterly inconsequential a single vote is, there is a reason voter fraud is rare and fraudulent votes account for approximately 0.0003% to 0.0025% of ballots cast.”

Correct. This is why ballot box stuffing, mail-in fraud and other en masse measures had to be implemented.


Explain how mail in fraud would work where it would not be easily detected?

In fact, any of your methods.

You can check your name and see if you cast a ballot with your state election office. If you didn’t vote and you know you did, they are required to show why your vote didn’t count. Most states register whether a vote was received and whether it was counted separately.

If this was a huge issue there would tens of thousands of verified cases nationwide.

The opposite is true as well. If you didn’t vote and a vote was cast, you can check that. If you report that someone voted for you, you can immediately report it and it will open and investigation.

That is precisely why the Republican Party was calling for people to do just that. Yet, despite a nationwide call to action…almost no cases were discovered. And those were either fraud committed by a family member to case another cohabitating family members ballot. Also those cases were more often republicans that democrat. So republicans called for action and they ended up discovering a handful of fraud cases, majority Republican.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Oh, my, such a ignorant, sweet, naïve little boy.
You describe the vetting process as it SHOULD be, as it’s SUPPOSED to happen.
But we all know that’s not the reality of it.
If that were so, then PDJT would still be President, serving a second term, and XiDen would be either in a nursing home, or in prison for treason, corruption, and bribery.
So, Kommissar SPAPOS, go back to your basement, your mommy has some Hot Pockets warmed up for you.

Not naive, I am informed.

You have huge gaps in your understanding and fill it in with conspiracies, brainwashed propaganda, and bullshit.


Negative, you are not informed. You are indoctrinated.


“You have huge gaps in your understanding and fill it in with conspiracies, brainwashed propaganda, and bullshit”

Point of order, if I may… I’d like to make a motion to nominate this quote as “TAH projection of the day”. Can I get a second, perhaps an aye, maybe an amen?




A second (2nd) aye AND an AMEN!

Skivvy Stacker

So, esplain to me why the democrats always seem to find entire pallets of votes for their candidates about an hour after the polls close? Like in Minnesota the last time Al Franken was “elected”…….


“However, federal elections preclude it.”

The feds preclude a lot of things. Things that still happen. Strike one.

“The first time you vote in a federal election in the US you are required to show ID.”

Nope. A few years back, a white journalist went to a poll outside of his state of residence, told the official his name was Eric Holder, yes, that Eric Holder, and was allowed to vote, no questions asked. Not every state requires ID to vote. Strike two.

“If you are not registered to vote, and not on the current registered voter rolls, you can’t vote.”

While technically true, many jurisdictions will not allow voter registration rolls to be checked for voters who are deceased, moved away, or just haven’t voted in years. Liberals call this “disenfranchisement” or “voter suppression”. Couple this with lack of ID requirements to vote, and we have… c’mon, say it with me, you know this one… fraud. Not in oneseys and twoseys. Strike three.

Here ended the lesson. You may go now.


10,000 dollar fine and 5 years in jail. When did that last happen.


Due to sentencing guidelines most would not receive the maximum sentence unless they are a prior felon.

Though there were a few hundred prosecutions and convictions from the 2016 and 2020 elections. Most received 6 months to 3 years. A few received higher sentences. One Mexican national received an 8 year sentence.

Forest Bondurant

Strike 4. Convicted felons may permanently lose their right to vote in 9 states. 15 states allow convicted felons right to vote to be restored after prison, parole or probation. 1 state (Louisiana) allows voting to be restored after prison and parole. A majority of states allow voting to be restored after prison. 3 states allow unrestricted voting from prison.


Arizona may restore a felon’s voting rights (all rights, actually), after all terms of the sentence have been completed and the convicted individual petitions the court. It’s not automatic and is not guaranteed.

Green Thumb

No citizenship = No vote.

Common sense.


That is already the law federally. No citizens cannot vote in any federal election croon.

The only place resident aliens can vote is some local elections in some states. And many of those states don’t allow them to vote on statewide measures or offices. So local county and municipal offices and measures only.


Tried to correct it at the time but kept getting the “you are posting too fast” error.


