Transgendered servicemembers may skip deployment for up to 300 days, DOD memo

| July 20, 2023

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The Department of Defense (DoD) published a memorandum in February, 2023. It spells out the care for transgendered servicemembers. The memorandum goes into detail on addressing transgendered issues, and specifies the period of non-deployable status. When service members begin to transition to their gender of choice, they will have a T3 profile entered into their profile record. Once this process begins, these individuals have up to 300 days to which they would be labeled as “nondeployable.”

From Breitbart:

The memo said after 12 months of hormone therapy, transgender service members can request “surgical care,” such as “upper” and “bottom” surgery.

It said transgender service members could also request surgery without first receiving hormone therapy.

The memo said “upper” surgery can be performed at WAMC and is a covered benefit, but that surgeries that could not be performed at WAMC, to include “bottom” surgery and “voice feminization” surgery, were not covered. (All transitioning service members will be offered voice and communication therapy, the memo said).

The memo said that facial/body contouring could be performed at WAMC, but was not covered since it is considered cosmetic. Laser hair removal was also considered cosmetic, but medically necessary in the case of “bottom” surgery.

The memo said that it could take between 9-18 months to complete a gender transition, and during that time, a service member can request an exception to policy so that they could use “self-identified gender standards for uniform, grooming, fitness testing, as well as self-identified gender billeting, bathroom, and shower facilities.

The memo states that transgender service members seeking medical treatment must OK the timeline of their treatment with their unit commanders. However, a sample medical treatment plan attached to the memo said commanders “may not deny medically necessary care,” but the “timeline for specific treatments may be adjusted to minimize readiness impact.”

The memo is signed by Army Col. David Ross Zinnante, commander of the Womack Army Medical Center.

Breitbart has the rest of the story as well as relevant tweets, and the memorandum itself, at this link. You could read information on the commander, who signed the memorandum, here.

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When I was in, I did hear more than one soldier say that they would cut off their left nut to keep from going back to Iraq.


Not good enough. Lost mine to cancer in 1992. Didn’t keep me out of Somalia, Afghanistan or Iraq x3.


Yeah, well my late brother blew his right nut off while putting his Glock in his belly band holster. Missed his femoral artery by something like 1/8 of an inch. He ended up going to Iraq and Afghanistan after that and managed to father a daughter around 7 years after the incident. And, yes, she’s his daughter, without a doubt. 🤣


You can live just fine and father children with 1. There’s this serious hot flash issue while your testosterone level balances out, I’m deeply sympathetic with menopausal women!


So… did she?


“…and the shitty recruiting numbers continue as the band plays on…”

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Indeed the combined value of the brainpower that is ensconced in the Puzzle Palace remains incapable of comprehending how to resolve this difficult period of civilian disinterest in serving an increasingly ungrateful nation.

What’s been most interesting to me is that the Pentagon’s major source of recruits in the all volunteer military has previously been the children of former service members…but lately moms and dads who served are less encouraging of their children following that path.

In 2019 75% of former service members would recommend their kids join if the kid asked, that number has dropped to 63% in just three years as I recall after reading a recent survey report.

That’s never a good sign.


Nope, it ain’t. You are correct.

In WW2, 11% of our population served– 1 person in 9. Every family had at least 1, often 2, people in uniform. It lasted 4 years for us.

After 9/11, with an all-volunteer military, 1% of our population served– 1 person in 100. Many families don’t even know anyone in the military, let alone have a person in service. Over 20 years.

And now folk are turning-off that 1% who do serve. “Woke” BS, get yer Sex Change here! Not a good move.

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Hair removal necessary – no pubic hair. Why not?


Let’s just say it depends upon the kind of surgery you are getting. You are not going to want hair growing where your newly reworked parts don’t normally have hair. From here you are going to have to use your imagination.


Maybe a He becoming a fake She does not want a hairy ass?

Sheeeeesh. And asthmatics are not allowed to serve (unless they get a medical waiver)?


