Sexual assault investigation related to Colonel Meghann Sullivan

| April 27, 2023

Meghann Sullivan takes the helm for 5th Battalion, fifth Security Force Assistance Brigade in June, 2021. (Specialist Joseph Knoch/US Army)

Col. Meghann Sullivan is the subject of an investigation related to alleged sexual assaults involving male subordinates, as well as an alleged pattern of harassment. Some of these incidences are related to alcohol consumption. Subjecting male subordinates to forceful kissing and grabbing another male below the belt are among these allegations. As of the article, was not sure if the investigation was still ongoing but points out that Sullivan is still in command. This event comes on the heels of Sullivan’s boss, Colonel Jonathan Chung, being suspended on the aftermath of reports of toxic leadership.


Col. Meghann Sullivan, commander of the 5th Brigade Engineer Battalion, 5th SFAB, faces allegations of assaulting at least two subordinate men and harassing several others, with some of those incidents allegedly tied to alcohol abuse, according to one of the two sources. At least one of those alleged assaults involved forceful kissing and another grabbing a man below the belt without his consent.

Sullivan is seemingly still in command, though commanders are sometimes suspended amid investigations. She did not return a request for comment. It is unclear whether Sullivan has hired an attorney.

“We have no information on that matter that we can share at this time,” Sgt. 1st Class Adrian Patoka, a spokesperson for the Security Force Assistance Command, told in a statement. “We take any and all allegations seriously and handle them appropriately as circumstances dictate.”

Male victims account for 10% of sexual assault cases in the military, according to 2021 data from the Department of Defense. That data estimates roughly 14,000 male soldiers experience some type of unwanted sexual contact per year, though male cases of sexual assault and harassment are likely underreported due to societal stigma.

Sullivan is the first woman to take command of an SFAB battalion. Those new units, created between 2017 and 2020, sport a unique brown beret and “Advisor” tab. Their mission is to work with established allied forces to review their doctrine, assist in any training, and develop ways the U.S. can work with partner countries. Each SFAB focuses on a specific region, with the 5th SFAB overseeing the Pacific and partnering with countries that will be key for any conflict with China, including Japan, Australia, Mongolia and Thailand.

The news comes as the 5th SFAB’s commander, and Sullivan’s boss, Col. Jonathan Chung, was suspended and faces allegations of counterproductive leadership and abusive treatment of his subordinates. has the rest of the story.

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I’d hit it.

RGR 4-78

If 5th S(ex)FAB isn’t stationed at Ft. Lewis, it needs to be. She could tap (or be tapped by) a never-ending keg of Tan Berets who, I am sure would be willing to get to work with the good Col. 😏 


The Army spent years putting together the SFAB and its been a lot of problems since. I wonder if the super heavy officer presence has led to a bit of… laxity in standards.


SFAB sounds like something created by the Good Idea Fairy.


Originally, the UW focus and green-beanie wannabe was so strong that they wanted to be a Group and were willing to call themselves SFAG.

Whatever happened to just wearing a soft cap and just being good at shit? Let the tabs and berets and whatever special panoply come only after they’ve been earned.


And now this, just as predicted:

“Jack Teixeira: Air Force Suspends Two Commanders From Accused Classified Docs Leaker’s Unit”

“Two Officers who were in command of Jack Teixeira, the Massachusetts Air National Guard who is accused of leaking intelligence documents over a social platform, have been temporarily suspended, the U.S. Air Force said.”

“According to Air Force Spokesperson Ann Stefanek, the Air Force suspended two commanders of his unit and temporarily removed their access to classified systems and information.”

“The commander of the 102nd Intelligence Wing at Otis Air National Guard Base, Massachusetts, has suspended the commander of the 102nd Intelligence Support Squadron pending further investigation into the unauthorized disclosure of classified information,” Stefanek said in a statement to Fox News.”

“The Air Force also suspended the detachment commander overseeing administrative support for airmen at the unit.”

“This means that both the squadron’s state Air National Guard operational commander and current federal orders administrative commander have been suspended pending completion of the Department of the Air Force Inspector General Investigation. Also, the Department of Air Force has temporarily removed these individuals’ access to classified systems and information,” the Air Force spokesperson said.”

“Stefanek added: “Commanders are taking appropriate action as information becomes available. All suspensions are temporary pending further investigation.”


Contrary to the laws of nature, sometimes shit actually does flow uphill.

RGR 4-78

MANGOs ripe for the picking.


Still seems too convenient.


Butbutbut, COL-I-N-O Mee-gan is spesshul, ergo she’s earned the right to grab the c*ck!

The world is laughing at us, “Advisors” composed of individuals that’d never be allowed to serve in a host country’s military, but they’re forreal supposed to be taken seriously?

The fact she’s still sitting in the chair tells you ALL you need to know.

Maine Highlander

Yes indeed, the West Point Protective Association has already closed ranks.


As I said in a reply to ninja yesterday when I put this linky on the ‘top heavy with flag officers” thread, I will reserve judgement until more facts come out. Did the LTC get gropey when drunk? Was someone else drunk and wanted her to get kissy/gropey and she didn’t? Was she taking lessons from the now under investigation Brigade Commander? Scorned secret lover? Somebody wanted her job and thought this was a good way to get it? Being groomed for higher and these are “street cred” boxes to check? Or boxes to be checked to get her in this position of command? I think it’ll blow over for…reasons. “Keep your indiscretions 100 miles from the Flag Pole.”