Gosh, you don’t suppose non-citizens are committing fraud to vote, just like they do to work, drive and get gov handouts? Nah, never happen.


The massive voter corruption in deep blue cities will never be stopped.


Because it doesn’t exist.

Just like we will never stop magical laundry gnomes stealing our socks.

USMC Steve

This has already been proven with several deep blue socialist democrat controlled cities being sued to force them to clean up their bogus voter rolls.


Don’t forget, GOP poll watchers will be indicted and prosecuted (like the ones in Georgia w/ Trump’s case… nice life ya got there, shame if somethin’ were to happen to it) if they notice oddities like this:
comment image




I think you are referring to LA. These were not “bogus” rolls. Just rolls that had voters that had likely died or moved because they hadn’t voted in years or their names and were in a database of the deceased.

That is not “several” and these rolls were not “bogus”. Nor was there any evidence these outdated registrations were being used for fraud.

In fact one of the assertions in the plaintiffs lawsuit was that these voters were not “active” for one of many reasons and they should be removed from the rolls.


Thousands of mail-in ballots sent out to every registered voter, no regulation No verification, all in the name of Covid. Multiple ballots to a single address. My boss’s brother got 4, all in their deceased father’s name. 4. 1 I could maybe understand. Kicks the door wide open for fraud. And no way to verify. Therefore, no fraud, right?


How dare you bring up one case of secondhand, anecdotal information when we can tell, because the news said so, every election is perfect and results sacrosanct (unless the outcome is Orange, or something)!

You are a threat to Our Democracy® and should be jailed as such!

(does this even need a fking sarc tag?)


It shouldn’t need a sarc tag, BUT there are folks who will believe your post.


Also, you seem to have no issue with people who were purged from voter rolls even they they were lawfully eligible due to bullshit partisan decisions and bad faith hastily passed legislation in the months leading up to elections.

Funny how those government efforts to suppress votes and eliminate voters doesn’t bother you.

It is almost as though you are super enthusiastic about anti-democratic big government agendas.


Your fucking words, chief:

If you are not registered to vote, and not on the current registered voter rolls, you can’t vote… If you insist you will be given a provisional ballot. Which are evaluated individually and kept separate from the ballots of registered voters.

The idea ANYFUCKINGONE is disenfranchised these days is as retarded as it is RE TARD ED.

And this mail-in without due cause BS needs to stop YEARS ago.

But elections, in spite of what the authoritarians in DC think, are a local affair at the 10th Amendment shield states from any and all interference, “laws” be damned.

We needed a Confederacy Part 2: Bigger, Longer, Uncoutheder


comment image



“Because it doesn’t exist.”

Cool. Now that you’ve settled that, you should be able to unfuck the grand and glorious welfare state you call home.


Chicago and Cook County say you’re full of shit.


That we are at a point as a Nation where a serious discussion of “safety” at the polling place is not an absurdity says it all.


I have worked as an election volunteer in nearly a dozen elections. Judge, clerk, precinct captain.., pretty much all the volunteer positions available in the California election system.

If you have never done this, you should. Especially those of you who are retired.


Have done it before myself. Meet everybody at the polling place 1.5 hrs before polls open, work til close, pack up and deliver ballots and equipment to central gathering area, get home about 11p

They pay, last time I worked it, 100 bucks. It’s basically minimum wage, if even.

I’m not saying it wasn’t interesting, especially when union workers showed up for that polling place, and they passed a sheet from Member to member a list of candidates to vote for. Too dumb to think for themselves I suppose.


You don’t do it for the money. It is less than minimum wage, but it is not actually wages. It is a form of volunteer per diem.

I am not sure where you were and saw unions passing a sheet, but if you were working and did not do something about it or report it to the polling station lead then it was YOUR failure.

Passing a sheet of paper with who you are supposed to voter for is electioneering and it is illegal to do at a polling station.

I am tempted to call bullshit on your claim that you saw this, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you saw this and then failed to do your duty to put a stop to it.

Also, what decade was this? Unions traveling together to polls sounds like 1930s to 1970s era behavior.


Call bullshit all you like, but when brought to the attention of others, nobody seemed inclined to do anything about it. It was my first time as a poll worker, and at no time during orientation did they mention this as a no no.

