Elon Musk-Mark Zuckerberg fight confirmed-proceeds to go to veterans charities

| August 15, 2023

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have agreed to a mixed martial arts fight. The fight will occur in Rome, Italy, and the proceeds will be going to veterans charities. Although the fight has been confirmed, a set date has not yet been determined. The Italian minister of culture approved the fight and has an “epic location” reserved.

From the Military Times:

Musk, 52, noted there would be a “chance [the] fight happens in [the] Colosseum,” hallowed grounds that once played host to songs of steel and fury authored by decidedly non-techie gladiators.

As the Silicon Valley Skirmish has continued to gain steam, multiple UFC icons have volunteered their services to train the tech bosses.

In the training corner of the shockingly shredded, 5’7, 155-pound Mark “Better off Threads” Zuckerberg are UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski.

Training the 6’2, 187-pound Elon “The Bird Killer” Musk, meanwhile, is none other than UFC legend Georges St-Pierre, who offered to train Musk in June, which Musk accepted.

Massive size difference aside, the fight would inevitably have the chance to be one of the most-viewed bouts in the history of combat sports. The May 2015 Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao boxing match in Las Vegas is currently ranked as the highest-grossing fight, with 4.6 million Pay-Per-View purchases and $410 million in revenue.

The Military Times has additional information here.

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Old tanker

I’m trying really hard, but I can’t seem to work up any interest in this. My meh meter is at max capacity.


I have a barren field myself, O t.


I didn’t even bother to plant this year. Plus, I’m emotionally constipated. I haven’t given a shit in years.


On that topic, why do you “Take a shit”, when you’re actually leaving something?🤣 💩


They get Terry Crews involved as host, ref or fight caller and I’m in.


Yes or Lester Speight. Aka Terry Tate “Office Linebacker!”


This is a job for Mean Gene Okerlund, RIP.

Forest Bondurant

If it’s a fight to the death, then I might watch.

(Probably not…)

I’d like to see Musk destroy Mark “The Cuck” Zuckerberg.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Will real steel be involved? (I hope I hope I hope I hope….)


The latest is Zuck says Musk keeps making excuses, and the fight is off for now.


Not a fan of either of them, but Zuck is serious about his jiu jitsu training. Musk is serious about self-promotion. I couldn’t see any scenario where Musk won.

Green Thumb

One guy is scared.

The other is glad of it.


Panem et circenses.


pagani ad sinistram meam. scurra ad dextram. Hic sum, adhaesit in medio tecum 


Gerry Rafferty approves this message.



This is a real song! Thought it was just a one-off movie piece.
I’ll have to give it a listen then.
/s-> see image, iykyk

Last edited 9 months ago by Roh-Dog

Yup! Stealers Wheel (Gerry Rafferty, lead vocals), 1972. Solo album in 1978 that was awesome (City to City). Part of the soundtrack of my high school years.


Last edited 9 months ago by SFC D

“Baker Street…”



Yep, “Baker Street”, damn good tune. But, as I’ve said before, and fairly recently at that, very depressing lyrics. https://youtu.be/dU6w56epBdc Windin’ your way Down on Baker Street Light in your head And dead on your feet Well, another crazy day You drink the night away And forget about everything This city desert Makes you feel so cold It’s got so many people But it’s got no soul And it’s taken you so long To find out you were wrong When you thought it held everything You used to think that it was so easy You used to say that it was so easy But you’re tryin’, you’re tryin’ now Another year and then you’ll be happy Just one more year and then you’ll be happy But you’re cryin’, you’re cryin’ now Way down the street There’s a light in his place He opens the door He’s got that look on his face And he asks you where you’ve been You tell him who you’ve seen And you talk about anything He’s got this dream About buyin’ some land He’s gonna give up the booze And the one night stands And then he’ll settle down In some quiet little town And forget about everything But you know he’ll always keep moving’ He’s never ever gonna stop movin’ Cause he’s rollin, he’s a rollin’ stone And when you wake up it’s a new mornin’ The sun is shinin’ it’s a new mornin’ But you’re goin’, you’re goin’ home Bitchin’ sax solo and guitar outro Sounds to me like a story about a call girl but, even if it’s not, it’s still a story about two people living lives of quiet desperation with no real connection to each other. Even the optimism of a “new morning” isn’t real because the girl is going home from spending the night with someone who doesn’t really care about her. The song tells the story well, but most people only pay attention to the groove and the sax. I still love the song, but I love it with eyes wide open and as a cautionary tale. I’ll… Read more »


Question for infantry veterans… (Off topic, but fight related)

Is infantry issued large knives and belt loop sheaths?
You know, for carrying (and using) in combat?

