Donald Trump and 18 others ordered to surrender in Georgia by August 25, 2023

| August 15, 2023

Fani Willis (D), Fulton County Georgia District Attorney, informed 19 individuals that they had until August 25 to surrender. Donald Trump is one of the 19 individuals that are expected to face charges related to the aftermath of the 2020 presidential elections. There are reports that Donald Trump will expect to have a mug shot done.

From The Independent:

Donald Trump and 18 of his allies have been indicted on a range of criminal charges relating to the former president’s attempts to alter Georgia’s 2020 election results.

The former president described the extensive charge sheet produced by a grand jury in Fulton County as an attempt to stop him from running in next year’s election, writing on Truth Social that “the witch hunt continues”.

Mr Trump has been charged with 13 counts including racketeering, filing false documents, and attempting to coerce public officers to violate their oaths, according to court documents.

The charges mark the fourth major indictment against Trump in nearly as many months, and the second related directly to his actions during the 2020 election.

Prominent allies also charged over the Georgia plot include Trump lawyer and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Trump and the others named have been issued with arrest warrants and ordered to surrender by 25 August.

On Tuesday, the former president claimed that a “Large, Complex, Detailed but Irrefutable REPORT” he will present at a news conference on Monday at his Bedminster golf club will exonerate him.

The Independent, The Hill, and other websites have additional information on this latest development.

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Same rodeo.

download (14).jpg
Anna Puma

Just a different clown of a DA

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Can PDJT just send a lawyer down to represent him?
PDJT shits more in a minute then these AGs make (not earn) in a year.


This is an Atlanta (Fulton County) grand jury not a Georgia grand jury.


So why aren’t red states indicting Obama, Clinton and Biden?


its long overdue


Al Gore– he complained the election wasn’t fair, too. (Filed a Supreme Court case, he did even… )


And no indictment there either. But Al does have a D behind his name.


As always, it’s okay when Democrats do anything.


Arizona should’ve indicted Obama and Holder over Operation Fast and Furious. IIRC, Holder was held in contempt of congress during the investigation but nothing came of it. They’re apparently above the law.


McStain had his fingers in F & F along with a few AZ MM’s Rino’s. The Swamp runs deep and dark.

MM= Masonic/Mormons


MM’s, that’s new. I like it


He was held in contempt. He just laughed cuz his DOJ he headed as AG wasn’t going to prosecute him.


I would say skip the indictments and go right to the popcorn…

Herbert J Messkit

Gee, all the people I hate, really hate DJT. He’s doing something right




not a trump fan.. but I’m seeing a pattern here
I’m getting fed up with the democrats pulling this shit
talk about desperation…
this crap has been going on since Reagan
maybe it’s time for the republicans to show them they can play dirty too

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

First, The RepubliTards would have to grow a spine and a pair.

There’s a better chance of the sun going Nova tomorrow, than of that ever happening.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

You took the words right out of my mouth Tox.


Especially Susan Collins.


I recently got an email from Pence asking for 1.00 in donations. Said he needed 40k small donors to secure his spot on the Republican ticket.

Nothing screams desperation more than this.

“See? I got 40k small donors, let me sit at the big table “.

AW1 Rod

Got the same e-mail, myself. Went directly into the bit bucket.


I replied with ask Ukraine. Waiting for a knock on the door.


What that is, the candidate stains on humanity (roll with me here) need a certain count of donations to get into the debates, or they have no shot (except for PDJT, he’s the front runner and the debates don’t matter to him).

Both parties (hahahaha! they ain’t!) have canidon’ts that are grifting donations by offering to ‘send you back money’.

What this means, THEY DON’T NEED YOUR MONEY!
They just want donos

They are flush of Wall Street, PAC, and Union money.

In short: fuck you Mister and Misses America.

Last edited 6 months ago by Roh-Dog

I think I’m going to go the other way with it. I’m going to give $1 to everybody running. Even the complete nut cases.


Lots of nut cases out there, so maybe send slightly used stripper dollars.


It’s tough getting them to make change for lap dances.

RGR 4-78

Make Pervert Row Great Again.


[On Tuesday, the former president claimed that a
“Large, Complex, Detailed but Irrefutable REPORT”
he will present at a news conference
on Monday at his Bedminster golf club
will exonerate him.]