As far as when this happened, it was around 2014, 2016 I want to say.


Democrats– or, excuse me, pinkos– do it for the power is gives them… they’d trade their kids for it.


You don’t suppose any of them would be phonies do you? Just pretending to be a vet to be a pill worker or super duper high speed vet to show as bona fides to be even more important?

Nah, never happen…..


I’d fix the typo but I can’t.

USMC Steve

That will not go over well in Blue Amerika. Too many of those pesky veterans will inhibit their attempts to steal elections.


“… de-escalate with the skills honed in military service; by tossing a frag grenade, laying suppressive fire, and calling in close air support or artillery.” Be still my beating heart! Where do I sign up?

SFC D sez”…one of Saint John Moses Browning’s design…” I done axed “Where do I sign up?” Now you’re just coitusing with me. Will one be issued or do we bring our own? I’m good either way.

It’s cute that they think we will ever have a fair election again.


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

It’s a “come as you are”, so, bring yer own.


The authoritarian-guised-as-a-communist doth protest too much, methinks.

Of course there is fraud, rampant and unrepentant the unelected and unaccountable functionaries adjudicate and supposedicate a desired and predetermined outcome.

Wetted ballots, transpo by POV, harvesting my moonlight, running a unserialed page over and over, fake addresses, franchising the disinterested for remuneration, privately funded drop boxes, bastardized primaries, selective allowances of matriculation onto ballots, etcetcetc.

What little remains of out Freedom to Speak should turn into a shout: Mother FUCK you assholes!

There is no better return on insurrection investment than buying a politicritter.

Limited affronts to our wallets, Liberties, and futures, or…


Is it time to open the 4th box yet? Prepare

comment image


sssshhhhhoot, its draw’n ever near my-o friendo.

Canned chicken is 32% off this week at the regional grocery. Gonna go tomorrow again to check f’they put out more and/or to hit up another.

Loves me some Hormel dog food corn beef hash, always a couple dozen on the shelves. Got more anyway.

Coffee is still expensive but I’m dropping below my ‘one year supply’ threshold.

Face the alpaca lips without coffee?

Hell to the naw.

These fucking heathens will be stabbing each other for a can of viennas while I’m at home, Household 6 frying up stirred rice and spam, me getting ready to do night ops with the boys.

All the things. Get them. Or get got getting something you should’ve had.

shots and me .jpeg

To paraphrase my ol’ buddy Jeff F “If someone asks your opinion on a piece of furniture and you say “pine for kindling, oak for making cooking coals, avoid prefab particle board pieces” you may be a prepper.” Full disclosure…had that conversation this past Monday.

comment image


If someone asks about your opinions of workplace violence (in order, say, to be “concerned” for Red Flag law use) do not say “Deer slugs– 12 guage deer slugs work great!” to screw with them because they’ll have NO sense of humor and take such sh*t far too seriously. Just sayin’.


We had weekly blocks of “instructions” (read indoctrinate them) on that subject at The People’s Glorious Fone Factory. It was a “Zero Tolerance” Policy. We didn’t have too many snowflakes in the Construction Gangs and I avoided union hall and company social functions like the plague. I hear it’s even worse now…unless, of course, you are a member of one of the “protected” alphabet classes. And THAT part has gotten stupider than all hell.

Dennis - not chevy

When is the commissar going to add that in California one may register to vote on election day?


Facts are inferior to zers (faux) outrage.


comment image


True. I can relate, but mucho different:

me and taxes2.png

Dang it! I forgot “The ‘Federal’ ‘Reserve'” and “a price rigging cabal headed in part by JPMorons not-so-Chaste”

Ron Paul.png
Prior Service

I thought we already posted Black Panthers outside polling places? Oh, only in liberal cities? Never mind.

Dennis - not chevy

I was signing my name for my ballet when I noticed a name of a deceased person. I mentioned to the poll worker that I was that person’s nearest of kin and that she was dead. The poll worker scratched my relative’s name off the voter roll.

