Pentagon DEI Chief Out, No Replacement

| August 1, 2023

Gilbert Cisneros

Pentagon chief of personnel, diversity and inclusion to depart

By Zamone Perez

The Defense Department’s head of personnel and readiness announced his upcoming departure from the Pentagon on Monday, according to a statement from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Gilbert Cisneros, a Navy veteran and former two-term congressman from California, will leave his post in early September. Cisneros has been in the role since August 2021. No nominee was named to replace him.

During his tenure as the Pentagon’s personnel chief, Cisneros worked on numerous hot-button social issues, including the Pentagon’s newest abortion policy for military personnel, which covers travel costs and time off for troops who travel out of state due to abortion restrictions or bans in the state where they are stationed.

“[H]e was a steadfast and faithful servant in the department’s mission to take care of our people,” Austin said in a statement. “His commitment to the ‘people first’ approach helped the department improve the quality of life of our service members and their families.”

Military Times

Well, bye. Exactly how Cisneros achieved these lofty ideals was left unsaid, but having no successor speaks volumes.

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BlueCord Dad

Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya…


….Sadly, DoD may just wait till.our heads are turned, then hire some other goon under a different title.


Removing IEDs from HR is essential.


The quality of life for Service Members MUST have been improved. Look at all of the potential recruits storming into the recruiters offices.

Just a reminder…

comment image

USMC Steve

You say that like it is a bad thing.

AW1 Rod

Gee…..why don’t we try Merit, Fairness, and Equality (MFE), whereby personnel are treated as individuals and evaluated through an unbiased process based on their merit and qualifications alone? I believe that at one time, long ago, we used to do that.


In a land far, far away.


That’s racist, sexist, misogynistic, patriarchal, ableist, and I’m sure white privilege is in there somewhere. You must be cancelled.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Even though a replacement hasn’t been named, you can be rest assured that whoever his deputy is, that person will carry on this nonsense. If not, the Pentagon will need to shut down for a mandatory 96 hour DEI training period for all personnel so people’s feelings don’t get hurt.

Not sure if ships at sea will need to return to port, or if exercises will be cancelled in light of the position becoming vacant and the lack of GO/FO confirmations (sarc off).


Yes, our military just can’t function without the Pentagon’s perfumed princes.


Sam Brinton is looking for work… and luggage.


comment image


Oh boy, we’re never going to be able to beat China now.

Prior Service

Good riddance. Quick, fill the office spaces with something else and render it unusable before the next hack comes in.


 “His commitment to the ‘people first’ approach helped the department improve the quality of life of our service members and their families.”

If true, he failed in this position. DEI is not about “people first”, it’s about “certain people first”.

Hack Stone

Does this mean that we don’t have to fall in at 05:00 tomorrow to practice close order drill for the next Gay Pride Parade?


I was going to sleep in anyway.


That is John Kerry with Beau Biden in Vietnam trying to pick up a transgendered hooker. Even back then they were very progressive.