Donald Trump indicted for January 6 related charges

| August 2, 2023

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Donald Trump is hit with a second federal level indictment related to Jack Smith’s investigation. Trump was indicted for conspiracy to do the following: defraud the United States, obstruct official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights. Donald Trump was ordered to report to Washington DC for arraignment in federal court.

From Fox News:

Reacting to the charges, a Trump campaign spokesperson told Fox News Digital that “this is nothing more than the latest corrupt chapter in the continued pathetic attempt by the Biden Crime Family and their weaponized Department of Justice to interfere with the 2024 Presidential Election, in which President Trump is the undisputed frontrunner, and leading by substantial margins.”

“But why did they wait two and a half years to bring these fake charges, right in the middle of President Trump’s winning campaign for 2024? Why was it announced the day after the big Crooked Joe Biden scandal broke out from the Halls of Congress?” the spokesperson asked.

“The answer is, election interference!” the spokesperson continued. “The lawlessness of these persecutions of President Trump and his supporters is reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930s, the former Soviet Union, and other authoritarian, dictatorial regimes.”

“President Trump has always followed the law and the Constitution, with advice from many highly accomplished attorneys,” the spokesperson said. “These un-American witch hunts will fail and President Trump will be re-elected to the White House so he can save our Country from the abuse, incompetence, and corruption that is running through the veins of our Country at levels never seen before.”

The spokesperson added: “Three years ago we had strong borders, energy independence, no inflation, and a great economy. Today, we are a nation in decline. President Trump will not be deterred by disgraceful and unprecedented political targeting!”

The indictment comes after Trump had announced he received a target letter from the Justice Department, which also asked that he report to the federal grand jury. Trump said he anticipated “an arrest and indictment.”

Smith was investigating whether Trump or other officials and entities interfered with the peaceful transfer of power following the 2020 presidential election, including the certification of the Electoral College vote on Jan. 6, 2021.

Fox News has additional information here.

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They want to jail him awaiting trial.
Go ahead…I dare you. I double dare you.


I am on your side on this one. I also double dare them to jail him awaiting trial.

Though part of me wants to see him try to run.


We all seek validation for our weird points of view from time to time. You are going to have to be denied.


I also double dare them to jail him awaiting trial.

So we are in concordance! Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in jail which made him a multimillionaire, selling over 10 million copies.

It’s almost like the machine wants an irreparable schism between the rest of us that understand the evils inherent in all governments and the idiots that still believe it works for We the People.

Why do The They want him reelected so badly for the third time?

∆v/∆t=the end of this iteration.

“Prepare.” –Redleg

Last edited 8 months ago by Roh-Dog

Book deals are not what I am referring to. And you know that.

Forest Bondurant

That didn’t take long.

All it took was for a post to appear about Trump, and being the insufferable cocksucker that you are, you just HAD to appear.

Just a matter of time before your’re proven wrong – AGAIN.


Fishing is all about using the right bait. In this case, an orange lure worked like magic.


The orange man bad lure works every time, if you are fishing for commie cuttlefish.


All right fucker I laughed way too hard at this.

**polite golf clap 👏 **


Wrong about what this time?


He is truly clueless in commieland.

Forest Bondurant

Wrong about Russian collusion…Wrong about the “coup” attempt in Russia…Wrong about how the FBI conducted the raid at Mar-a-Lago, and the pretense for it…Wrong about the authenticity of the Steele Dossier…Wrong about the effectiveness of masks during the COVID-19 pandemic…Wrong when you stated, “There is no child genital mutilation happening in the U.S. with regards to gender dysphoria” when there actually is. 

That’s just for starters.


Apparently, the commie cuttlefish doesn’t consider anyone over eight years old a “child.” Funny how that works. According to the principles of progtardism, a gang-banger who is 18 is a “child,” cuz he is a teenager.




Shacking in my jump boots.

OIP (25).jpg


2L1EaNP dem corr.png

Another indictment…
Another few points in the polls…


These bumps don’t last.

They are just ego reactionary polling tantrums among conservatives.

Short term angsty acts of defiance against the “deep state”.

Trump average favorability across several polls is negative 15.9. He has been slowly dropping. A point or two after each indictment.

He hovering at 40% favorability, which is very close to has all time lowest average score of 39%.


It’s almost like you don’t really understand the terms “weaponizing of the DOJ” …. “wag the dog” ….. “bullshit” mean. More like deliberately obtuse.

Not 39%!!!! You know who is 39% with a 54% disapproval rating according to the NYT poll last week? No? I’ll give you a clue he pressured the prime minister of the Ukraine into firing his AG fired for investigating a bribery scheme involving his son.


The conversation is whether these indictments create lasting approval bumps for Trump.

They don’t.

The fact that Biden is unpopular has nothing to do with this conversation.


