Two militiamen planned to kill illegal aliens and border agents

| June 2, 2023

Two self-proclaimed militiamen planned on taking illegal alien matters into their own hands. They wanted to shoot illegal aliens as they crossed into the country. They also wanted to shoot the border patrol agents who were “letting” illegal aliens in. Their idea for OPSEC and mission security involved announcing their intentions on TikTok. The FBI did not support their plans, so they initiated a series of actions needed to detain these two individuals.

From Law & Crime:

When the FBI arrived, Perry allegedly fired 11 shots of his Voodoo Innovations multi-caliber rifle at agents. Prosecutors said that Perry resisted arrest from three FBI agents and assaulted one of them.

The Justice Department described the scene of the alleged shootout.

“Federal agents approached the property in vehicles with red and blue lights activated,” the DOJ wrote in a press release. “As the FBI approached, an agent utilized a loudspeaker on one of the vehicles, stating that they were with the FBI and that they had a search warrant for the residence. The FBI agent began to repeat the announcement, again stating that they were with the FBI, when gunshots were fired from a front window at the lead FBI vehicle. Several rounds hit the lead FBI vehicle.”

The indictment also charges Perry and O’Dell with seven counts of the attempted murder of FBI agents, seven counts of assaulting FBI agents with a deadly weapon, three counts of assaulting FBI agents, 14 counts of using a firearm in a crime of violence, and one count of damaging federal property.

The duo were initially charged on the date of the arrest: Oct. 7, 2022, but their grand jury has kept active. The latest charges were leveled in the second superseding indictment.

Law & Crime has more details.

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  1. Make plans to commit Felonies
  2. Post plans on social media
  3. Get spicy with Law Enforcement
  4. ??????
  5. Prison

So the FBI can catch criminals.

All they have to do is post their plans in advance on Twitter and stay and where they are until agents arrive. They might not catch the smart ones, but they will get somebody by God.


Looks like another of those terrifying white supremacist domestic terror ops we hear about from all the orgs of the federal government.


When you’re good — you’re good.


You absolutely DO NOT want to get into a gunfight with CBP. They have a huge ammo budget and use every bit of it, a lot of range time. These two asshats are probably too damn stupid to realize the FBI saved their lives. We have enough issues on the border without any militia fucksticks interfering. A friend of mine got hit by a load car last week, he’s lucky to be alive.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Here’s a whole page of facepalms….

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Stupid People of The Week Thread dropping early again? That’s OK, I can’t fix stupid but I can be entertained by it. Hmmm…do I want to start a war with CBP Agents or sandpaper a Honey Badger’s ass while inside a phone booth? I’ll take my chances with the Honey Badger.

Dumbasses should’ve downloaded their plans onto a certain person’s laptop. Their plans would’ve never seen the light of day.


Took time out from their busy false-flag schedule?


Three things I picked up from this article:

1. The FBI can catch criminals and prevent terrorism. As long as it doesn’t buck any narratives.

2. These have to be the dumbest criminals on the face of the earth. I’m sure their IQ level is right there with 90% of the rest of the TikTok crowd.

3. That photo above is eerily reminiscent of my favorite Alice In Chains album. Think I’ll pop out some vinyl this afternoon with a cold one.


Alice In Chains…that takes me back. Damn shame about Lane Staley. That heroin is a tough monkey to get off your back from what I hear.


Never the same after he died. Black gives way to Blue was alright, the rest was just meh.

The good news is that all the music I grew up listening to has suddenly become in vogue again. I see countless kids in Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Nine Inch Nails shirts. Most of them were probably born 20 years after 1989’s Pretty Hate Machine.


Never the same after he died. Black gives way to Blue was alright, the rest was just meh.”…

Lol, I read “the rest was just METH”… Only saw AiC once, they opened for Van Halen I think, and were so bad they got booed off the stage.. they were so fucked you up they couldn’t even remember their own songs…


…Not getting any smarter, are they?


We have a perfect storm of stupidity: vocal anti-government militia types and social media darlings.

To the former: your glorious ideas and disdain for our (admittedly flawed, if not outright corrupt) political masters will not carry you forward to victory over the government. We like to speak our minds and love our guns, but the Chief Executive himself has spoken on this…we don’t have F16s or nukes, and while the optimist in me thinks that we could fight a tyrannical government, the pragmatist in me knows that substantial changes would have to be made for us to be effective in that fight.

To the latter: social media has proven, time and again, to be detrimental for everything from large international corporations to individuals. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the instant gratification that is TikTok or Twitter, but a lot of times that instant gratification is countered by instant negativity and outright trolls. Advertising plans to assassinate federal agents, or any other crime, is a surefire way to get an all-expenses paid vacation to prison.

Federal agencies have their specialties. For the AFT, it’s making “final rules” on previously legal gun accessories and attachments, or just outright raiding peoples’ properties a la Ruby Ridge or Waco. The FIB does the same, but their specialty is hyping up the never-coulds to conspire and/or attempt to commit terroristic acts. Islamic “terror cells”, “Right-Wing Militias”, and others seem to disproportionately get arrested after the FIB provides fake explosives or antagonizes them to commit federal crimes. Amazing country we live in…

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  • Advertising plans to assassinate federal agents, or any other crime, is a surefire way to get an all-expenses paid vacation to prison.” Unless those crimes fit the approved narrative, such as calls for violence against pregnancy centers, or pretty much anything from antifa / burn loot murder…
Slow Joe

If only they were as diligent when dealing with Hunter’s laptop and his family’s deals with hostile foreign powers…..


Congratulations. You just volunteered for an extensive audit from the IRS.

Specialist-Four, Roger Borroel

The Mexicans would have killed and chopped them up in short order!