Here’s a list of a few medical issues that could keep you out of the military:



I am just going with this is complete insanity. WTF would you recruit somebody to not do a job and instead have years of medical care. Anybody that thinks otherwise is likely completely crazy.


No room for non-deployables in the military. The reason is irrelevant. Not everyone has to deploy, but everyone has to be able to deploy. Full Disclosure: my retirement was hastened by my non-deployable status. I was dead weight and taking up space.


I had get out orders in hand, living in an empty barracks, out of a sea bag. My truck and everything already shipped off. This red patcher Major shows up and crawls up my ass and tried to send me to Pohakaloa Training Area to collect gear left in the field. I would have missed my flights and spot at Pendelton Seps. I tried explaining this to him but in his words he did not F-ING care. I had to hunt down an admin Major and showed him my paper work. He got on the phone and told the asshat that I was under orders and he needed to leave me alone.



The proper response.

Yes sir..yes sir…

Then ignore everything he said and get on your flight.



E-4 Mafia 4 Life!

I was stop-lossed since I was busy doing things in Iraq/Kuwait. So after we got sent back to the US, I took 2 weeks to clear post and drove home to Ft Livingroom.
My 1SG told me to make sure I turned in all of my TA-50 and switch from my desert BDU’s to Woodland. I had just received shiny new old-school 6 color Dsert BDU’s to replace the used ones we were issued from NTC 8 months prior. Those had to be burned before leaving SA and rightfully so.
My response was, “Yes first sergeant!” After which I turned in all of my TA-50 and ignored the rest.
I swapped out my BDU’s for jeans and a t-shirt.
Aside from a few weddings and a funeral or 2, jeans or shorts and t-shirts have been my uniform for 32 years.


I had 2 weeks left on the island and this guy was up my ass. Yes sir was not going to work. He hunted me down multiple times and threatened me with UCMJ thus the additional Major. Guess my time in the Marines was a little more complicated than what you did.


But, but, trannies in uniform are so “inclusive,” and progressive. I think it is only a matter of time until that Pride Flag will be velcro-ed to a sleeve on the field uniform.


They’d want it attached more permanently, possibly tattooed.


I smell a new Army ribbon coming. Will give a whole new meaning to taking “pride in the uniform.”


ASR with V for being “brave” to go tranny.

Green Thumb

As the Chinese sharpen their bayonets….


Yes, they are.
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Green Thumb

Zinnante doesn’t even have a PhD.


In this Prog run Army, anyone can be an O-6, apparently.

Prior Service

Once your 300 non-deployable days end, you start on the perpetual on-deployable status due to your inability to act like a normal person, perpetual outrage, taking of personal offense and mental instability. At some point in this, the normies around you slowly start getting kicked out due to their normal reactions to you insisting you are the center of attention.


Bah humbug to ’em:

Green Thumb

And get 100% disability.

No questions asked.


As I said to the guy proud of being 100% disabled and going skydiving and body surfing: “Gee, it must be mental.”


The February 2023 Memorandum applies ONLY to Service Members (SM) who receive their care at Womack Army
Medical Center (WMAC), Fort Bragg, North Carolina and affiliated health clinic.

The Memorandum states that “WAMC does not have the capability to provide laser hair removal. This is
considered cosmetic and is not a covered benefit under TRICARE. SM desiring laser hair removal will need to seek care through civilian providers. This is not a covered benefit. SMs desiring vaginoplasty, metoidioplasty, or phalloplasty will be referred to civilian provider network. See Annex J. Laser hair removal to penis/scrotum in preparation for vaginoplasty is considered medically necessary as part of lower-body gender reassignment surgery.”

“Upper body surgeries are mastectomy and breast augmentation. Lower body surgeries are orchiectomy, hysterectomy, vaginoplasty, metoidioplasty, or phalloplasty.”


I could understand laser hair removal for situations such as chronic ingrown hairs, etc., but anything else? Nope. Reassignment surgery IS elective surgery and Uncle Sam shouldn’t be writing the check.


Well. That clarified everything!