You are not one to lecture anyone on staying on subject. You’re the king of hijacking a thread and steering it where you want it to go. Tuck it back in and sit.


He likely tucks on a regular basis. Just before he applies his makeup.


That’s your conversation and question. I don’t have a dog in that fight. I do find it amusing to refute your lies though.

USMC Steve

Glad to see you admit that senile sammy the fake prez is not popular.


The latest beach pics I saw show Brandon being led around by his head handler, the eponymous “Doctor” Jill.


Please link your website that shows his favorability dropping. You say several polls but list not one to back up your claim.

You come to this site like a seagull. You fly in, make a bunch of noise, attempt to shit on everything and then leave.

To your point, even at 40%, he is still polling higher than his competitors. There are more trump supporters than detractors.


According to the RCP aggregator (a very reliable source) Trump polled 42.8% overall approval rating for his first term and Biden is at a cumulative 42.1% term to date. So no matter how bad commie hates Trump, more people Biden hate more.


Your post does not address the question at hand…

Do these indictments help Trump’s polls?

They don’t.


In the biggest loser contest I will point out that 40.5% is still higher than 39%, and dropping like a rock.


You’re still laboring under the illusion that these indictments are all in the name of “justice”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even a closed-minded, blinder-wearing, fully indoctrinated progressive liberal can see that this is 100% political, a blatant attempt to sabotage Trump politically. The plan is to hamstring his campaign by forcing him to play defense and expend his campaign warchest on legal fees. Just another version of “death by 1,000 cuts”. Love Trump or hate him, this is a weaponization of the American justice system that should terrify every system. The FBI, ATF, and the IRS are leading the charge and it ain’t just against Trump. And, as always, you’re a fraud. Hey, how long till you stomp off in anger and say you’re never coming back? How many times have you done that?


The Just Us system needs a Mk48 ADCAP under her keel.

And it ain’t just because of PDJT, but oh so many reasons…

Thank God Almighty that the system is abusing him so, all out in the open, without a hint of danger or commorse.

I. Want. MORE.


Who are you and what have you done with -Dog?


My God he’s gone over to the other side! Roh-Dog! Stay outta the danger zone!


Dude he committed the damn crimes openly and in public, often on live TV.

He has even made incriminating statements acknowledging he committed crimes as a response to indictments.

Even the January 6th crimes he has said he was just listening to advisors and doing what they recommended.

As for echo chambers and partisan media…

Most republicans still don’t believe Trump took and refused to return classified documents. This despite Trump openly acknowledging that he took that and kept them during TV interviews. Even calling the documents “his” and saying he had an “absolute right” to take them.

There is no piercing echo chamber you have willfully sealed yourself into.


I’m not exactly a Trump sycophant. If he committed crimes, a fair system would address them in a reasonable manner in an attempt to obtain Justice. This in not a quest for justice, it’s an operation solely intended to keep Trump out of the oval office. Nothing more. Political machinations the likes we’ve never seen. We’re not even trying to hide or disguise it anymore. In the eyes of liberal democrats, the ends justify the means. If you had anything resembling reading comprehension, you’d realize I’m not defending Trump, I’m attacking the partisan, politicized, weaponized use of federal agencies to torpedo his campaign. It’s wrong, no matter who the target. You can’t see anything past “Orange Man Bad”.


Nailed it, SFC D…And, once again, nailed the SPAPOS Seagull. Only good thing about the Sissy Punk Asinine Piece Of Sh^t Seagull showing up here is it gets the comment count up. For his sake, I do pray that (a) he seeks help and/or (b) his chains rest lightly. “There are none so blind as those that will not see.” His hatred of Orange Man is so overpowering that it is almost sad…almost.

I, too, was not a Trump fan boi in the beginning. I had met him, albeit very briefly, at a business meeting way back yonder in the early ’80s. He struck me as the atypical Nu Yawk Shitty bombastic, self centered, egotistical maniac. Has he done some shady stuff? Most probably, you don’t become a billionaire by being a Boy Scout. However, unlike the current (s)elected PINO, he has NOT been a lying, grifting, pig slurping at the public trough for longer than the SPAPOS has been alive. Trump’s greatest accomplishments, to date, are (a) he prevented the Murderous Bitch from Hell becoming (p)resident of 1600 PA Ave and he ripped the veil off of the sewer that is politics in Sodom on the Potomac. Comparing the price of anything today to what it was 3 years ago will tell you how bad things have gotten for the average working person. And we won’t even discuss the open border and what all our foreign enemies are doing to “…fundamentally change the face of America…” Wonder how Barry’s fingers and black eye are healing? No takers on the open chef’s gig at MV yet?

IMHO we saw the last semi fair election in ’16. The nefarious activities of ’20 and since have shown us that we are to become subjects, not citizens, and the ’24 campaign will be an EINO (election in name only).

No one is coming to save us, but us…and those like us.

