Textbook Ending to Stellar Career

| August 6, 2023

Missed It By This Much!

‘Sick Joke’: Megan Rapinoe Ends Her Career with Missed Penalty Kick that Costs U.S. the World Cup


The international career of Megan Rapinoe ended in a dramatic penalty shoot-out against Sweden on Sunday with her failed kick at goal helping to send the U.S.A. team crashing out of the soccer World Cup underway in New Zealand and Australia.

Rapinoe and Sophia Smith missed penalties that could have given the U.S. the win, and Kelley O’Hara missed the Americans’ final shot to give Sweden the opening it needed.

In an interview after the dramatic finish to the contest staged in Melbourne, Australia, Rapinoe said: “I mean, this is like a sick joke. For me personally, this is like dark comedy that I missed a penalty. This is the balance to the beautiful side of the game. I think it can be cruel.”


There was a time not too long ago when I enjoyed watching the US women’s soccer team. As for Rapinoe the job, sweetheart, was to kick the ball through a target the size of a two-car garage. So the final act of her US hating virtue-signaling woke career was to torpedo her team’s chances on the world stage?
Awesome. I would have watched that.

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She laughed about it. As if it was amusing afterward. She could have stayed home for as useful as she was.


Yes! Yes!…
I LOVE IT when BAD things happen to BAD people…


I’m still laughing after reading this earlier today. Seems an appropriate ending for her and all those on the team that supported her… Does this answer why they weren’t getting equal pay as the mens team? well that and the fact that no-one watches their shit-show??


*woke shit-show*. FIFY

Any pay they got was too much. Now we can all hope she will go away quietly.

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Maybe she can coach the girls mens team.


Maybe they should go on a tour and take on local boys high school soccer teams. It’ll be amusing if nothing else.


Seems like they lost the last time they tried that too.. maybe middle school boys team this time?


It was a U15 (under 15) team they loat to 8th and 9th grade boys


Ok, maybe they should try pre-school boys?


Megan who? Too many Megan’s trying to raise Cain to be Abel to care!


The Hotties beat the Snotties! She(?) coulda been a contender but she(?) elected to be a pretender. Bless Her(?) Heart.


Why bless her heart…at least she tried!

Herbert J Messkit

I recorded the game. When I got up this am, I read they lost, and forwarded to the end. I’ve watched it several times since, laughing out loud.


Perhaps the next iteration of US women’s soccer will realize they’re there to play soccer, not act as social justice warriors. Or, maybe they’ll all get replaced by trans women, i.e. men. Megan Rapinoe had no problem with that. But then again, she had nothing to lose when she made that statement.

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We could perhaps pay the U15 boys to “identify” as our womens’ team.

Better play, at least.


Great. Now she can be a talking head on one of those shows I don’t watch. Works for me!


If a person is on a TV show no one watches, does she make a sound?🤣

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Don’t get into that.
Next thing you know, even though she’s ranting, if no one is listening, she’ll claim infringement of her 1A rights, and then we’ll all be FORCED to listen.


Dude, it was a philosophical exercise 🤣


Not if you’re watching something else…  😀 


Yes. A long whining sound.


She can take if off for Playgirl.


If you can stomach it, there are laughs to be had on X/Twitter … two types are defending her: screeching harpies who majored in Gender Studies, and pathetic white knighting beta fanbois … both types are getting destroyed by the average commenter


Woke rhymes with Choke…!!!


Or smoke…
Half right, FACE
Front leaning rest position, MOVE
The push-up!
In cadence!


Over your head I reckon…


Nope. Got it just fine.


You forgot to say that it is a four-count exercise!

Green Thumb


A Proud Infidel®™

So now I wonder if the left will continue to put her on stage as one of their useful idiots, or will she join Bradley manning and Cindy Sheehag on the Ash Heap of Formerly Useful Idiots?


I’m going with ash heap.

RGR 4-78

I figure she will get some airtime before starting a slow slide into obscurity.




That’s perfectly fine. Four years from now it will be a whole team of women with johnsons and testicles as far as the eye can see. Then we will give the country a team to proud of.


I don’t know why she wanted to play for a team representing a country that she hates! Maybe the $$$??????????


