Marine veteran, MMA fighter, subdues 10-foot alligator

| June 3, 2023

Having an alligator near an elementary school is not a good combination, and rightfully would increase concern among the parents, teachers, kids, and community. Lucky for this one Jacksonville Florida elementary school, Mike Dragich addressed this alligator’s presence. Dragich had his experience as a Marine, as an MMA fighter, as well as an alligator trapper, to rely on when overcoming the alligator’s strength and instinct.

From Fox News:

“When I showed up, all the pressure was really off,” Dragich said Friday. “I walked through those gates and I saw the big alligator and I knew the job had to get done. So we got it done.”

Nearly 200 people watched as Dragich grabbed the reptile’s tail and held his own in an impromptu match between man and beast.

The former U.S. Marine, who is called in to handle local “nuisance alligators,” said he hones his animal wrestling skills in a very different way from the MMA ring.

“It’s random trial and error. DIY baby, you got to watch YouTube a lot.”

“When I approach an alligator, I do my best to get them tired,” he continued. “They range in energy levels, but I do my best to get it tired. That’s why I was poking and prodding. Once they’re tired is when the work happens. And then you can subdue the animal and get it out of there.”

This is in sharp contrast to what this scientist tried to do with a 10-foot long alligator. Fox News has additional information and the video here.

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That video was funny…gator defending himself from a soy-boy attack! College degree does not equal common sense.


Nothing is real on reality TV.

Just like pro wrasslin’, don’t hit somebody with a folding chair off the top rope because that was a choreographed stuff where nobody will get hurt on TV.


One of my grandsons was long-term injured by a kid who watches “pro wrasslin'” garbage.

One of my pet peeves is folks who let their children watch that without pointing out how fake it is, and beating it into their heads that they should never ever do that to anyone.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Educated beyond his intelligence


10 ft gator? Pffft.


Now THAT’S a positive Florida Man story!🤣


Try that stunt in the water and let’s see who the big dog is.



FWIW, the Luttrell brothers would jump in the local creeks to wrestle ‘gators in their pre-SEAL high-school days.


Saw the same behavior in my instructors at SAR School at a Camp Blanding lake. I then understood I was dealing with a certain mind set.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Does he use peta approved duct tape


Grilled gator tail and a new pair of boots beats catch and release all to hell.


And a jug of 100 proof Gatoraide to wash it down.

Hack Stone

How long before “Reverend” Al Sharpton starts calling for his arrest. Obviously the alligator was hungry and suffering from mental issues, and was probable a Michael Jackson impersonator.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Dragich = dragon?
No wonder the dude can rassle ‘gators.