Prepare. I’m placing another order with SGA and MPS today.


EINO?! I’m “acquiring” that!

The more shit The They pull the more ‘consent of the governed’ they lose.

Shame, that.

How ’bout some Apmex or JM Bullion?

(don’t violate opsec on my acount tho!!!)

Last edited 8 months ago by Roh-Dog

Beans ‘n boolits are gonna be worth more than bullion. Watch.


In 2020, True the Vote only found 2000 mules depositing bogus ballots in drop boxes. They limited their definition of “mules” to people depositing dozens of ballots. This time in 2024 there will be tens of thousands of mules depositing ballots in drop boxes. In many states this procedure for voting fraud has been legalized. In addition, an election expert has found that about 10,000 people who are listed as deceased on the SSA records voted in Michigan in 2020. Morover, he found records of almost 9,000 so called voters who were over 100 years old. Anyone here believe there are thouands of competent, live voters in Michigan who are over 100 years old?


If I may, what would ‘justice’ look like for Trump if these charges are true? How would this play out differently if it were just about justice?

Honest question.


Good to see you chime in, LC. Welcome Home. If he is, in fact, truly guilty of anything other than this all being about political grandstanding, then he should be prosecuted (not persecuted) with appropriate punishment under the law. That being said, every other politician/public figure should be prosecuted, tried, and if found guilty, be punished for their crimes. I think that the biggest problem most of us have with this case is it seems to be a double standard applied. There is no doubt that laws were broken by the current and past administrations/public officials that were either blown off or swept under the table. The sewer of the District of Criminals is not only deep, it is wide and the sewer denizens are protecting one another. How much more evidence is needed to prove to the American People that Kongress Klowne Kritters ARE NOT working for us, they are working for themselves. The whole “rules for thee, but not for me” is alive and well. That is what doomed Trump from the beginning. He was an outsider and, IMHO, was honestly trying to do what he thought was best for the Country. We should NOT be the world’s policeman and we should NOT be the world’s welfare Sugar Teat.


He wouldn’t be the only one singled out for indictment. Hilary walks. Many of Hunter Biden’s charges, and his father’s by extension, were either slow walked till the statute of limitations ran out or are in the process of being plea-bargained down to a time out. Joe’s blatant access for money schemes are ignored. Obama and Holder skate on “Fast and Furious”, we’re still pretty pissed about that in Arizona. Do you see the pattern here?


For those unaware of what was in that plea agreement, which is still binding on the DOJ, Hunter was granted full immunity from prosecution for any crimes of whatever nature he has committed up to the date of the agreement. The only issue is whether the judge is going to go along with the sentencing terms and only give him probation. The gun felonies are basically dismissed by diversion, which never occurs in any other gun case. Diversion for a gun charge is like saying we are dropping the bank robbery charges because the robber is going to Robbers Anonymous weekly for the next year.


Hunter’s lawyers say immunity is part of the plea agreement. DOJ says no it ain’t. Judge says I’m not signing off on this, come back with more details.

USMC Steve

False again.


I want this to go to trial. I want to see Trump’s team call everybody the J6 Scammers refused to call as witnesses.
Drunk Ass Nancy-why did you refuse to have extra security?
Capitol Police Chief-why did the police escort folks around the building?
FBI/CIA-exactly how many of your operatives dressed a protestors participated/encouraged others?
FBI/CIA-why in country with 400 million guns nobody brought one to an “insurrection”?


It is called “Lawfare”, and it is a vicious, corrupt game exclusively played by proggy D-rat lawers.


It’s a two-edged sword and the Repugs are taking copious notes.


And only notes. They will do nothing else but say we need to investigate more.

Spineless ass hats 90% of them.

USMC Steve

False. Be glad there are no independent fact checkers here or you would be banned.


OK, what dirt was being exposed on Biden and family at the time of these indictments. It seems every single time an indictment comes down, Joe and crew had some type of unfavorable news about them being “reported” in the “news”.

Also, what was the reason when Jack Smith was introduced, that whoever introduced him said he would be making a statement, taking no questions, and any questions should be directed to the introducer. Wouldn’t this prosecutor be smart enough to answer questions directed to him, or were they afraid Jack Smith would give an incorrect answer that could be used by Trump’s legal team to destroy their case.


Maybe Jack Smith just opened pandoras box?


Citizen Free Press?


And Lauro knows Trump is guilty. His only legal defense is political rhetoric. Leverage a PR campaign to keep Trump cultists loyal and motivated and delay legal proceeding with nonsense distractions until the election and hope Trump wins.

RGR 4-78

On June 24,2023 Commisar stated.

I’m out. This is too important an event to waste time watching it play out with an audience of nitwits.”

You were wrong then (about the Russian coup). And you came back, again.

And the funniest thing about your later statements about the Russian Coup, was that they were posted after news reports stated that the coup had ended.


