Steven Spainhouer, Dallas mall witness and Army vet

| May 15, 2023

Several of the news feeds have talked about Steven Spainhouer, a self-described Army vet who says he was near the Allen mall when his son called him saying there was an active shooter. He says he beat the cops to the mall (disputing their timeline) and says he attempted to aid victims but that their wounds were too horrific and nothing could be done.

“We can put red flag laws in place. We can limit high-capacity rounds. … We can stop putting some of these weapons like M4s and AR-15s in the hands of people that don’t need them,” Spainhouser (sic) said in an interview with CNN.

Spainhouser (sic) has recounted his experience responding to the scene. “The first girl I walked up to was crouched down covering her head in the bushes, so I felt for a pulse, pull her head to the side, and she had no face,” he said in one interview.  Rolling Stone

Not sure if anyone knows anything of this guy – says he is an Army vet yet seems to think an AR-15 is an issue weapon?

I have guns. I’ve been around guns. I love my guns, but those automatic rifles that are on the streets need to come off the streets.

Steven Spainhouer   NBC New York

He may be sincere…but he seems quick to claim being an Army vet – who seems to have learned very little when he was in.

Then there is his timeline. If you have read any of the material, the shooter was neutralized within about 4 minutes by an officer who was in the neighborhood on another call – fortuitous for the good guys.  But…then there is Spainhouer’s version:

Spainhouer said he arrived at the outlet mall “between 8 minutes and 16 minutes after [his son] Freddie’s” call,” based on the estimated arrival times given by the Allen Police Department.

“I didn’t see a police car or ambulance for another 5-6 minutes, even though I asked for help using a witness cell phone. That’s a little over 20 minutes since the shooting started, that victims lay injured or dying in front of H&M Store,” he said.

Spainhouer spoke to a number of media outlets, including CBS News Texas, about the aftermath of the shooting. He claimed in those interviews that he arrived in the parking lot of the outlet mall before first responders, and said he administered aid and performed CPR on people who had been shot. Spainhouer recounted the “carnage” he said that he saw, including a young girl who “had no face” and a young boy covered “head to toe” in blood, who, according to Spainhouer, was hiding beneath the body of his deceased mother. CBS News

But then there is the law enforcement timeline and statement:

According to the police department, “Mr. Spainhouer arrived between 3:44 and 3:52 p.m. and was not first on the scene, nor was he on the property while gunfire was occurring.” The department also said that Spainhouer “did not perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or administer first aid” and “did not move a deceased mother who was covering a live child.”

“Following the shooting at Allen Premium Outlets, Mr. Steven Spainhouer of McKinney, Texas gave multiple public accounts of his actions,” the statement read. “Inconsistencies between these public accounts and investigative facts led Allen Police Department to conduct a follow-up interview. During this interview, detectives determined that Mr. Spainhouer is not a credible incident witness.” CBS News

Doesn’t exactly lend any credibility to ANYTHING he claims or advocates, does it?

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He seems to be reprising our beloved Hogg-boi. He is likely pursuing his fifteen minutes.


I’ve been saying this ever since seeing his “I was there” post. He’s been a local clown for here for years. Self-aggrandizing schmuck.


Check out what happened to him in 1985!

He was terminated from the position of LEO with the Department of Public Safety at Florida State University for failure to satisfactorily complete 12 months of probationary period.

There is a pattern here!!

 😉  😎 

steve lie police officer.jpg
Hack Stone

That termination letter was part of the sheepdipping the CIA did for his top secret mission to disable the radar systems protecting the airfield over Mucho Grande.


The radar was aimed too low.

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That battle haunts me still.


I’m still haunted by what I did for that Klondike bar!


I won’t do anything for a Klondike bar, but I’ll do some seriously sketchy shit for Jeep parts.


All trails lead back to JFK.

The dates also explain his time line a little better. I mean if he were trying to hide it.

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His first wife divorced in that same year (1985) in Leon County, Florida.


We sure he’s not Lars’ kin?


Twin sons of different mothers.


Ninja, I would love to know how you obtained that document. You are the best.


Someone else caught him with his lies…

Steven Spainhouer. A Pathological Liar just as the dude he supports, Ole Brandon Boy Joey Biden.

steven first on the scene.jpg

But he took charge of the police and was loading people up in police cars….


Spainhouer doing his best Jon lovet’s greatest liar impersonation?


I’m thinking this guy… but playing the long con…


 😆  😅 

steven meme.jpg

His recent post on his FB…

Poor Baby….



“Folks are complaining because they can’t see or access my social media accounts. I’ve decided to block the trolls who have nothing good to say. It’s for my mental health. If that bothers you, then maybe YOU have an issue, not me”


I can still see, but no longer can post. The dims are closing ranks around his lies and suggest he hold a press conference to repudiate the police. I think the police should go on with him and they put it on PPV to raise money for the victims families. I’d pay good money for a public shaming.

At least he has a solid support network to help him with his PGCLST.


I bet he wants this one back:

Screenshot 2023-05-15 132225.png

All those dresses and he thought the Skeleton was weird….

Screenshot 2023-05-15 132741.png
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

That would look normal in my daughter’s closet, just because that’s the way she is. (and she owns and runs a year-’round Halloween store)


But truth at last…

Screenshot 2023-05-15 132437.png

He reminds me so much of folks who claimed to be 9-11 Survivors.