Knives would have been highly useful for the jungles of Vietnam.
IMHO – For 21st century Middle East, not so much.



When I was in an infantry company in 2nd MARDIV in the late ’80s, we carried USMC Ka-Bar fighting knives in leather sheaths that we hung on our “Deuce Gear” issue cartridge belts.

During my tours in Iraq, Marine infantry were still carrying USMC Ka-Bars.


Ka-Bar makes an Army-stamped one now… have one, blade’s wide enough to be used a cake-server (don’t worry, it’s not been used to run anyone through).


No. Not recently. In Vietnam, my company in the 4th ID was given a box of issue USAF survival knives. When my Ranger company arrived in Da Nang, the 1st Marine Recon Battalion left us about sixty issue Kabars. So anyone who wanted to carry one in the bush could do so.


I should add my answer was with regard to the Army infantry, which has not issued a combat knife, other than bayonets, since the M3 sheath knife of WWII.


I was given a Gerber ’06 auto. It is a hell of a knife, I still have it. They said they didn’t need them back so I kept it.

I was also given an Applegate folder. Also a pretty decent knife, a little bit longer than I like. Not crazy about the plastic handle, still have it too.

Last edited 9 months ago by 5JC

Took an M3 fighting knife (new-made by original manufacturer worn on my calf in an M6 leather sheath to Asscrackistan (not Infantry, mind you, but liked it better than an M9 bayonet).


comment image


I think I have an original one of those. I know that somewhere in Georgia or Louisiana there’s an old military-issued fighting knife.


No, Army Infantry isn’t. We have the option of buying something to carry, and bayonets are still occasionally issued, though the Army did away with the MOI for rifle and bayonet training. Now pugil day is just a way for Drill Sergeants to let Trainees beat each other down.

I carried my Mark II in Iraq. We didn’t have much in the way of ROE initially, so I had that on my vest, along with an ASP baton. I also had to carry my spare barrel and was issued a bayonet, so I jokingly asked if I could weld a bayonet lug on the barrel. Later in Iraq I ordered a few different Cold Steel knives like the Recon Tanto and the Voyager XL,

In Garrison, most units limit the size of knives that can be carried in uniform. Mostly, you’ll see 3-4″ folding knives and/or the issued Gerber multitool. Occasionally I’d carry my surplus USGI machete (never saw one of those issued, maybe in Hawaii or to those deployed around the Pacific), and that and an extra bright flashlight were my constant companions during OSUT FTXs. I’d usually walk up on the patrol base about 0200, then start hacking away at a branch on the ground. After a few seconds, I’d approach the Privates pulling security and let them know I’d just killed a large snake. Kept them alert. When that failed, I’d coordinate with the other platoons to attached the PB.


We had no shortage of those plastic handled issue machetes in the Viet of the Nam. Wish I had a dollar for every time my guys in the 4th ID had to chop their way through the jungle underbrush with them.

BlueCord Dad



My only concern would be the possibility of damage to Circus Maximus. Other than that, I too am plumb out’v’m.

[see image. 50+% of the fairer population, to some degree or another, can’t read it tho]


I like the simile of Musk as Freedom and Zuck as Socialism. Musk gets a bloody nose because Zuck is a passionate believer in his cause and because Musk didn’t take the threat of Zuck seriously until that moment. Then, Musk knocks Zuck out cold because being able to attack the other doesn’t automatically mean you can withstand any counter-attack.

And that is way more thought given to this ridiculousness than warranted.

Oh look, Aliens!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Why can’t the two of them sit down and play a game of checkers or or Simon Says and at nightime, sit around a campfire singing Sara Sponda Sara Sponda while banging two sticks together……


Oh hell no. I’m more of a pistols at dawn kind of guy. Go big or go home.


The Aaron Burr contingent has been heard from!🤣


Absolutely concur. Matched flintlocks, formal attire, proper seconds.


Irish Code Duello or Southern Code Duello?

Or perhaps this:



What does Vegas give on the odds?


I obviously wasn’t paying attention. Must have been more concerned with the health of my lawn mower or something equally vital…how did this all start between these two emotional twinks?