2 things bothered me:

  1. That was too easy. What if I was lying? The worker asked for no proof at all, no proof she was dead and no proof I was the nearest of kin.
  2. I was not asked for any ID, maybe being a veteran, it just seems natural to show an ID when signing something.

Now that the PR of Cali has gone to all mail in ballots, I could have easily forged the sainted relative’s signature and mailed it in. At ease, I would not do that; however, I sure other folks have thought of it.

When I was on active duty my home commonwealth mandated absentee ballots had to be witnessed by a commissioned officer or a non-commissioned officer or petty officer serving in the pay grade of E-6 or higher. (I don’t recall it saying anything about warrant officer)

My point is, as serious as voting is, the government handles it flippantly.


The right wing is getting pretty worked up over dead people on voting rolls but it is not as much of an issue as it is being made out to be.

Dead people don’t vote.

What does, RARELY, happen is some fraudster will cast the vote of their dead relative.

This is a tiny fraction of the tiny fraction of votes that are fraudulent.

The claim that 5000 dead voters voted was completely debunked. The 5000 names weren’t even all dead.

In fact, the claims that dead people were voting leading into the election led to a few people actually trying it under the false impression that nobody was checking this stuff. These dipshits got caught.

The reason dead people are on voter rolls is because there is dead people have an annoying habit of not contacting the state election committee that they died. There relatives don’t either. Almost nobody does. And many don’t even have relatives.

So their names sit on their rolls. Just like all the Facebook accounts of dead people.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Got to hand it to you Commissar, you really got the TAH Gals and guys cranked up on this post my Conservative TAH fellow commentor.


Dead people don’t vote, but live people can abuse the deceased. Why do you think dems get all pissy when the mere suggestion of cleaning voter rolls get brought up.

Commisar, I see you voting straight conservative upon the your departure from this spinning rock.


Not pissy about cleaning voter rolls.

What I am pissy about is people using the existence of dead people on voter rolls to falsely imply thousands of dead people are voting due to widespread exploitation of dead people on voting rolls.

Then use that narrative as an excuse to purge tens of thousands of living people off voting rolls under the pretense that they are probably be dead because they didn’t vote in the last election or failed to respond to a junk mailer.

And they have a habit of carefully crafting the purge so it statistically purges people with names (minorities) or addresses that statistically lean blue.


If their populism was attached to a despotic con artist with multiple personality disorders, a half century history of white collar crime, and an alarming amount of ties to Russians oligarch and interests I might vote red someday.

I voted red a few times in the past. Voted against Bill Clinton twice.

However, the Republican party as it is today is one of the most reprehensible political associations in our nation’s history.

Fascism, nazism, Christian nationalism, despotism, kleptocracy, anti-democracy, pro-tyrants (Putin, Orban, Kim etc)…all openly and explicitly part of the Republican narratives at this point.

Not to mention a failed coup committed using outright fraud.

Hell even the incel movement and rapists are openly welcome and held up as conservative influence heroes.

Tucker just buddy interviewed on of the dukes of the incel community and a rapist.

Fortunately most conservatives didn’t pay much attention because Tucker is largely irrelevant now. But Tucker is making it clear that incel extremism and rapists are their path to appealing to younger male voters.


If their populism wasn’t attacked….

The edit function of so broken right now.


Attached. Not “attacked”.


It ain’t the edit function that’s broken. It’s you.


tbf, both.

One may be repairable…someday.

How’s that button coming frfr


“If their populism was attached to a despotic con artist with multiple personality disorders, a half century history of white collar crime, and an alarming amount of ties to Russians oligarch and interests I might vote red someday.“

You mean the “Big Guy” hisself, Joe “you ain’t black” Biden?

Dennis - not chevy

Just as religious fundamentalists, you leftists have an answer for everything.
I’m reminded of the old joke about the Chicago election officials who were going through a cemetery. They came upon a tombstone that had a name that was at least 30 letters long. One said to the other, a name this long could be split in two and we’d have two voters for the machine. The second one said no! He said if he was to have anything to do with the election it would be fair and square.


You do realize this board has several regulars who are ACTUAL religious fundamentalists. Some genuine authoritarian Christian nationalists that want to ban Muslims and make Christianity the official religion. They believe that is what our founder’s intended: a Christian nation.