I’m reminded of lyrics written by Mr. Jagger and Mr. Richards:

“And I went down to the demonstration
To get my fair share of abuse”.

He’s not here for the commentary.


I’m reminded of the narrative the FiB and intel talking heads gave on national TV about how the Hunter laptop from hell was a russian disinfo op even when they knew it wasn’t, while ex-agents sat down with the DNC and Joebot advisers to war-game the response to the compromising information, knowing full well all of that very well could have swayed the stollen (s)election in 2020, the year of ‘mostly peaceful’ protests engineered to destabilize the US of A by way of chai-knees spywear and a complicit media to all the above.

Last edited 8 months ago by Roh-Dog

They left themselves an out when they said it “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation”. They stopped just short of saying it “is” a Russian information operation. Well-chosen weasel words guaranteed to mislead the public into buying into the misinformation defense. And it worked. Plausible deniability.


That ‘totally safe and totally effective’ technique should have some consequences yet McCabe still has his pension and whoever lied to secure those FISA warrants is a free man.

Remember Obama, Rice, Comey, then-CIA Director John Brennan, then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and then-Vice President Joe Biden were all in the room when they discussed the fruit from the poisonous tree that was Crossfire Hurricane?

“…by the book”

Fucking House bitch ass cucks too fucking scared to impeach 0bummer and Xiden over that shit has led us to the fucking mess of today.

Good job, dicks. Good job.

But if one of us plebs misremembers what we had for lunch on 06JUN2014 we’d be doing a dime for hurting the FiB’s feelwings.


Here’s the problem’s solution simplified…Prepare.

comment image?w=505&ssl=1

If we could just find some of each.

Last edited 8 months ago by KoB

Were Democrats EVER opposed to war?

They all voted to invade Afghanistan they all voted to invade Iraq. Clinton sent troops into The Balkans. Carter sent troops into Iran. They jumped into the Vietnam War and then expanded it. Democrats got us into world War I and world War II and the war of 1812.

The further back we go the more complicit they are. Democrats invaded Haiti, Russia, Mexico, Honduras, Cuba, etc. The list goes on and on.

They left the union to support slavery and then attacked the US at Fort Sumter. Democrats love war. Especially if the war supports big business.


Prepare.” –Cannoncocker

Sheeeeet, homie. I’m always up for the git down. Fucking canned tuna (the gooder stuff) is 30% more than it was last year.

Kinda a big deal when one buys 40* cans at a time. (*can’t tell me there’s a limit and expect me not to cheat! it’s a separate trip if my car is in the next parking lot)

That bastard Bribe’m.

Fucking $80 worth of milk in that picture soon… and them rational folks ain’t missing. They’ve been ‘made soft by easy times’.


Fucking-A right.


When you think you have enough of anything…double what you have of it…and then double it again. That’s what we call a good start.


Not a chance. A middle schooler could look at the data and declare it legit. All they did was commit hari Kari for the deep state, noble ninjas.


Are you implying he is here for the digital tongue lashing? Is he the digital equivalent of the gimp in “Pulp Fiction,” but a voluntary participant?


Get out of my head!

I almost suggested he’d be back after his ‘happy sock’ slurping shenanigans and time in the box.

Pulp gimp.jpeg
Last edited 8 months ago by Roh-Dog

Implying? Absolutely not! I’m absolutely declaring it! Gimpissar!



Laughed so hard I strained a muscle.


I’ve been wrong about a lot of things! And I’m proud of it!!!

p.s. – wanna see my “empiric data”?


You whip that “empiric data” out up in here it’s getting torn off and shoved in your dorkhole.

RGR 4-78

I talked to your girlfriend(?), she(?) said your “empiric data” is rather small and insignificant.


“ His only legal defense is political rhetoric.”

Or the fact that every investigation, impeachment and indictment has turned out to be nothing, or complete lies.

You are correct about one thing- it’s been done right in our faces. The scary thing is that if THEY can do this to a former CinC and also a billionaire, how could any of us “regular” citizens, ever fight it? Probably the reason we have had citizens sitting in prison over J6 when they walked through the capital? It was SUPER STUPID, but not an insurrection. The previous summer, with pats on the back of people that burned and pillaged our country and private property was more of an insurrection. I get though, they were part of the “cool” crowd, right?

I honestly can’t understand how people on the left will continually make excuses for their politicians to lie, cheat and steal right in front of us, but fully support known lies that actually do damage to our republic. What is your plan, when the republicans really start acting like the Dems and shoe is then on the other foot? I guess we’ll really hear wailing and gnashing of the teeth from the left then!

Forest Bondurant

Yeah, then go read the last indictment. It is void of any syllable that describes what effect the crimes he’s alleged to have committed, and are nothing more than Democrat talking points. The fact that a grand jury bought off on that bullshit is clear evidence how this is being orchestrated.


