Senator John Fetterman alleged to be OK with overturning the Second Amendment

| May 26, 2023

O’Keefe Media Group conducted an undercover recording. This time, the recording involved one of the staffers for John Fetterman, Luke Borwegan. This individual claimed that Fetterman would probably be okay with overturning the Second Amendment. He also claimed that Fetterman would prefer that nobody has guns at all.

This is not the first time that someone doing a recording for James O’Keefe discovered Democrats paying lip service to “being in the middle” and to “supporting our basic Constitutional rights.” We don’t get a definite on whether Fetterman said these or not, but keep in mind that Borwegan does not realize he is being recorded, and he is being frank based on what he knows working on behalf of the Senator.

From Townhall:

A special assistant to Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) has revealed to an undercover O’Keefe Media Group journalist that the lawmaker would likely “be OK with overturning the Second Amendment” and “would prefer nobody have guns at all,” despite owning them.

Last year, in the wake of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Fetterman argued “Democrats need to be ruthless” in pursuing gun control restrictions.

In the undercover tape, the Democrat operative reiterated that his boss is “100 percent for gun control, banning automatic weapons, all that s***.”

Borwegen also revealed how “everybody wants a f***ing story” on his boss but interviews are only given to select journalists “who will like paint the narrative the way we want.”

He even goes on to name some of these “puppets”:

How many here would be surprised that the media willingly runs with the stories that Democrats give them? Townhall has the story and linked video here.

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Forest Bondurant

Stack the fuck up, Fetterman.


Fack the Stuck Glub, Shitterman.

Forest Bondurant

^^^ (Even better…)


If you’re coming for my firearms, ya better bring a lunch…and some SCUBA gear.



Bring a lunch? You gonna eat a dead man’s lunch there, battle? 🥪☠️🙃


Yep 👍 and gonna wash it down with the Yuengling poured into the cup I make from their skull!


It’s a technique, I guess. 🤣🍺🍺☠️


Have a cold Yuengling in hand at this very moment. Also have an ELEGANT Glock 17 handy, too, but as big and stupid as Fetterdood is, there’s also a Springfield 1911 nearby and ready.

Hell, Big-Head Lamont, the intact Mastiff, could probably handle him while I set my beer down


He’s okay with whatever Democrats need him to be.


He is a stroke of luck for them.




BUTTTT, he did chase an innocent BLACK down the street with a shotgun in his early days.


He was just making sure that he turned in his mail-in ballot after voting.


Vote early and often– it’s the Democrat way!


Fett will agree to whatever is put in front of him- he’s a Proggy favorite.

Feinstein won’t so she must go.


Hahaha overturn the 2nd Amendment!

Lotsa luck to you and your ilk, buddy. Never ever gonna happen, not without a fight — and in the end, they’ll know they were in one.




The lefties are hell-bent on learning the truth of Admiral Yamamoto’s wisdom the hard way:

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

And that Giant is far better armed today than in 1941–by orders of magnitude–and far angrier… 😡 


And they said that Brain dead zombies don’t have ambitions.

One correction though, James O’Keefe has not worked at James O’Keefe Media since February.


Alleged = He NEVER said it.

Fetterman is brain damaged, due to stroke,
and this whole thing of him not only getting to the Senate,
but remaining in the Senate, is a nightmare.

(Don’t get me started on Feinstein.)

But this is all trumped up.
The word of an aide (likely speaking to what the aide wants),
carried elsewhere,
and then someone the likes of Kari Lake
gets her hands on it.

Get someone, anyone, in PENNSYLVANIA state government to vouch.
PA House Rep or State Senator.
Only then it’s halfway to being believable.

Like I’ve said about many others, including the phonies.
“Why invent something false and fake on someone,
when there’s so much TRUTH to work with.”


Remember, Fetterman is so loony now…
He’d “be OK with” contracting Jack in the Box for school lunches.


On that subject…
A local charter school (that has no cafeteria) contracts with Panda Express, Culvers, Subway, Pizza Hut, and one other I can’t recall at the moment. It’s optional, most kids bring their own lunches. It seems to work very well. Parents pay in advance online, you can select which days you use it.


If everyone (or most) at the charter school agree,
that’s fine.

“most kids bring their own lunches” seems to mean something.


It means some kids don’t like the menu choices. Or some parents don’t want to pay for fast food. It means a whole lot of things. There are as many reasons as there are kids in the school.


A couple of the meals that Panda Express makes are actually healthy.


And before anyone wants to rip me for calling out Kari Lake
for spreading more crap….

Give yourself the “Janet Reno Test”.

IF Kari Lake looked like Janet Reno…..
Would you still be buying what Kari Lake is selling?

Kari Lake Janet Reno 1.jpg

The Arizona mail-in ballot system is a fucking mess in Maricopa county. Signature verification is non-existent. Did it sway the results of the election? It’s nearly impossible to judge, and the election cannot be undone. What can be done is to prevent future election fucktardery of this sort. But hey, if it’s all about looks to you, have it your way.