Guess which party they are aligned with?

Dennis - not chevy

‘and how many dead people had the good taste to vote for Johnson in alphabetical order?


Johnson, Nixon, and several politicians, especially state and local…used to get away with fraud involving thousands of ballots more than a half century ago.

We don’t run elections that way anymore.

We literally track every name that votes in permanent database. We track every voter that turned up to the polls and check the counts of each polling station with the number of voters that showed up.

Mail in ballots have UNIQUE codes on their envelopes that registers when a specific ballot from a specific individual is received.

If someone mails in the ballot, then shows up to the polls it will be detected.

If someone mails in someone else’s ballot and then that person, not knowing someone did this, shows up to the polls it will be detected.

You can’t just produce a bunch of fake ballots and put them into the system. They will be detected as an overcount. And there will be a criminal investigation.

You won’t impact the election. But you will be one of the hundred or so people investigated and prosecuted for election fraud every four year cycle.


Are you going to list all those “genuine authoritarian Christian nationalists that want to ban Muslims and make Christianity the official religion” anytime before the second coming?


Over count detection? Criminal investigation? Is this now the comedy club?

I usually look forward to boomers Sunday for comic relief, however you are providing a somewhat needed mid week break.


You do realize I’m gonna have to ask you to back up your claim. Show some courage, grab your balls and name them. C’mon now Commissar, be the badass you think you are. Or are you just another “keyboard warrior” like you accuse others of being?


Cool story.

Now do Israel or Malmo Sweden.


Ummm, Democrats? What did I win 🏆


Also, the reason we have an answer to these kinds of issues is because these issues are driven by bullshit conspiracies.

And the answer to bullshit conspiracies is facts.

A local election pulling off a fraud is possible. Especially a small town.

But a nation conspiracy involving tens of thousands of conspirators, many of them low paid volunteer election workers managing to pull off an election fraud involving millions of votes?

And not leaving ANY evidence behind that could be presented in any of the more than 60 lawsuits that Trump and his fraudsters filed?

Or any evidence that could ever produced anywhere during any interview at any time over the last two years…including last Monday when Trump promised to do it jet again that failed to deliver.

And despite millions of fraudulent votes involving dead people and immigrants and fake voters and counting votes twice…not Stare Secretary of State, State Attorney General, legislature, or governor in any state found evidence of widespread voter fraud. Including states with republicans in charge.

There is a reason they keep talking about widespread voter fraud but never actually reduce any evidence of it… even during court cases where frustrated judges demanded evidence…it is because they don’t have any. Because it didn’t happen.

It was all a lie. A fraud. Even the lawsuits were fraudulent and designed merely
to give the false impression there was widespread fraud across dozens of jurisdictions.

Which is why they never produced evidence in court, and didn’t even do so during their sanction/disbarment hearings.

A few cases were thrown out before the evidentiary phase due to lack of standing or bullshit filings that did not actually make any assertions of fraud despite the fact that they stood on courthouse steps announcing they were filing lawsuits due to the fraud.

However in dozens of cases they were asked to provide evidence and failed to do so.

And to this day…nobody has.

Dennis - not chevy

When I was a kid I used to go to the butcher shop on election day and listen to the folks ask each other how many times they voted. Anyone who voted just once was laughed at. The reason no one did anything about it was they all voted each time for the eventual winner. Winners are not going to admit they cheated.


I don’t care about the voting rolls or the poll watchers. I still want to know about the thousands of voting machines that were destroyed immediately after the election but before January 6th. I’m curious because I know it happened, yet nobody ever talked or reported on it. I won’t even say how I know it happened, I just know that it did 100%.

Because it seemed awfully suspicious to me at the time. Somebody, somewhere knows a lot more about it then I do.


A Very Sad Day For Our Country.

This Is Going To Backfire…

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

2 Chronicles 7:14

Pray For Our Nation.


Left/libtards had to go there…

trump not happy.png

“veterans could use their skills to de-escalate potential conflict”

That’s certainly not the skill set I was taught.


Affirmative– peace through superior firepower!

“Conflict resolution” means being able to take our your opponent’s center of gravity.

Clausewitz would agree.
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