Oath Keeper Sentenced in 6 January Sedition Trial

| May 26, 2023

Stewart Rhodes

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes sentenced to 18 years for leading Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy

Judge Amit Mehta opted to enhance Rhodes’ sentence for terrorism.

By Quinn Owen and Alexander Mallin

A federal judge sentenced Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes to 18 years in prison Thursday and accepted the government’s recommendation of an enhancement for terrorism for his role leading a seditious conspiracy to disrupt the certification of President Joe Biden’s election victory that culminated in the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Rhodes’ sentence is now the longest to date handed down to a defendant charged in connection with the Capitol assault.

For the first time in a Jan. 6 case, D.C. District Judge Amit Mehta accepted the government’s recommendation to apply an enhancement for terrorism in Rhodes’ sentencing. Mehta agreed with prosecutors that Rhodes “inspired the use of violence” in his followers to disrupt the certification and that his conduct met the legal definition of terrorism intended to influence the actions of government.

ABC News

TAH/VG is no fan of Mr. Rhodes.
Valor Guardians

TAH/VG is no fan of Staatspolizei tactics and kangaroo courts, either.

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Even Jefferson Davis only served two years in prison. Wirz was the only one hung, the; “I was only following orders” routine will only get you so far.

And this was a war that killed at least 600,000 people.


Champ Ferguson? He was tried and hung. Although not part of the Confederate Army.


It could be better described as a terrorist, as his “unit” was never recognized, He didn’t fight any regular engagements, and primarily killed civilians. Kind of like if Charles Manson were a Confederate.


And this guy’s charges are being reduced to nothing.


Maybe the conspiracy theorists were correct?


This guy was a crackpot that drove into a barrier with an empty truck. No plan, no execution, no point, and no expected outcome.

Steward Rhodes was a leader during an attempt to overthrow an election using violence. He also helped plan and coordinate it.

And he continued to show he was a threat to any remnants of our democracy throughout the trial and in statements to the judge.

He is a brainwashed useful fool to those that threw him under the bus when their agenda failed. But he willingly participated in his own brainwashing,

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Here you go again parroting your propaganda, but at least you give us a view of just how brainwashed some people let themselves get!

A Proud Infidel®™

Major Moonbat, wisdom has chased you all of your life and you have outrun it every time!!!


As I recall these “Oath Keepers” have a history of first class douchebaggery.
That being said, no way this asshole did anything worth that amount of time.
When is Ray Epps going to be called on the carpet?
How about the other FBI informants/agents on the ground?
The corruption of the FBI/DOJ has never been more apparent between what The Durham Report revealed and this.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Was thinking exactly the same about Mr Ray Epps.
When is HE going to be ferreted out, charged, tried, and sentenced?
(the whereabouts of rat bastard Lon Horiuchi would be a bonus)

Forest Bondurant

I thought it was considered “hate speech” to reference Ray Epps, the FBI, and use the word ‘informant’ in any discussion.



When will Hunter go to prison and when will his father, Ole Brandon Boy, be impeached?

Asking For A Friend.


Fuck me! THAT’S REAL!!


To think, I use to respect and enjoy that magazine… I feel dirty.

See this evidently moronic hypocrisy/tacit admission of guilt:

joe is retard.png
Army-Air Force Guy

It’s true. Hunter waited too long to get daddie’s help to prevent getting his ass booted from the Navy Reserve.


“Joe Biden’s election victory that culminated in the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021”

I must have missed that. Anybody got any video I can watch?


No, but I have a pic of the ‘”election victory”‘ (see below), feel free to insert any other topic du jour on the nuvonazi flag boards.


And Now This….

Things Are Getting Outta Hand…First it was “Little Black Sambo”.

Then Dr Seuss.

Then Mr. Potato Head.

What Is Next? “The Jungle Book”? “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi”? “Snow White”? “Gone With The Wind”? “The Bobbsey Twins”? “Nancy Drew”? “Blazing Saddles”?

“Peter Rabbit’ Children’s Book Series Under Attack As ‘Problematic’: ‘Owe A Debt’ To African Slave Folk Tales”


“Beatrix Potter, an author who is known for children’s stories like “The Tale Of Peter Rabbit” and died in 1943, is being accused of taking her stories from African slave tales.”

