Illegal Covid bio-lab found in CA

| August 2, 2023

We mentioned yesterday that Chinese malware seems to somehow become resident in our military software systems. Today we get to talk about something a bit more exciting:

An illegal lab in California containing nearly 1,000 bioengineered mice has officials concerned after improperly stored tissue samples were tested and discovered to contain infectious diseases including HIV and Hepatitis.

The makeshift lab contained roughly 30 refrigerators and freezers — some of which were non-operational — as well as incubators, medical testing supplies, and hundreds of mice. Several disease samples tested from the lab included infectious agents like herpes, coronavirus, E. Coli, and malaria, SFist reported.

The warehouse came under investigation in March after a local code enforcement officer discovered a garden hose attached to a back wall of the building. As officials searched, medical devices that appeared to have been created on-site, such as COVID-19 and pregnancy tests, were also discovered, NBC News reported.

The lab was full of bioengineered mice and samples of diseases like COVID-19, HIV, and herpes.

Roughly 1,000 mice were found, with nearly 200 already dead. The rest were euthanized.

Over 800 various chemicals, many unknown, bottles of cultures, mice…all very normal. Except:

Wang Zhaolin, a representative of the company operating the lab, Prestige Biotech, told investigators that the mice inside the warehouse had been genetically engineered to catch and spread the COVID-19 virus, according to The San Joaquin Valley Sun.


I’m sure it is all perfectly innocent. Tried looking up Mr. Wang, and I find a Wang Zhaolin on LinkedIn with a pharma background and Bachelor’s degree from at Beijing University, but listed in Massachusetts. Might nice if some ninja could prove a link, but as of now I got nothin’.

The good part is that the lab was busted early and all the infected mice were euthanized. The bad news? It was here at all.


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AW1 Rod

When is this country FINALLY going to do something about its CHICOM infestation?


I wonder how much this guy was paying Biden & Son? The Big Guy’s 10% cut wouldn’t be much, but ice cream isn’t free.

Old tanker

Surely you jest. Money has changed hands.


Not until we do away with a bought and paid for (s)elected (p)resident. This is just the tip of the iceberg that our Ship of State is lurching toward. Maybe if the alphabet agencies were doing their job instead of doing what their political masters are telling them to do, it wouldn’t fall to a lowly zoning officer to find this.


Skivvy Stacker

When are we gonna euthanize the Biden family?


I don’t know what we would do without Batman to sweep in to the villains lair and knock him out with a kapowi punch.

Seriously, it’s time to end all trade with China. This is either the 5th or 6th Act of War within the last 5 years.


I’m afraid the house lights haven’t even dimmed yet on this war compared to what is coming.

If we keep this up it’ll be pure anarchy here when they do go out.

‘We sold the rope that’ll be used to hang us’ in the form of trojan horses with 90% of the SCADA chips of questionable bonafides.

Not to mention the agents waiting for the alarm clock…

“Prepare.” –Reb


And everyone is wondering why we needed open borders for the last three years!!! Seems like something else may have been smuggled in across the border than just illegals from our southern neighbors…


Wonder who was funding Mr. Wang Zhaolin’s research?

RGR 4-78

I would not be surprised if it was being inadvertently funded by some phouchy fellow.

E-4 Mafia 4 Life!

Fresno is already bad.
They named a bad planet Fresno in the Sci-fi series books, Expeditionary Force (Craig Alanson). A cold and dry oxygen-poor atmosphere. Which is actually opposite. Fresno is humid and hot.
The only thing you can say is that it’s close to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks.
My daughter worked as an EMT in Fresno for a year then deployed to Kuwait.
That was a serious upgrade.
I passed on the story. Told her she’s more than welcome to stay home with us until we all move to NC.


In NC. Southeastern NC to be more specific.

We welcome you as long as you’re willing to adapt to the culture here and vote accordingly.

Too many people from up North have invaded my beautiful coastal town over the past three decades and are doing everything they can to turn it into the same hellhole they just left.

The biggest border problem we’ve been dealing with is the scum that have flooded across the Mason-Dixon line. Wish they would go the f back to their crappy liberal cesspools.

Last edited 4 months ago by QMC

Don’t forget the raisin crop.


Take note, that no branch of the federal government was involved in this. Borders and customs, any agency in the DOJ. This was a municipal code inspector found all of this. Our gate keepers have completely surrendered.