A District of Criminals grand jury would not only indict a ham sandwich, but they would also indict the wrapper it came in, along with the door-dash driver.


That plan has been working for Biden so far.


Anyone else notice that this came out just as the USA’s credit rating was lowered?

Surely a coincidence. /s


The credit rating was lowered primarily due to stupid brinkmanship by republicans on the debt ceiling, and by the fact that the Trump administration cut taxes while simultaneously massively increased spending…

Trump added $2T a year to the national debt during his term. Obama added $1T a year.

If this was a distraction then is was well coordinated and republicans, including Trump, were in on it.


Um No. Once again I ask the rhetorical; “Are you ever tired of being wrong?” The answer is always no, that is why it is rhetorical.

.023 Google seconds later…

“In Fitch’s view, there has been a steady deterioration in standards of governance over the last 20 years, including on fiscal and debt matters, notwithstanding the June bipartisan agreement to suspend the debt limit until January 2025,”

Reading is fun.

Like I said the other day, it isn’t just the military people are losing confidence in.


Your Google search just showed what I said.

The “notwithstanding” in this context means they were not impressed with the fact that they reached an agreement AFTER the brinkmanship. Because they just kicked the can down the road on the continued brinkmanship.

And the reference to fiscal and debt matters is precisely what I was referring to.

Deficit spending has been increasing dramatically over the last two decades. But nobody was more reckless with respect to deficit spending than Trump. Cutting taxes while increasing spending is exactly what the phrase “steady deterioration of governance, including on fiscal and debt matters” means.

Biden has reduced deficit spending from the the levels Trump had, and he has increased revenue. But not enough… and it is clear we lack the bipartisanship necessary to manage our debt or even be trusted to pay our obligations.


No it did not. You said:

The credit rating was lowered primarily due to stupid brinkmanship by republicans on the debt ceiling, and by the fact that the Trump administration cut taxes while simultaneously massively increased spending

It doesn’t say anything about that. Unless Trump was President 20 years ago or the the Democratic Party suddenly changed into the Republican Party without anyone noticing. Trump is mentioned zero times in Fitch’s statement. The Dems have been playing stupid games with the budget over the last 20 years too.

Not only are you not tired of being wrong now you don’t even run away and hide like normal (after a few tears of frustration) you just post more lies in the same exact thread.

So now I gotta ask; How stupid are you or, do you think we are that dumb? Probably a little of both I imagine.

USMC Steve

Nope. Wrong again.


“a steady deterioration in standards of governance over the last 20 years,”

They must be new to the US.


The Fitch staff was upset at the low turnout during NYC’s ‘pride’ parade.

They took it out on all of us.

Last edited 8 months ago by Roh-Dog

4T was the CovAIDS grift, you nugget.

They are not the same.

Not all evil is comparable, Xiden is mostester awful as he is the subsumer-in-chef (siC)

Climate and infrastructure bills will add near-zero durable GDP and are directly responsible for the downgrade.

Honestly, who cares at this point? When heels up Harris gets slotted she’ll just EO up budgets and laws because she’s a tyrant and thinks that is acceptable.


Trump was significantly outspending Obama even before Covid.


Good point, he’s gotta come back and finish his eight years. Thank you for your support. I now see why people start supporting Trump after a barrage of non-stop lies from the left. I’ve learned something from you today. Probably wasn’t what you intended.


I don’t think you have learned anything new the last few decades.

You are immune to new information or changing your mind.

It is literally as though you climbed out of a Cold War bunker after decades underground hiding from the “commies”, and immediately joined the Trump cult.

You even still use red scare rhetoric in your posts.

The fact that you think I am communist makes it clear you didn’t even understand much before you climbed into that bunker decades ago.

Last edited 8 months ago by Commissar

I’m immune to you changing my mind because well reasons. Reasons being I don’t want to be like you because reasons.


What’s even scarier, Lars, is that you fail see that while the communists have changed their jingoistic rhetoric, their goals of political conquest remain unchanged.

But then, no one here would have expected that of you…


He’s worse than a Communist…
He’s a Democrat. He tries to sell a false bill of goods. He tries to be your friend while he’s stealing our future with an unholy alliance to the WEF and the New Global Political Order. Communists come straights at you, but Democrats come at from behind. Watch you six


Last time I looked, the Constitution said Congress appropriated and spent money, not the President. I even seem to remember Congress (Democrat at the time, of course) going to court to force the President (Nixon?) to spend money appropriated by Congress.

When did all that change?


you are so willfully ignorant that you’ve become the ostensive definition of the term.

USMC Steve

One more falsehood…


Trump arraignment syndrome.

Guess committing crimes right out in the open and often on live TV will catch up to you, even if you are rich and powerful.