IMHO – Amazingly similar to comebacker responses by military phonies.
Offer up a promise of proof, including a delay (tactic).

Tune in Monday.
Same Bat Time.
Same Bat Channel.

Batman Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel 2 next week.jpg
Last edited 6 months ago by MarineDad61

I’m still waiting on Schiff’s irrefutable proof, the “bombshell evidence” he promised.


That was evidence of Russia, Russia!! These are new thought-crimes. Anyone who questioned all the election “irregularities” is a thought criminal.


Well shit. Looks like I’m a criminal.


Flashback to March 2019,
when Schiff doubled down on his bullshit
to the House Intelligence Committee.
This article didn’t age well.
History will not be kind to Schiff.

[Adam Schiff Presents His ‘Evidence of Collusion’

The House Intelligence Committee chairman
and foe of President Trump
delivered a fiery speech on Thursday morning]

Last edited 6 months ago by MarineDad61

The present ain’t exactly kind to Schiff and he’s the only one that doesn’t know it.


Schiff is running for the US Senate in 2024,
to (try to) take (retiring) Feinstein’s seat.

Now set to (try to) take over Schiff’s seat in Congress, is the same drag queen who finished 2nd in the 2022 general election.

Only in California.


The spice must flow.

Anna Puma

That tinfoil almost looks like a Pickelhaube but it is Hillary so a turd in foil.


Kind of ruins Hershey kisses now.


Going by the (now) red -5 ….
Are there some here
who actually believe Trump at his latest claim,
that next Monday, August 21,
he can lay out “irrefutable” proof to exonerate himself?

I can’t speculate (yet) on what he may try to lay out,
but past track record,
from parroting Mike Lindell,
to the locally generated and too often repeated “205,000” lie
(included in new indictments),
the past track record is not good.


I’m still waiting on Lindell’s irrefutable bombshell evidence too.


And D’Souza’s, and Navarro’s, and Powell’s, .. and now Trump’s.

Though Lindell’s is the funniest, since he offered to pay $5M to anyone who debunked his data. Well,… you know what happened next:


Somebody’s gotta have something eventually. That’s the D’s strategy.


Has My Pillow guy Mike Lindell paid up (yet)?

Here’s an article from the $5 million winner.

[How I Won $5 Million From the MyPillow Guy and Saved Democracy
Mike Lindell dared anyone to disprove his claim that the 2020 election was stolen. For this software forensics expert, it was almost too easy.]


Apparently NOT.
End of story….

[Last week, Lindell filed an appeal of the decision, though to win that appeal he needs to show that the arbitrators were corrupt.

He also claimed that I was part of “a big cover-up to a much bigger picture” and should never have been allowed to enter the contest.

My lawyers and I will continue to fight him in court.
When and if I see the money,
I plan to donate to a nonprofit to legitimately support voter integrity laws and processes.]


I think it’s more personal. YMMV.


Still waiting for the Russian PP tape the DIMS “have”?


Willis is one of those Soros elected Marxist DA’s. For them lawfare just comes naturally. They are all fans of Beria, as well as Karl and Lenin.


comment image

Army-Air Force Guy

Don’t know what I hate more, voting machines or vote-by-mail.


If they are doing this to him think what they want to do to us.



I’m McLovin the desperation of The They to foment a True Insurrection®!

No. One. Believes. You.

But I honestly don’t know why they’re pushing so hard to get PDJT reelected for the third time, stealing 2020 wasn’t enough? Are you going to push one side into a reaction?

How’d that work out last time(s)?

You blew your wad in The Summer of Love v.2 and the fakery of 06JAN.

Again, the vast sum ain’t buying the bullshit and most folks are just dog-tired of this act.

Remember, you’re positions at the levers are predicated on We not giving a shit. Stop making people give a shit.

Constitution, read it.

trump and russia.png
Last edited 6 months ago by Roh-Dog

When it comes, these, Good Sir, are my standing orders…

comment image


Last night on the news, they were talking about how this might not make it to court for 2 to 3 years.

This GA. prosecutor could determine Trump to be a flight risk and jail him until trial date, as yet TBD. She is charging him with state crimes, not federal crimes so she may be able to do that. Dunno, I’m not a legal or lawyerly type.