AW1 Rod

Yeah. File this under “Who gives a shit?”


The circular file?


Only 3 categories. A’s you file, B’s you throw away and there are no C’s.


It ain’t a real fight if there’s no bayonets and brass knuckles involved.


Or switchblades and brass knuckles. This is in Italy, right?


How about pugil sticks for openers, then a fight to the death with M1’s with bayonets?




E-Tools Yes. But not the wimpy tri-fold ones. The real heavy duty wooden handled M1951 E-Tool (5120-00-595-8349) with the pick that pops up when deployed. / s

Bonus NSN: 8465-00-542-6842 – M1956 Carrier, E-Tool, mated w/M8A1 Scabbard for carrying the M6 Bayonet.


Actually, the M1956 was an I-Tool, although never called that. The Army, written right on the cover, spelled it “Intrenching Tool.”

I’ve got one from those days.



Although mine is a lot more worn.


Hey, Thanks for the correction, Sam. I see that I put in a wrong number (542-6842 should be 542-5842) in my post.

Lucky that 542-6842 is not a good number or else we may have ended up getting a Gamma Goat instead of a E-Tool carrier, much like that Armor Bn PLL Clerk, who in the mid-1980’s on Fort Cartoon, ordered a light bulb for a tank and got a boat anchor.



Off topic.

Have you received the August 2023 VFW Magazine?

If so, did you read how it is going digital? (Pages 2 and 6).

There is an option to continue receiving the printed version by mail. One has to call the VFW at 1-833-839-8387 or write to continue receiving the magazine in the mail.

We just called with that request-they asked for our membership number and said we should continue getting the printed copy.

Guess folks will now come after us for killing more trees…😉😎

Just wanted to let you and others know!


Yep, did get it. Didn’t pay any attention to their request as I don’t care if they stop sending the print copy to me. In my view that magazine has dissolved into nothing but advertisements.


Thank You, Claw!

You’re right about all those advertisements…We are guessing the advertisements are keeping the magazine afloat since it looks as if membership has gone down…

* Omaha Steaks
* Stauer
* Coins, Coins, Coins
* Walk In Tubs
* Hearing Aids
* Attends
* Sleep Apena Products
* Law Firms
* Cell Phones
* The Bradford Exchange
* Stairlifts
* Motorized Wheelchairs



Yeah, well, I’m guessing that the print version is taking too big of a cut of the money (275K a year?) that BJ Lawrence gets as a salary for being the Executive Director of VFW Magazine. You know about him, right? Was a CSM’s Jeep Driver in Korea 84-85. However. he somehow joined the VFW in 2000 down in New Mexico while not being eligible (the Korean Defense Service Medal wasn’t created/issued till four years later 2002/2004) and he parlayed that KDSM throughout the years to become the VFW National Commander in 2018. Things have gone downhill from then; he changed the VFW logo to a more woke version.

So, I haven’t had much interest in the VFW magazine since his tenure.


Hey now. That current E-tool can put a hurtin’ on someone if used properly.


I think I’ll watch reruns of the Little League World Series instead.


Does Zuck have to fight in his familiar pseudo-human skin? Or can he morph back into his true reptilian-rodent form?


Maybe Elon will show up with some sort of Tesla-inspired death ray.


Last on X the fight is a no go in Italy
Zuk said no


Zuk the cuck backed out?!

No way. This is what I wanted to see:


Fuck it. I’ll fight them both. Over on “Five Corners” in The Harbor.

Green Thumb

Tbe winner can fight “The Fourth Least Dangerous Man in The World” Ranger “Cio” Stephen Burrell.

An All-Points Logistics production.


I don’t really care to watch grown men get up close and personal; give me women’s college volleyball over MMA or football any day of the week. That said, I’d love to watch Zuckerberg get beat down. Weight isn’t everything, and Musk could gas out quickly, but if he gets in a few good shots before they go to the ground he’ll definitely have a decent chance. That and his reach would give him a definite advantage. I’ve heard that Zuckerberg is serious about BJJ, but that Musk has trained in a few different styles over the years.

If the fight happens, I hope Musk wins. If it doesn’t, so be it, no tears shed by this guy.


Those boys need to be turned over a knee and receive a good spankin


Does anyone remember Woody Allen boxing the kangaroo? I’m picturing something like that. At least the kangaroo was easy to root for.