This career criminal was given a pass his entire life. Crimes settled as civil fines, criminal chargers filed against his organization instead of against Trump himself, outright criminal fraud treated as a civil matter between private parties, tax evasion ignored until the statute of limitations passed, money laundering treated as a low key diplomatic problem, embezzling treated as a civil matter, charity fraud treated as a civil matter…

This guy has never been held accountable, so he thought he could just crime openly and throw other people’s money at the problem.


It will catch up to you unless your name rhymes with Poseidon.


Biden’s son is getting convicted. Even his rejected plea deal only covered part of the crimes he is being investigated for.

If you have evidence Biden is corrupt I would love to see it public.

I don’t want Biden on the next ticket. I am tired of our kleptocratic gerontocracy.

So are most Americans.


Since many here (once again) turn to whataboutisms,
as the media continues to trot out a 2024 rematch,
where both clearly need to retire,
and both parties need to find better candidates
(the GOP has a few, I see NONE from the Dems)….

I’d like to see both Biden and Trump on a polygraph
(that’ll never happen),
the next best thing,
both Biden and Trump eventually testifying under oath.

This is why I pulled up the Seinfeld / Costanza video snip today.


“If you have evidence Biden is corrupt I would love to see it public”.

Are you willfully ignorant or just blinded by ideology? You need to get out more.


He probably believes that the coke they found at the WH was a can of soda and doesn’t understand the hub-bub.


The coke was found in a high traffic area used for visitor access.

Who do you think it belongs to? The president?


Do you truly believe that the Secret Service has absolutely no clue as to how it got there? Do you believe the security in the White House is that lax? I find it very hard to believe that the video surveillance system in the White House has less coverage than what you’d currently find in an average AIT barracks.


See what I mean?


Well of course you don’t want Biden now, he is losing. Only a fool would jump on that sinking ship.


I didn’t want a geriatric democratic establishment president to begin with.

It pisses me off these assholes are clinging to power into their 80s and 90s.

The fact that the economy is likely to have a major setback by the end of 2024, and that Biden is already unpopular is a nail in the coffin.

Biden’s only hope is that Trump or DeSantis is the nominee.

Trump can’t win. And DeSantis is a clown with no charisma or ability to relate to human beings at all.

However, it is early, and I am worried Republicans will rally around someone that can win. All they need to do is beat Biden, likely during a recession, it should not be that hard.

Fortunately, so far Republican seem to insist on losing by continuing to mindlessly follow Trump, while leaning on someone even more unelectable like DeSantis as their backup plan.

Last edited 8 months ago by Commissar

I’m sorry I got you all wrong. Who did you vote for in the last election? Clearly opposed to Biden so it couldn’t have been him.

Last edited 8 months ago by 5JC

SPAPOS is a Bernie Boi Cuck, 5Guy…a true disciple of his masters at Bezerkly U.


“ If you have evidence Biden is corrupt I would love to see it public.” Easy! It’s in the news and out of the mouth of KJP every GD day. You either see it and know it or you are complicit by ignoring it because he’s “on your side”

No surprise at all, the left has been crooked for years. BUT,,, so are most Republicans. I have very little trust in them either. They’re just more of the swamp! Otherwise, we would see some investigations and impeachment charges ( like we did the entire 4 years of Trump, all proven to be lies)

I was not a Trump supporter until after he became president. Didn’t trust him as a candidate and former democrat. Then, his policies and leadership not only help the Americans but also several countries around the world. The whole time, doing it while being stabbed in the back bully the republicans and stabbed in the front by Democrats.

I measure the success of a president by how things run at the Blaster home. Which is paid for. In fact, myself and Mrs. Blaster only have 2 car payments other than regular utilities and insurance. Additionally, I am currently making the most annual income that I ever have. Our level of living should be at the top, but it’s not. All due to the ridiculous economy under the current administration. Kids regulation, spending, given billions of dollars in taxpayer money to Ukraine, so it can be funneled back into his pocket as well as those of his ilk. You sir, spread lies and you do so willingly or have to be extremely ignorant and gullible to buy into leftist talking points.


Awesome post. Now do the Bidens, the Clintons, the Obamas…


The Clinton’s were corrupt. I have posted that for years here. I despised the Clintons.

I have seen no evidence of Obama corruption.

And no evidence of Biden corruption.

There is a reason right wing media uses terms like “Biden crime family”, or reference criminal activity by Hunter Biden as criminal activity by “the Bidens”.

It is because they have nothing showing Biden himself is involved.

If there is something I would love to see it. You would be doing libs a favor forcing Biden to stay off the ticket in 2024.

And I hate to see a corrupt politician get away with it. If they are actually corrupt.

Every time I see Clinton on TV I am at risk of having an aneurysm as my blood pressure rises. Same is true for dozens of other corrupt pieces of shit that won’t just go away.

I have been complaining about the Clintons on here since the beginning.