Comment from yesterday copy/paste.

“Having been a victim of false accusations, ninja, I NEVER believe a he said/she said/they said story until ALL of the facts come out. I just happened to run into this while on my search for FGS. A slight stretch but thought it might tie into this thread a bit, Officers being promoted and what not. We have seen too many times where just the accusation of improper behavior can derail a good officer’s career. We have seen too many cases where the accusations were true. I will be interested in seeing how this plays out. And yes, I had a personal experience where a female came onto a young, single, me. I didn’t consider it harassment, I considered it getting lucky. That is until she used her position of authority to cause problems. Management took her side so I left that Company. Got some measure of satisfaction when she got busted a little later on some other nefarious activities. Lessons learned, was cougars are dangerous and don’t dip your pen into the Company Ink well. Some women are very devious, not saying this Colonel is. I wish her luck, no matter how it turns out.



Remember THIS Dude?


“Connecticut Man Who Fought For Ukraine Lied About Being US War Hero Even To Wife Who Has Now Dumped Him”

“A Connecticut man fighting for Ukraine on the front lines has lied for decades about being a US War Hero-even to his once-loyal wife, who confirmed to The Post on Monday that she has dumped him.”

“James Vasquez, 48, became one of the most high-profile Americans to race to help after the Russian invasion, sharing dramatic images from the front lines — and even sparking diplomatic controversy by claiming to have access to US weapons.”

” He repeatedly claimed to be a decorated US Army sergeant heroically sharing his priceless skillset from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“I was in Kuwait during Desert Storm, and I was in Iraq after 9/11 … This is a whole different animal,” Vasquez bragged in one online interview pleading for funds to help his Ukraine war efforts.”

“However, the Norwalk-based home improvement contractor has since admitted to The New York Times that he’d misrepresented his military record for decades — and was kicked out of the Army Reserves before ever going to war.”

“The Pentagon confirmed that he’d never been deployed, and had only been a private first class — one of the Army’s lowest ranks — rather than a battle-tested sergeant.”

“I had to tell a million lies to get ahead,” Vasquez told the outlet while refusing to elaborate on why he’d been kicked out of the military, where he specialized in fuel and electrical repairs rather than combat.”

“I didn’t realize it was going to come to this,” he said of the exposé.”

“His confession was an even bigger shock to his now-ex-wife Tina Vasquez, who had proudly told The Post when her husband first flew to Ukraine that war was “in his DNA.”


The adage about ‘cherry on top’ shall be proven right yet ‘gain.

At this point just the size and composition of the shit sundae is in question.

Waiting, anticipating…


Aw, poor baby…

Green Thumb

Could be Phil Monkress’ long, lost son.

The resemblance and behavior are uncanny.


Meghann Sullivan, PMP’s Work Experience

USACE Philadelphia District
Deputy Commander

127th Engineer Battalion, 1BCT, 82nd
Battalion Operations Officer

1st Brigade
1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division
Brigade Engineer

82nd Airborne Division
Facilities and Construction Chief

US Army
CJSOTF-A Engineer

US Army Corps of Engineers
Operations Officer and FFE Program Manager

Meghann Sullivan, PMP’s Education

The George Washington University
Master’s degree Engineering/Industrial Management

University of Missouri-Rolla
Master of Science (MS) Environmental Engineering

United States Military at West Point
Bachelor of Science (BS)


“Sullivan is a graduate of the United States Military Academy and has served numerous operational deployments with the 82nd Airborne Division, 101st Airborne and Combined Joint Special Operations Task-Force Afghanistan. She has also completed the U.S. Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies program, in addition to completing airborne and jumpmaster training.”


Damn. An Engineer? Really?

*Hands head in shame*


Hangs. Fucking auto-corrupt


No SAPPER tab screw her


Hey now, I don’t have one of them tabs, neither. 🤣


Biggest reason I left the engineers (long before the sapper tab was authorized and it was worn under the left breast pocket flap) – slots were extremely rare in many units and mine didn’t send a single Joe in the entire eight years I was there.


Where is IDC/SARK when we really, REALLY need his input?


I ain’t exactly sure that it’s us that really need his… input.


IDC/SARC prolly already “hit it and quit it”. Maybe that’s why she was “groping” around for a replacement. Needing a Bangalore torpedo sections?

Polaroid pictures or it didn’t happen. Ya can’t photo shop a Polaroid. I CAN believe that, being an Engineer, there WAS al-key-haul involved.


I drink two drinks in peacetime
And two in times of war
I drink two drinks
Before I drink two drinks
And then I drink two more


I’d hit that.

Don’t know where IDC/Sarc is, but i’ll take one fer the team.

Last edited 11 months ago by Anonymous

Nice…. 😉 


How many variations of the name Meghann is there? There’s also Megan, Meghan, Meagan, Meaghan, Meggan, Megyn, etc. probably others I’m missing. Stop complicating things. Keep it simple – pick one spelling of the name.