“It Spiralled Out Of Control’: The Fantasists Who Pretended To Be 9/11 Survivors”

“An up-and-coming comedian hoping to advance his career, a Spanish MBA student with a love of all things American, a firefighter who told of pulling bodies from the smouldering rubble at Ground Zero.”

“From exaggerations to outright fabrications, the 9/11 terror attacks attracted countless fake tales of heroism and survival, of narrow escapes and lost loved ones.”

“While some sought proximity to the attacks for sympathy or attention, others appeared to become so attached to these false narratives that they came to believe their own lies.”

“So common would these deceptions become among the patients of New York clinical psychiatrist Jean Kim that she came up with a term for it: the “9/11 sign”.


Actor Stephen Rannazzisi of “The League” fame is guilty of that. Guy claimed he barely got out of the towers before they fell and decided then and there to pursue his dream of being a comedian and actor. Only problem was the company he said he worked for did not have any offices in the WTC or even downtown.

Overnight he lost his spot as the star on Buffalo Wild Wings commercials and disappeared. Fucking idiot.

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If he believed his own lies he wouldn’t be scrubbing his fake book.

Skivvy Stacker

I knew he was a fuckhead when I first heard him say; “we have to get these AUTOMATIC weapons off the streets”.
No veteran I know of would ever confuse a semi-auto with an automatic.
I believe he also claimed to have been an Army OFFICER as well [but I could be wrong there; it may have been Police Officer].
In any case, the guy looks like a 10 day old pumpkin with a cowboy hat on it.


Reference the PUC he has in his shadowbox (we are reposting the picture in case folks missed it on page 1 of this thread):

The PUC shows 5 (1 with 4 oak leaf clusters).

We DOUBT VERY SERIOUSLY he was with a unit that received 5 PUCs while he was assigned to that unit. A Soldier is only authorized to wear the PUC permanently when he was physically with that unit during an award timeframe.

The other unit award he has in his shadowbox is the Valorous Unit Award.

And he has the NDSM.


Not proud enough to display it?

To this member of the Brotherhood that might be a good thing in his case.


This might be a case where he is too stupid to know about unit awards. But given the rest of the lies, who knows? But he didn’t get an ETS, award? Either time? They hated him.


Yeah, no AAM? No ARCOM?


The only unit awards I display are the VUA and the MUC (172nd SBCT/1-25 SBCT, same Brigade but we reflagged between Iraq deployments) because I was actually in the unit when we earned those awards.


The only items in my box are those that appear on my DD-214 except for the subdued 1st Sig shoulder patch
which can be assumed from the assignments.
It is that subdued patch I am most proud of.


I don’t even have a box.

A Proud Infidel®™

THAT BOY is all hat and no cattle!


And what a hat it is with that bright blue falcon color that says
hey, look at me….


Drugstore Cowboi
that sums up this idiot

A Proud Infidel®️™️

A Drugstore Cowboy who doesn’t even have a dime to ride the mechanical horse outside!


I went to MMI about 11-12 years after him. It was a great school when I was there, and I’m proud to be an alumni. It is a shame for a POS like this to blemish that fine institution, as well as blemish the US Army, the Officer Corps, the 1st CAV DIV and the Law Enforcement community.

I also noticed that in the article telling of his indictment for his help in voter fraud, that he is a Democrat. I knew it before reading that. He said all the Democrat talking points and is too stupid to know the difference between a high power rifle and 5.56, automatic and semi, combat casualties and those of a violent crime, etc.

Well, he wanted to in the news and be famous. Looks like he going to get his wish.

A Proud Infidel®™

He’s handily proven himself to be a 24K Attention Whore, let’s wait and see just how long he’s going to try and keep himself at the trough.


Blue Falcon


media whore


I’m shocked that Commissar hasn’t shown up to defend and support this POS… seems like his kinda douche


When will the first Sock Puppet show up?

Keep Denton Weird

It’s pretty bad when KTCK, one of the sports talk stations here in DFW area, does a segment that calls some claims into question.



yoda dt.jpg
Jet Boat pilot

Spainhouer has been a fraud for more than 40 years. Here is an article from 1981 where he was arrested for election fraud.


If David Hogg had a father……

Romeo Bravo

I’ve got all the dirt that’s out there on this clown. Its my goal to ruin this guy, he’s ruined so many lives with his antics over the years here locally it’s his time to feel the burn. As he was on th city board and commissioners I first got all the facts, paperwork, etc etc.
So far I’ve got him to resign from the city board, got his followers to turn on him, and got him to delete his Twitter. I’ve also started a Facebook group dedicated to all his b.s. haha has a nice ring to it. I’m going after his chair within the democratic circle next. I’ve got the complete file on his cop days, not just the first page like I saw above. Also have his DD214 papers, his 2 criminal case files, restraining orders that are out against him. Even have his gay dating hookup profile he was using while married to his current wife. He’s been married several times. He’s a true piece of shit and I won’t stop until he publicly apologizes, grows a nuttsac and owns up to everything. My fb profile REMOVED message me on there if you want or need any file or paper.

Name edited to protect PII.