“Right wing media” is a hilarious term! But if you are talking about conservative news outlets call the Biden’s criminals, I’d have to say that they learned it from the left wing media during the Trump years.

Oh BTW, after it was all said and done, and even you swore it to be true, it was all found to be hoaxes started by the clintons or democrat doj- lower case spelling was on purpose!


I call it the department of jokes now


Stolen. Thank you.

Forest Bondurant

If you look for MSNBC or CNN Inauguration Day coverage (2016), you’ll find more than 1 example where the talking heads were discussing impeachment within 90 seconds of Trump taking the oath of office.


Obama is a creation of the corrupt Chicago political machine, a puppet created out of whole cloth, a fabrication intended to do his handler’s political bidding, and is therefore corrupt himself. Neither he nor his wife ever did anything of note or substance, merely served as figureheads for the democrat party and rode that train all the way to the oval office. He was a role player, a prop, nothing but a marionette dancing to the tune of his political masters. His one accomplishment was to rekindle and stoke the fires of racial division and animosity, he called it “hope” and “fundamentally transforming America”. I call it creating unrest and civil disturbance on a scale that makes JAN 6 look like a schoolyard spat. Yes, I’ve blasphemed by calling your lord and master a fraud. It’s odd how that word keeps coming up around you.


Ah got it, also didn’t vote for Clinton in 2016. Did you vote for Trump twice?

Old tanker

Just the latest in the series of dirty politics by the biden and dems. It would be serious if it were not so patently obvious that the dems fear Trump so badly. Quite frankly I am surprised, given the long line of bodies behind the dems and clintons, that there hasn’t been an assassination attempt against Trump. I expect that if he does get the nomination that will happen.


have to get him into a prison cell first.


Amazing how Trump indictments always come on the heels of incriminating evidence on Joe Biden coming out.


Except none did.

You all keep trying to turn the fact that Biden has a shitbag drug addict kid into a national deep state criminal conspiracy.

If Biden is criminally corrupt I would love to see it come out.

Unfortunately, most corruption in the US is legal. And most politicians are smart enough to keep their corruption within the legal margins.

Because most corruption is legal the only way to get a sense of political corruption is to observe how much wealth a politician is able to accumulate leveraging their public office.

Pelosi, McConnell, the Clintons, Feinstein…all unashamedly corrupt…but they tend to color just barely within the lines of legal corruption.

Biden, on the other hand, while often a lackey for some corporate and financial interests…has consistently been among the politicians that financially benefited the least from his public office.

As for kids leveraging the public office of a politician for personal benefit? It should be a crime.

But you didn’t seem to have an issue with the Trump kids leveraging their father’s office and their appointments for personal benefit.

And you said nothing about the corrupt $2 billion dollar Qatari bailout of Ivanka and Jared. Nor the $100s of millions the Saudis funneled through the Kushner firm.


If Biden is criminally corrupt I would love to see it come out.

I’ll remind you when the time comes.

Biden, on the other hand, while often a lackey for some corporate and financial interests…has consistently been among the politicians that financially benefited the least from his public office.

You don’t seem to understand how crimes works. Again that deliberate obtuseness… you used to be a cop really????

Distributing your ill gotten gains to your family members is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It makes them culpable and it benefits you directly. Also tends to make you the patriarch. If the money never touches your hands then you have plausible deniability. This is like something that everybody knows except for you and the left wing media.

The hilarious thing is that Joe already confessed to knowing that Hunter was doing this.

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And you said nothing about the corrupt $2 billion dollar Qatari bailout of Ivanka and Jared.

Not sure why this was a thing since Jared Kushner runs an equity firm and Trump was no longer president. Unless….. I think I understand now…. The Trumps are lizard people and somehow have powers when not in the WH. Tell me more about the lizard people.


This happened during the Trump administration and while Kushner was working in an appointed position as a representative of the Trump administration.


So you’re saying nothing illegal happened, I’m on board with that.


And you really believe all what you just wrote?


“Biden has a shitbag drug addict kid that sold access to his father, the VP, to numerous countries and served as bagman for the Big Guy”. There. I corrected your statement. You’re welcome. You may go now.


I’ll be expecting some of the people mentioned in this blog post will be indicted also. Won’t they?

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No, reasonable and honest people recognize that as contemptible as those slimy bastards in your example are, their comments are protected by the 1st Amendment.

However, when the shoe is on the other foot, it’s 1st Amendment be damned. Think the election was stolen and say so? You’re going to jail!

The vehemence with which they are trying to tamp down legitimate doubt about the 2020 election only strengthens the conviction that it was indeed stolen.


2 key takes from 45 pages,
1 from my backyard.

  • Pence notes
  • 205,000 (Page 8)

I assume almost everyone knows by now,
the problem with “205,000”,
repeated not only then,
but again and again in 2023.

2023 08 01 Trump 4 Indictment 205000 Page 8.jpg

I’m telling you guys, the real story is the destroyed voting machines after the election. When that comes out, oh boy.