The money she claimed wasn’t on par with the male athletes? It’s still money, wasn’t it?


I’m loathe to admit it, but I side with that bitch Rapinoe on this. She missed an important shot and what other option does she have than laugh or cry? Also, her specific kick was not what lost the match.

Despicable thought she might be as an American, she’s been a successful athlete and failing to win a World Cup after already winning two is hardly shameful.

That said, I’m happy she lost and I’m happy that part of that was due to her screwing the pooch.

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RGR 4-78

She’s no Billie Jean King.


Well, bye!

Daisy Cutter

switching teams.jpg

And who doesn’t like hot Swedish women.

Daisy Cutter

A: Megan Rapinoe

Daisy Cutter

Sorry, that’s Swedish men. I screwed that up.


Me-again “CHOKE!” Rapinoe… aka THE CHOKER!


Somebody will be along shortly, here or the MSN, to say Trump was mean to her when what he said was true.


comment image


So in the end, I guess she just wasn’t as good as she thougt she was…the pressure got to her!


She failed at failing.
They imploded at 1500 miles an hour she imploded much slower, but imploded nonetheless. It’s pretty bad when you suck at sucking. Oh wait, she’s not into that.

Mike B

Problem here is some athletes get too damn big for their britches, all the fame goes to their heads with them thinking the game and the world revolves around them.

When they need to step up and do what they are paid to do, they screw the pooch, choke, or whatever term for FAIL you wish to use.

Instead of playing the game, they are too damn busy telling everyone else how to live, how to vote, and what to believe, all while condemning those who don’t take their side. They were probably “Spoiled Entitled Brats” when they were little and never evolved into adults.


Well, we live in a society where fame equals BIGGER VOICE. Sorry for the bolded all caps, but let’s admit it, if you’re a known name your opinion counts, period. Especially if you’re on the Left, “woke”, or support the “New Thing”.

We see this with actors (why in the hell should I care what Alec Baldwin [Gun Expert] has to say about guns?), musicians (Lizzo, what’s that?), “influencers” (Mulvaney has a platform and a following, albeit not quite in the same Light that Bud thought), and of course, athletes (Rapinoe can run off with LeBron for all I care). Heck, we even see it with MSM “personalities” like the (mostly fired) CNN broadcasters from 2020. I can’t count how many times I saw Lemon, Cuomo, Stelter, or others provide an opinion as opposed to actual objective news. Oh, and let’s not forget politicians. I get it, we’re going to hear about the opinion of someone like Trump or Biden, but why in the hell do I know what AOC, Omar, or some other Representative or even Senator from a state I don’t live in thinks about anything?

We common folk are drowned out by the fact that someone of importance has an opinion. That opinion must be forced down our throats, and yes, Conservatives can be bad about that as well.

If you’re paid to play with balls, do so and enjoy your paycheck. It’s doesn’t matter if you’re on the USWNT or OnlyFans.

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I never liked the sport anyway so I could care less what the purple-haired guy does/did, but part of me thinks she might have missed the goal on purpose to tank the USA team. You know, since she hates the country so much.


This is the synopsis that I got as a someone who lacks the time to do my own research but has plenty of time to watch commentary on YouTube and read these pages.

Last game of the career. Had they moved on, would her career have continued through the World Cup? Don’t know, don’t really care. She might have just decided to embarrass the US while going home early. She might have figured “it’s my last game, why make the effort”, she might have given her all trying to ensure her teammates, with or without her, moved on towards the end goal (no pun intended) of winning the Cup. We’ll never know, and her legacy will be questionable. Skilled? Undoubtably. But Rapinoe will be best remembered for this last moment of mediocrity when it mattered most.

Prior Service

I’ve read so many articles talking about her losing that now the Fb algorithm is flooding me with her in all her glory. Funny, half the articles are sympathetic but when you get into the comments it’s generally running about 25:1 against her. Puts a smile on my face every time.

Sadly, some of her team mates actually tried to do the right thing but got massively overshadowed by her Barneyness. Can’t wait till trans females put the rest of your ilk on the bench because there ain’t no putting the genie back in.


If Martin Short and Bryan Adams had a gayby, it would look like Rapinoe