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| May 12, 2023

Glock 48

SW Indiana police shoot, wound wanted man who pulled handgun

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) — Southwestern Indiana police shot and wounded a man who pulled a gun on officers on a residential street, police said Wednesday.

The man underwent surgery following the shooting in Evansville Tuesday afternoon but no additional information was available, Sgt. Anna Gray, an Evansville Police Department spokeswoman, said.

Gray said two Evansville officers driving in separate vehicles recognized the man, who was wanted for failing to appear in court on criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and drug-related felony charges, the Evansville Courier & Press reported.

Police dash camera footage released Tuesday evening shows an officer pull up in front of an SUV parked on a residential street with its rear hatch open and two men standing nearby.

One man puts his hands in the air and walks away, but the other remains at the rear of the SUV as the officer repeatedly yells for him to put his hands up and step toward him.

Gray said the man removed his right hand from the SUV holding a handgun before “he raised the firearm and racked the slide.”

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Either the gentleman of interest carries in Condition 3 or he just ejected a shell for no particular reason. Right before getting shot.

Lexington pharmacist grazed by bullet during attempted robbery, fired back at suspects; 2 arrested, police say

by: Dolan Reynolds, Cassie Fambro
LEXINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — Police say suspects fired shots inside a Lexington pharmacy during an attempted robbery on Tuesday afternoon, and two people have been arrested.

FOX8 is told that around 2 p.m., a pharmacist was grazed by a bullet and then fired back with his own gun.

Steve Koontz is the pharmacy manager at the Lexington Family Pharmacy. He said two masked men came to rob the pharmacy and shot at him. Koontz legally carries at the pharmacy and fired back.

He heard a man yelling for everyone to put their hands above their heads.

“I look up, and it’s a tall guy in a mask, and he had a gun pointed at my cashier,” Koontz said.

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BZ to the pill-pusher, but I thought Steve Koontz wrote techno-thrillers. Thanks for the links, Gun Bunny.

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Return fire is just what the doctor ordered.


Man attempts robbery with carving knife.

Hilarity ensues.


Cell Block D

Wait, What. You let a woman who was smaller than you take your knife and you ran like little child.

Bend over.


Wonder if the guy in Indiana was trying to sell some guns to Illinois folks…’cause I heard Beetlejuice a few times say that what was happening… anyway that is the only reason I can see for not having a round in the gun. He probably just put a magazine in the gun.


Smart money is to follow the instructions of Officer Friendly.

Too bad that the freedom pills dispensed by the pharmacist didn’t cure the ill. Sympathies to the family of the ‘putor monitor that is DRT.

Old Abe had to call some Generals, General, that weren’t Generals.

Plasticized abominations… *sigh*

Skivvy Stacker

SW Indiana police shoot, wound wanted man who pulled handgun”

To put a Cajun spin on this; “where he pulled dat hand gun to?”