Dems, and Lars, get their wish and see Trump behind bars, fani gets hailed as a hero, and the only thing missing is a ticker tape parade. Trump won’t be able to run as president while incarcerated, and the grifters keep grifting and you an I continue to be their ATM.

My opinion only is when they do finally get to court, Trump can then subpoena all who have been involved. They want TV cameras in the court room. I wonder how many “technical difficulties” they will encounter when Trump starts naming names and producing receipts.

Two things he has said.. we got em, we got em all, and hit me, I’ll hit you back harder.

CNNs ratings will finally rise before crashing spectacularly.

AW1 Rod

“Surrender” by 120025AUG23?  Yeah.  Right.  Don’t hold your breath while you wait for THAT to happen; you vacuous, empyt-headed whore.

AW1 Rod

Fanni is a prevaricating pus pocket.


Soros and Stacy “The Tank” grin.


Here’s wirecutter’s take on the “legal system”

Last edited 6 months ago by KoB

Good to see another wirecutter fan.


Based on the comments here, most of you are not serious people.

Fortunately, at least two of the three lead prosecutors involved are serious people.

And the majority of charges are serious charges.

You can make excuses, or latch onto whatever narratives you can find to cope with the reality that your cult leader is a criminal piece of shit…but it won’t change anything, because all that matters in court are the evidence and the facts.

Not the bullshit conspiracy copium you all are clinging to.

Also, if he was innocent he would be trying to accelerate the trial to happen well before the Republican primary so he can be vindicated going into the election.

But he is instead trying to delay until AFTER he election.


He don’t need ‘vindication’, you miserable piece of illiberal shit.

The state needs to prove its case, beyond a doubt, with something called evidence.

See you later gator.

Forest Bondurant
A Proud Infidel®™

Hey shit-for-brains, remember how ALL of your predictions have been wrong? Zika, Trump would not finish his first term because of Russia collusion, …


Trying to delay. How much shit to this point have they thrown against the wall to see what sticks, and yet nothing has stuck so far. Indictments are not convictions, just red meat for the left to grab onto so their base doesn’t turn on them. It’s all kabuki theater, intended to bleed Trump dry, and to get Trump haters all hot and bothered.

Just curious if that’s why it took you so long to show up, or did you need a smoke and a nap afterward.



To quote Good Morning, Vietnam: “ You are in more dire need of a blowjob than any white man in history.”


You’re back again, like a crack addict chasing that glass tit. And again, spewing the same old progressive/liberal party line crap. Only the date has changed. It may be a good idea for you to look up the definition of the words “cult” and “cultist”, I don’t think you quite understand the terms. But then again, people in a cult truly don’t believe they’re in one. You’d have made an excellent Moonie. If you’d bother to peruse news outside of your progressive bubble, you’d see that these indictments are once again weak and laughable. I like your comment “if he was innocent he would be trying to accelerate the trial to happen”. Stalin, Castro, Guevara, all those good leftists would applaud that. You’re a fraud, believing your own lies, happily living the in the liberal dystopia you helped create. May your chains rest lightly in your self-imposed servitude to the progressive cause.


‘Splain it to me, Spapos…

comment image?w=500&ssl=1


Plus, let’s not forget that recently an investigator researching the Michigan voting records and Social Security records of people reported to SSA as deceased found about 9,000 dead people who were registered to vote in Michigan for the past 2020 election. Moreover, Michigan records show most of them actually cast ballots that election. Anyone want to take odds on who the ballots say they “voted” for as President? Oh, I know, the cuttlefish will say they may have voted for Trump; there is no way to know, since we have “secret” ballots.


According to Alice Cooper, dead babies can’t take things off the shelf, but according to Demonrats dead people can cast their votes themselves.


‘Splain this one too…

comment image?resize=520%2C398&ssl=1


If given a ‘Beat a MFer to Death With a Baseball Bat and Get Off Scot-free’ token, this unreasoned cow who’s never accomplished anything in her entire cholesterol-encrusted-arteries life would be in the running.

Personification of oh so much of what is wrong in America.

And yeah, you can quote me and send the info to my FiB handler. He’ll read the email just as his wife’s boyfriend lets him out of the basement.