It’s not about looks to me.
But it is to many voters (and donors!).
Just ask Sarah Palin,
and the amount she rang up from boner donors.

And, this is NOT about Arizona, machines, or elections.
It’s about Kari Lake’s willingness to spread crap,
using her reach and following,
that in this case made this crap go viral.

Other “faces”, like Bill Clinton (but not Hillary!)
and John Edwards used their schmooze and looks as well.
Female voters and donors fall for it
just as bad as male voters and boner donors.

Former TV news anchor Kari Lake has raised the bar.

Last edited 11 months ago by MarineDad61

You claim “It’s not about looks to me”, yet you posited  the “Janet Reno Test”.

Fetterman’s staffer spoke to O’Keefe openly, seemingly expressing his boss’ opinion on the second amendment. Do you not believe something of that magnitude should “go viral”, regardless of the messenger? Don’t lose track of the message because you don’t care for the messenger.


There’s another Janet Reno test: If a woman looks like Janet Reno, there’s a 99.999% chance she’s a liberal Democrat… 😏 


But if she looks like Janet Reno and she’s a liberal Democrat, I’d say the odds are 50/50 that she also has a penis, or at least something that looks like one.


Or had a penis at one time.


Kept in a drawer.


Yes, the D-rat party was made for ugly women, just like lesbianism.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The 2A is not FatNeckMan or Teh Gooberment’s to overturn, remove, or revoke.
The 2A is handed down to Man from God, and written down to remind Gooberment, “STAY IN YOUR LANE!”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Whats he looking for, a fetter in his cap for disarming the people of the USA. A little less than half the members of the NRA are Democrats whom most likely are of the JFK way of thinking about how the country should be run. JFK was an NRA member. Was in Boot camp the day he was killed.


Lord knows I am no fashion plate, but even I would be ashamed to dress like that clown.


Part of the apparent reason “Lumpy” Fetterman wears those hooded sweatshirts is to conceal that lump on the back of his neck.


That is one hell of a growth. I had a lipoma just above my shoulder blade, penetrating into my shoulder muscle for the better part of 10 years. I finally got it removed a year and a half ago and the fucking thing was the size of a golf ball. It was causing some discomfort, not really pain, but it was getting to that point due to how it was growing into the muscle. I don’t know how he can live with something like that but I’m guessing that due to his cardiac issues, they don’t want to put him under to remove it. It’s probably a lipoma, as they can get quite large. Mine was small enough that they give me “twilight” sedation but I was out like a light. His probably would require general anesthesia, so due to his recent health problems, the doctors probably don’t want to risk it.


A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

As The Rock would say, “It doesn’t matter what you think!” Or, to paraphrase The Rock, gun owners reacting to Fetterman et. al. coming for their firearms might say, “Can you smell what [I am] cooking?!”

Whether this was a rogue staffer putting his words in the mouth of Fetterman, Fetterman’s actual thoughts, or just some Leftie say-so, we all know that the goal of the vast majority of Democrats, and many Republicans as well, is to disarm us. Machine guns got restricted in 1934, further restricted in 1968, and more or less cut off in 1986. Sure, we have our transferable ones, but it’s a closed market and prices will only continue to rise as the supply dwindles down due to wear, damage, and seizure. The ATF has proven itself as a bureaucracy capable of somehow circumventing normal legislature, even if temporarily until a court overturns their “final decisions”, declaring common gun parts illegal overnight and instantly creating thousands of felons.

I now work in the gun business and sales are pretty good. We have to be extra careful about how we transfer firearms, though, and constantly get guidance from Corporate pertaining to the ever-restrictive laws passed by other states. For example, Washington’s recent law saw us get notice that we can’t sell certain accessories to Washington state residents. I told management point blank (and to their credit they agreed) that I wasn’t going to ID someone wanting to buy a magazine or stock. Sorry, your state laws don’t apply down here. If I had my way, I’d sell any rifle or shotgun that’s legal by federal and state law down here to any US citizen that can pass the background check. If you live in New York and want an AR-15 with a 30 round mag, so be it. It’s on you if you take it back home with you.


That creep would fuck farm raised trout and tell you stories about the time when he and Beau Biden went water skiing in Iraq, before Beau bit bullet and kissed Himmler’s ring.

Green Thumb



It’s cool. Fetterman will only be in the Senate for a few more months.

Something about if he lasts past Aug 10, PA doesn’t need to have a special election to replace him. The Governor gets to name a replacement to serve out his term. They’ll replace him with an articulate brain dead progressive who can at least speak coherently when mouthing all the lefty talking points


If that is how it goes down, I hope that Pennsylvania voters will remember how they got played and throw Fetterman’s replacement out on his or her ass in the next election in 2028. There’s stories going around that Fetterman’s wife is auditioning for the part. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that a majority of Pennsy voters just aren’t that bright.


I like fracking! I like fracking!

Yeah, imma throw the bullshit flag on that one, too.