“Workmans comp is a hellava thing.”
Officer Shitkick


I can’t figure out what this is a reference to.

What does “workman’s comp” have to do with any of this. And who is Officer Shitkick?


Look in the mirror.


Show some respect, over 500 police officers died on JAN6.



07DEC1941 x 11SEP2001 = 06JAN2021^1,000

The background radiation from the dirty bomb the insurrectionists used will still be dangerous until the year 2525.


And all the nuclear launches from Nancy pelosi’s laptop. It’s unlikely the Swiss will ever forgive us.


And 5000 civilians let’s not forget.


Sabaton did a video about the brave police holding the MAGA savages back.


I see the new news, and I think of this…..

Classic Seinfeld (1995) –
Jerry was about to let his new police officer girlfriend Cathy (Sgt. Tierney)
put him on a polygraph, since Jerry claimed to her that he
never saw the TV show Melrose Place, and she didn’t believe him.

George Costanza gives Jerry some polygraph advice.
No surprise, polygraph day did not go well for Jerry.

[Jerry, just remember. It’s not a lie… if you believe it…]


When I post here I’m swinging hard at absolute mediocrity.

Set someone’s standards low and you’ll never struggle!

But once and ‘while the universe conspires to force me to post something leaning towards greatness.

This is truly great! (NSFW: drug use, human trafficking, prostitution, sex acts, poor weapons handling, privileged behavior from a person that will never be required to answer for his actions…. I could’ve jest said Hunter being Hunter. My B!)


It’s good to be a gangsta….. I mean that is clearly Russian disinformation. That’s what I would think if I were reviewing that material for a low price subscription of $19.95 a month.

And the worst part is Joe had no idea. He was just exchanging courtesies on a conference call so that he could fire the attorney General of the Ukraine. His b**** ass was crooked too. If you going to play with the big dogs you need to bring your A game, otherwise you’re just a little punk.


fact becomes fiction?

OIP (26).jpg
USMC Steve

We listened to that popinjay Smith making his speech yesterday. Totally partisan in attitude. Another nazi in the justice department. How surprising. And each time they do this they make Trump look better to more people. They must reeeeaally be skeered of that guy.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I love your Shtik Commisar, getting 70+ commentors wound up and I truly believe that you are a Conservative and really get a kick out of this.


If he’s a sock puppet and he’s right up there with gecko 45.


I’d say he’s more happy sock than sock puppet.


He is having a happy ending in his sock puppet.

RGR 4-78

Holy flaming retard, Batman.

BTW A one time experiementation while in the military, does not make one a homosexual. It’s when you practice it daily, like yourself, that you become a homosexual.”

I absolutely lost brain cells reading this.

I do wonder if his 1-time experiment was on the pier or under way.  😜 

BTW thanks, I really needed a good laugh.


Likely in one of those notorious fan rooms.


What in the actual fuck did I just read…


Dear admin ,,

Is this a record:

From- Commissar
Reply to Graybeard
7 hours ago,,,,
The credit rating was lowered primarily If this was a distraction then is was well coordinated and republicans, including Trump, were in on it.


That -20 should be on red font, it also didn’t show the thumbs down!

It has to be a record!! If not, it has to be close.

RGR 4-78



We knew it was coming, and the persecution will continue until either a) Trump vows to step away from national politics altogether and goes into silent mode, or b) he’s safely locked away and/or gets his due from Hillary.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m part of the problem, not having voted in over two decades and just watching with amusement from the sidelines as recent politics play out. I didn’t vote for Trump and don’t agree with everything he does, but I sure as hell like watching the response he gets from his critics. I also think he’s probably the best President we’ve had since Reagan circa 1981-1985.

My problem with Biden is that he’s the Teflon Don (no reference to Donald T.) of politics at the moment. His family’s affairs (both financial and personal) are downplayed because, well, Orange Man Bad. You see, we can’t allow that non-establishment problem solver maker back in the White House, because feelings will get hurt and given a second term and advancing age, the gloves might truly come off. Given the opportunity, I would not blame Trump if he weaponizes the entire government against those who’ve sought to impeach, prosecute, and otherwise go after him (given he’s elected next year). We all know that it will be an uphill battle, but he should fire the top officials in DOD, DOJ, DHS, and every other agency and replace them with well-qualified people that piss off liberals.

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Mmm..guns and donuts.


There’s no bacon!


or booze.
or scantily clad mammaries.


So if we merged this shop with a Hooters, or maybe Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt, etc… and added a breakfast menu…


TAH Tilted Donuts and/or Gunooters?



Bullets and bacon! What’s not to like?


I support LGBT/DEI…Libations Guns Beasties Titties/Donuts Eclairs Ice Cream with equal enthusiasm.

“…and on the 8th day…God created bacon.”