She was hand picked and groomed to run in a hand drawn, gerrymanded (by race) district. Honor graduate of the J0hn Lew1s/A1 “not so Sharpt0n” school of Y’ALL RAAAAYYCIST. She learned her lessons well. Ain’t even from God’s Country, she just uses the state as her feeding trough. One day when you get bored look up the way political districts are drawn down here. Even down to city and county districts, it’s by race NOT population, and is designed to make sure that even if someone of lighter tan wanted to run, there’s no way they could be elected. MTG is one of the few exceptions and the machine is trying to redraw that area…again. You’ll have little fingers of the lines running hither and yon, putting folks that are on the same street or even next door neighbors in a majority “minority” district. Prior to 1964 most black folks voted Republican, LBJ and the ATL demonrat machine changed all of that. And most of the Repugnicunts are RINOs that play along to get along and are running their own con on We, The People.

Northern Demonrat Carpetbaggers and Freedman’s Bureau Bayonet Rulers solidified their control over politics in Georgia during Reconstruction, starting the whole sharecropper economy/mill villages, keeping most folks in economic bondage, losing the family farm to taxes, or causing many to head west to the Great Plains to start over again.

Remember, ‘Cump Sherman himself said the only way to conquer Georgia was to exterminate the existing population and re-populate the state with “the right people”.

Bitch ain’t paid her back taxes or back pay to her employees yet.


I’ve said this before but Commissar/Комиссар reminds me of a 1/506 2LT who would walk out of his way just to receive a salute.

This 2LT would be walking with the other officers from the parking lot to the door closest to their office and the 2LT would divert to the far door where formation was being held, get saluted and enter the building only to walk back down the hall where the other officers waited.

From the 1SG on down, everybody was pretty sure that after receiving the salute, the 2LT would go “rub one out”. The 1SG changed the formation time to after the 2LT entered the building. As he approached everybody waiting outside for formation streamed into the building and stood in the hallway as he walked past everybody back to his office.

After a week of this happening and the 1SG suggesting the CPT offer the 2LT “counseling” he just entered the far door with the other officers.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

I verbally smoked an officer like that who I caught running towards the building when morning colors started to play. The XO, who witnessed the exchange from his window, thought it was outstanding.

(That was my third “SgtMaj Vines” moment, and totally worth it because the guy was a little prick.)


Um,, I don’t think you get how it actually works! The court can’t HAVE the evidence, the Evidence is presented or refuted IN court.

Unless you are saying that the left already has the evidence and the decision locked in!!😉😉


The indictment was locked in and released online prior to the grand jury’s adjournment. They say it was a “test” that was “accidentally released.” It’s very interesting that the test page was identical to the actual indictment.


You make the mistake of assuming he’s going to get a fair trial. Were you capable of thinking impartially; you would see that based upon your condemnation alone, that’s going to be problematic. We’ve also seen time and again how severely compromised the justice department is and how it has been weaponized. It is only used selectively.

For years Trump had to deal with the fake dossier and other false charges. You, and people like you in the media always making snide comments based upon false allegations. We long ago passed the point where anybody believes anything that people like you say anymore. I won’t ask if you have any shame; because I know you don’t.


Oh boy.
This is among the many new links on DrudgeReport.

What worked in Atlantic City for many years,
stiffing the bills for work performed,
may not end well for doing the same thing to the 2020 lawyers.

[Key Points

  • Several of former President Donald Trump’s allies, including Rudy Giuliani, who are now facing criminal charges for helping him try to overturn the results of the 2020 election were never paid by the Trump political operation for work they did in late 2020.
  • The failure to pay Giuliani and his team came up last week in a private interview between special counsel Jack Smith’s team and Bernard Kerik, a Giuliani associate, according to an attorney for Kerik.
  • Trump and his allies raised $250 million off false claims that were peddled nationwide by people including Giuliani and Kerik, the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot said.
  • That money is now helping Trump pay a small army of lawyers defending him against criminal charges.]


I remember the 1st fake impeachment,
when Trump’s lawyers did an outstanding job.
Remember Philbin ???

And then this…..

[Trump’s attempts to remain in power, according to the indictment and evidence compiled in congressional investigations,
were firmly rejected by Cipollone
and his top deputy, Pat Philbin.