“Dr. Emily Zobel Marshall, a lecturer at Leeds Beckett University and an expert in Postcolonial theory recently made waves in the literary world after she alleged that Potter’s beloved children tales are more likely than not taken from “Brer Rabbit,” in stories that originally date back to pre-colonial Africa.”

“Her tales owe a debt to the Brer Rabbit stories told by enslaved Africans working on American plantations that needs to be fully acknowledged,” Marshall wrote in an article published May 19.”

Ladies and Gents:

Meet Emily Zobel Marshall.


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Ohhhh……..another white “black supremacist”.

USMC Steve

Looks like Rachel Dolezal jr.


She must be related to Shawn “Talcum X” King.


Commissar chiming in to accuse us all of being members of this stellar organization in 3… 2… 1…

As stated before, these guys are responsible for some first class douchebaggery. Had a little group of them in my area, “helping secure the border”. It didn’t take long for them to figure out they weren’t exactly welcome.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

SPAPOS can suck on a bag of dead donkey syphilitic dicks.
(I am in a tired mood today)


…accuse us all of being members of this stellar organization…

Insert an image I titled “The only Marx worth a fuck”;

The only Marx worth a fuck.jpg

By God’s grace, man’s law is a distant penultimate mechanism. Justice emanates from One and flows via the other on this plane.

These Godless Contemptible Lawers are sending a message: thou shall not dissent.

Sadly only revolution will correct this, I will join the chorus!!!!

Libertad o cuerda

slavery is a choice.jpg
Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

This is just setting the stage for when 30-Pence and Barr testify against Trump as the Ring Leader in Make America Great Again movement, how dare he.

Justice is for a Republic, Just-Us is a Banana Democracy!

A Republic if you can keep it…


So should we mark you down for a spot in the ‘not happy with your chains’ camp, citizen?

We waznt a corp once.jpg

DaHell they gonna do when this guy shows up?
comment image?w=500&ssl=1


They keep implying that We are part of them.

Let’s see how this plays out…

Eternal Vigilante.jpg

Upon the completion of the recon by FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with my Compatriots to advance the colors “…once more into the breach, Laddies” and go all “Away Boarders” upon the foreign AND domestic enemies of our Republic.


Citizen, Bingo, still a citizen until you give up your Arms and then you are a Subject.

I’ll be preaching from a 1782 Congress endorsed and funded “Bible of the Revolution” if I live long enough to make it to a camp, get right with God or natures gods and keep the powder dry!


 Mehta agreed with prosecutors that Rhodes “inspired the use of violence” in his followers to disrupt the certification and that his conduct met the legal definition of terrorism intended to influence the actions of government.”

Sounds like prep for extending such logic to Trump.

USMC Steve

Also no basis either in fact or the law for it. no violence was done other than by capitol cops, FBI plants and other bad actors of the government.


Example for proleteriat about obedience, comrade!

Forest Bondurant

That eye patch is going to cause him some trouble: He won’t be able to see what’s coming at him from his left.

He’ll be popular there.

Dave Hardin

My least favorite One-Eyed Fat Man.


Glory hole injuries are no joke, wear eye pro!


Oath Keepers, like Three Percenters and other groups, are mostly comprised of three types: Joiners, Feds, and a minority of well-meaning Patriots that don’t know better. I say that as someone who was a combination of “Joiner” and “well-meaning Patriot” back in the ’90s. Yeah, I hung out with some militia types back then, and it was odd: when my Secret clearance finally started getting processed some 10 years after enlistment, an investigator interviewed me for four hours and knew a lot more about those groups than I did: names, dates, places, etc….

This is evidence of the injustice our system metes out. A minority can rob and kill someone; even a “respected” class like police officer, veteran, or retiree; and get sentenced to half the time Rhodes got. Terrorism and hate crime enhancements are used as tools to ensure that anyone considered wrong will be dealt with to the furthest extent.

Spec 4 Drifty

GREAT! He should have been hung for being a traitor!


He sure wasn’t hung.

Spec 4 Drifty

GREAT! He should have been given a life sentence for being a traitor!


Maybe he is ESL challenged.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Maybe “edjumukayted” at UC Berzerkely as well?


I see someone who went on video public record,
saying about Rhodes…
“This man did nothing wrong. He committed no crime.”

I see a newly divorced ex wife, happy to see him put away.

I see an appeal will be underway.

If 18 years is too much,
what is the appropriate outcome for Rhodes?
8 years?
2 years?