Oh FFS, where/when does it end? Rhetorical questions…it won’t ever end until We, The People decide that we have had enough. The ONLY purpose of the Military is and should be to “…provide for the common defence.” It is NOT a social experiment or a pathway to get “freebies” to alter your state of confusion. You want an Adda/whackadictomy? Fine, get you some. The taxpayer should NOT have to pay for it. I have no clue what the average cost it is to fully train a Service Member (see what I did there), yes I know it would depend on the MOS. That being said, a quick Foo of Google/Bing shows that the cost of “gender re-assignment” surgeries/initial meds is north of USD 300K. That’s THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. Now going on the low side for training, you’re looking at spending $500K +- for someone that can’t do the job no matter what/where the needs of the service are. Pure and utter Bison Bagels (ht2 Col P.). Or should we say “udder”?

The strategic plan for winning the next war must be to make our enemy die laughing.

News flash Girls and Boys…no one is coming to save us. It is up to US and those like US to save US from “them”.





And excepted from ALL physical fitness standards and tests.

Gee…what could go wrong?


But wearing a wig…
comment image


First in line again, I see!


And this person’s on the way there too:


That picture and the one with fat body leaning on the trailer hitch…🤣


“Transgendered servicemembers” is a phrase that should not even exist. Go ahead, be as transgendered as you want. Just not in the military. You bring nothing to the table. There is no “right to serve”.


Pisses me off that my wife and I had to go through in-vitro for her to get pregnant and we had to pay 100% of it out of pocket because it was elective. About $25k.

But this shit gets covered!


So… a 2 year enlistee will get MOS training of their choice that is available for a 2 year commitment. Then, once they get to their new assignment, they can magically discover they feel they are the wrong gender and seek gender transition at government expense and be non-deployable for 300 days on the military’s dime. Their next “transition” will be back to civilian life.


Bingo– you’ve got it!

A Proud Infidel®™

GEE WHIZ, yet another handout to some far fringe group the left considers more important than true Mainstream America!


and thus was the myth of required deployability exposed….


This will last as long as we don’t find ourselves in a “real” war. Right before we got the order to deploy to Kuwait for the invasion, my 1SG was on the warpath. He had about 10 soldiers he was looking to separate for any number of reasons. All but one of those packets he was building went in the trash when the order came for deployment.


But no more Task Force Smiths, right?


So far.


Democrats will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yet!


Wow, 300 days. Bet that will help retention for the “normal” military members.


Oh, definitely…
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Well bless their little dandies, if you are not fit for duty, you are NOT FIT FOR DUTY.


I had to get like 3 or 4 consultations to ensure surgery was the right course of action for chronic sinusitis due in part to turbinate scaring/inflammation. Apparently this is common with fine particulate exposure of the silica variety and/or POL inhalation (did you know there’s sand in Iraq and JP8 sloshing around in the hull of a Stryker?!)

While they were in there they also fixed a bad septum cartilage deviation, off the bone that’d sometimes ‘click’ out of place causing some man-tears.

This took damn near a year to get all squared away before surgery, returned to full duty within the month.

The change was so profound I had a break down when the doc took out the silicone stays and I could breathe.

Knowing what I know and how there are only some many units-of-care in the ‘military’ ‘health’ ‘care’ (misadmined)’system’, the fact some mentally ill goofball can soak that care up only because they’re a mentally ill goofball, forsaking all real injuries before the elective ones is a wrong without excuse.
(quite frankly, I can’t think of an elective surgery dotmil should/would/did perform before this bout of insanity)

While they are ‘struggling’ with their ‘gender’ (read: mental issues) they are a liability and should be treated as such, so separate the failures to adapt.

Any Doctor or healthcare worker/rubberstamper that places one of these troons before injury should be treated as a thief, chapter them out too.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Nice to know they didn’t change the standards to accommodate delusional individuals who only want to serve their nation just like any other non-delusional service member….


Maine Highlander

Meanwhile, Air Force Academy cadets are encouraged to apply for the Brooke Owens Fellowship “if you are a… transgender woman, non-binary, agender, bigender, two-spirit, demigender, genderfluid, genderqueer, or another form of gender minority.”