So Trump turned to outside allies including Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman and Kenneth Chesebro, among other legal advisers, to launch what federal prosecutors have called a “criminal scheme” to fraudulently overturn the election.]

[The breakdown of the relationship between Trump and his White House counsel — a lawyer-president arrangement that dates back to Franklin D. Roosevelt —
began in the weeks after the 2020 presidential election.

Cipollone and Philbin at the time were providing “candid” advice to Trump that there was no evidence of fraud that could change the results of the election.

Despite this advice, Trump began to parade outside advisers into the White House for a series of long, contentious and at times nasty meetings about steps he could take to challenge the election.]


Let’s just say that maybe there’s something that will lead to a conviction. Of course, Trump will appeal any conviction, and if the lower court is overturned, it will only serve to show how biased these prosecutors and judges are being. We’ve already established a precedent, between multiple impeachments and the persecution (yes, I use that term) of Trump being the first time a former President has faced criminal charges.

The Left, TDS sufferers (from across the political spectrum), and some left-leaning Moderates and Libertarians along with establishment Republican types might believe Trump to be guilty. My wife is one of the TDS sorts, which makes for some “interesting” conversations at times.

MAGA-types will rally around Trump, and many other voters will see through this facade of “justice” being meted out at the most opportune time. Hence, Trump’s remarks about “one more inditement” to secure next year’s election.

Declaring a former President a “flight risk” or trying to jail or imprison one would be interesting, considering the Former President’s Act. I can see a Dem-controlled Congress pushing a change in the law, though, with Biden or his successor having the choice of signing it and risking the consequences, or being the “Big Guy” and refusing to sign it into law, perhaps even pardoning Trump. You know, “no harm, no foul, I got my second term, you’ll never get yours.”


It would be funny if they changed the law, and it turned around and bit them right in the ass.

Have they forgotten when Harry Reid got rid of the filibuster? That didn’t age well for democrats.


This case is going to be removed to federal court. Anyway, so says the savviest litigator in the U.S.


Personally, I love how there’s video surveillance of an election worker on video in Atlanta, pulling boxes of ballots from up under the table after 2 AM by herself in the room….

And no one bats an eye. No interest in the “News” media to follow up with her. Just statements like, “Oh, that’s completely normal. Nothing to see here.” And that’s it.

If there’s nothing there there, then so be it, but it’s stuff like this that looks suspicious as hell, and makes people like me believe this precinct did everything they could in the wee hours of the morning after election night to ensure they got the result they wanted.


Remember too that Atlanta claimed a water main break where the votes were being counted. Surveillance video in the building at the time showed no such thing.

I’m sure there’s a screen shot somewhere that hasn’t been scrubbed.

Anybody else remember seeing that?


And this one as well, but it’s just CBS reporting on water main break.

Your link (video) is the one I was talking about.


In reality, there was no water main break. There was no flooding of the counting room. That was an excuse to pretend to shut it down so the corruptocrats could carry what they were doing on that video, unobserved.


Music for (next) Monday.
There are others to choose from,
but I’ll start with this.

Monday, Monday – The Mamas & The Papas


Presently just getting a grey box.


It should be working just fine.
Just like the new Mondays music video just below.


Well, well, well.
After all those red minus thumbs down click counts above.

[Trump cancels press conference on election fraud claims, citing attorneys’ advice]
[“Rather than releasing the Report on the Rigged & Stolen Georgia 2020 Presidential Election on Monday, my lawyers would prefer putting this, I believe, Irrefutable & Overwhelming evidence of Election Fraud & Irregularities in formal Legal Filings as we fight to dismiss this disgraceful Indictment,”
he wrote on his social media site Thursday evening.
He added, “Therefore, the News Conference is no longer necessary!”


Enjoy a(nother) Monday song.
[The Boomtown Rats – I Don’t Like Mondays]


Monday cancelled.

2023 08 17 Monday cancelled.jpg

The charges were dismissed without prejudice to a new filing. The prosecutors had to request dismissal because once filed the case comes under the court’s case management system and control. The special counsel will continue to investigate until after the election. When he finally files something in DC or Commiefornia, it will get assigned to a Biden friendly judge and a new sweet-heart plea deal will be submitted for court approval.


Not these charges.
Was your comment meant for a different VG article?